Dragon God Sovereign

Chapter 2634: Fall into despair

Totem of a million feet, like coming through time and space!

It seems to cover the entire Dragon God Realm.

The picture is extremely shocking, spectacular and visually striking.

To a huge extent, human beings are just a grain of yellow sand in front of the Dragon God Totem.

At the beginning, the millions of people of the Tianmo tribe were scared and fled by the million zhang totem.

It reappears today, and the sheer magnitude is still frightening.

“The Dragon God Totem finally appeared, what a perfect existence.”

A mysterious man, standing proudly in the void, looked at the huge dragon **** totem with a wicked smile on his mouth.

“The power of Dragon Soul Killing has increased again.” With the appearance of the Dragon God Totem, Gu Xuanzun also set off.

Above the void, Heavenly Candle looked at the huge and powerful Dragon God Totem, grinning and said: “It is a symbol of the Dragon God Clan, and the Dragon God Totem is still so powerful.”

The Dragon God Totem was summoned, and the power of the Dragon Soul Killing had completely exceeded the level of the peak of the Nine Stars, and it should have been close to the true immortal.

But such a terrifying power still didn’t let the Heavenly Zhuge Demon care.

The soul-killing dragon flashed onto the dragon **** totem, staring condescendingly at the Heavenly Candle.

Dragon Killing Soul clasped his hands together and muttered silently in his mouth. The huge dragon **** totem of millions of feet shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye in the horrified and shocking eyes of everyone.

In the end, it was only tens of thousands of feet huge, but it was still full of shock.

“Dragon Profound Sacred Armor! Fire Dragon Soul Breaker!” The Dragon Killing Soul immediately shouted, offering the holy armor and sacrificing the holy sword, and even more surging weather swept away.

The dragon soul-killing aura once again soared, and the power has completely surpassed the peak.

“Fire Dragon Soul Breaker! The power of the Great Ancestor has increased!”

“The power of the second ancestor and the third ancestor, as well as the power of the dragon **** totem, should this be close to the true immortal?”

“The great ancestor is planning to go desperately! Using this power to cast a powerful magic decision, it may not be impossible to defeat the Heavenly Candle!”

The powerhouses of the Dragon Sacred Palace seemed to have seen hope, and they were extremely excited.

Elder Wuji and Zhuhuang were all scared to death by the terrifying power of Dragon Soul Killing at this moment.

If it weren’t for the Candle Demon here, Elder Wuji would have escaped for their lives long ago, so how could they still have their minds watching the battle?

Do you have the guts?

“Third brother, our strength is exhausted, let’s retreat first.” Long Jiyun solemnly said, and the two weak ancestors descended into the Dragon Sacred Hall.

Chu Tianshu immediately took out the pill and gave it to the two ancestors to restore their strength.


The incomparably huge five-clawed golden dragon roars up to the sky, powerful and breathtaking.

The old eye stared at Dragon Soul Killing contemptuously, and Tianzhu sneered: “Very good power, under the real fairy, absolutely no one is your opponent. Come on, attack this seat with all your strength and let this seat look at the strongest power. you.”

With a fierce and cold snort, the Dragon Killing Soul immediately manipulated the tens of thousands of feet of the dragon **** totem, and smashed it fiercely at the Candle Heaven Demon.

The picture was extremely shocking. All the people in the Dragon Sacred Hall and the strong men of the Heavenly Demon Race held their breath at this moment, and their eyes all fell on the Dragon God Totem.

“Dragon Killing Soul, back then, you could hurt this seat, and it all depends on the Dragon God Totem. This time, you don’t want to hurt this seat!” Zhu Tianma sneered confidently.

Facing the huge and terrifying Dragon God Totem, the Heavenly Candle is not afraid.

Although he was not afraid of it, Heavenly Candle didn’t dare to ignore it.


The power of the realm of true immortality was urged, and the moment of urging, there was a wave of fierce momentum like a tsunami, and the entire holy world space violently shook and collapsed.

The terrifying power of the true immortal is beyond description.

“Is this the power of the true immortal? It’s so terrifying! It completely surpassed the great ancestor!” Jing Wushuang couldn’t help exclaiming in horror, shaking all over.

“The great ancestor summoned the dragon **** totem, and the power was actually suppressed by the Heavenly Candle!” Chu Tianshu stared at the old eyes, feeling this terrifying power for the first time.

“Overwhelming power, the great ancestor is in danger!” Long Xiaoyang was panicked and anxious.

“What kind of power is this?” Dragon Sacred Hall powerhouses such as Long Jianfeng were completely frightened by the power of the realm of immortality.

“The power beyond imagination, the entire holy world is shaking, the power of the true immortal is too terrible.” Zhu’er soul trembled, and at the same time he was frightened and excited.

“The Dragon Soul is defeated! The aura and strength are suppressed by the old patriarch, even if it is blessed by the dragon **** totem, it is definitely not the opponent of the old patriarch.” Zhuhuang said in ecstasy, blood boiling in his body.

They felt the power of true immortals for the first time.




Seeing the huge Dragon God totem smashing over tens of thousands of feet, the Heavenly Demon Zhu directly greeted him with a fierce palm. There was a loud boom, deafening, and the immeasurable destruction energy rolled and shook with the power of destroying all things. The Dragon God totem stopped instantly. , And at the same time a more terrifying force penetrated the Dragon God Totem and rushed towards the Dragon Killing Soul, abruptly shaking the Dragon Soul Killing mouth with blood.

Really overwhelming power.

“The great ancestor!” Seeing this scene, everyone in the Dragon Sacred Hall was frightened, and their faces were full of horror and despair.

Hope was broken instantly.

“Big Brother!” The two ancestors, Long Jiyun and Long Jitian, panicked.

It’s a pity that their power has been given to Dragon Soul Killing, and it is impossible to help.

“The great ancestor is injured! What can we do? Who can compete with the Heavenly Candle Demon?”

“It’s over, the great ancestor can’t beat the real immortal powerhouse. If the great ancestor falls, we will all die.”

“How could this be? The great ancestor has such a powerful force, it can’t help the Heavenly Candle Devil.”

The Dragon Sacred Hall sat down with the powerful and all in despair.

“Why isn’t Brother Feng coming? The great ancestor can’t stop the Zhutian Demon!” Shan Tong was anxious and panicked.

Soul Killing Dragon had exhausted all his power, but he was easily injured by Heavenly Candle.

There is a world of difference.

“Long Killing Soul has been injured, and there is absolutely no power to turn things around.” Elder Wuji smiled happily, and the worry in his heart completely disappeared.

Zhuhuang laughed excitedly: “The power of the old patriarch is so terrifying, even if the Dragon Killing Soul is not injured, there will only be one ending, and that is death.”

With a light palm, the terrifying Dragon God Totem was suppressed and the Dragon Soul Killing was also shocked.

This is just a casual palm of the Heavenly Candle. If the magic trick is used, the Dragon Soul will be severely injured, and even ruthlessly killed.

“The power of the Dragon God Totem collapsed in an instant, and this seat was so powerful that it could not bear the power of the realm of real immortals.” The soul of the dragon was incredibly hard to believe, his old face extremely stiff.

“Dragon Killing Soul, how does it feel? Do you feel powerless and desperate?” Zhu Tianmo asked with a sneer, the contempt in his eyes getting stronger.

At this moment, Long Killing Soul indeed felt a strong sense of powerlessness.

Soul Killing wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, Sen coldly said: “Tianjin Demon, I haven’t lost yet, where is the despair?”

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