Demon King Dad

: vip volume postscript

vip volume postscript

So far, “The Demon King nǎi Dad”, the book nv’er 2 is here, and it can be regarded as completely finished.

Unconsciously, this book has been written for more than two years. Haha, thank you all readers for being able to accompany this book to the end, and I am also very happy about this.

Regarding the ending, I believe that there must be many people who disagree with this ending, thinking that there are so many stories in this book that have not been finished, and there are still so many plots on the sad continent that have not been settled. Why is it finished?

Yes, it is indeed over.

This book is about the story of the devil raising nv children. Here, the story is truly over.

As for what happened after the Sad Continent, it is no longer a plot between an idiot and bread.

The world view of the sad continent is really very big, there are too many stories, too many legends. There are so many things that I can imagine for a long time just by imagination.

Being able to write only one of them clearly in such a huge worldview, I feel very good, very bāng.

So, please forgive the bad habits, leave a charm, let people be infinite aftertaste.

In addition, in terms of plot, my pits are almost filled, right? should be. Except for that cheating eighty gods and demons.

The other things that you suspected have already been explained in the hidden lines of the ending. Personally, there should be no problems.

In the end, this ending is not unfinished. Who said it was unfinished?

Well, that’s it, that’s right.

I hope you can continue to support my next book. Because in this book, I have already thrown out the section cào almost. So in the next book, I want to make some adjustments.

Hmm… But since the festival has been thrown out, don’t pick it up again, isn’t it troublesome?

Okay, so the next book is estimated to be the same. I hope you readers will also throw the festival cào with the next

In the future, I will let my book continue to maintain this kind of impure attitude that destroys the reader’s worldview.

Come and stay impure with me, dear readers

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