Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 898 - Jun Linyuan —

Chapter 898: Jun Linyuan — (1)

Right at that moment!

The avalanche caught up to them!

The wall of snow smashed down on Feng Wu and Little Phoenix.

At the last moment, Feng Wu put the bird back into her ring.

She, on the other hand, curled up into a ball before the snow swallowed her.

She had it all planned out. She would let the bird bring her up into the air before the snow got her. That way, she wouldn’t be buried as deep.

Waves of snow kept crashing down above her and Feng Wu was surrounded by darkness.

The impact made her head swim. She would love to pass out and have a nap.

But she knew perfectly well that she couldn’t do that.

If she slept now, she would never be able to wake up again.

To Feng Wu’s frustration, she was disoriented in the darkness. She didn’t know which direction was up.

She had to dig herself out now. Finding the right direction would save her a lot of energy.

Luckily, her mind was sharpest in the most critical situations.

“I’ll let gravity do its job.”

If Feng Wu spat, her saliva would fall downward; all she needed to do was dig in the opposite direction.

She then started digging.

Thanks to her achievements in both the ice and fire attributes, she was able to melt an upward tunnel that was wide enough for her to crawl through.

Soon —

She created a passageway which headed straight up.

Cough, cough —

With much difficulty, Feng Wu was able to get herself out.

Lying over a pile of snow, Feng Wu panted for air.

She had been so close to suffocating down there.

Luckily, she had been buried at a much shallower level after her maneuver. Otherwise, she would have been killed.

Feng Wu looked up to find endless white stretching out in all directions.

Everywhere she turned, she saw nothing but snow.

The avalanche had wiped clean all traces.

What about Jun Linyuan?!

Feng Wu looked up at the spot where Jun Linyuan and the beast had been fighting a moment ago, but they were nowhere to be found!


Feng Wu’s stomach lurched. This wasn’t good.

Without hesitation, she ran in that direction.

She had been too absorbed in running for her life earlier to care about her wound, but the pain caught her attention now.

The wound inflicted by the Frosty Night Beast was still fresh, and it began to hurt again after all the running.

But none of that mattered. She needed to find Jun Linyuan now. Was he alright?

Feng Wu had confidence in Jun Linyuan, but she recalled the blood on the wall.

It had smelled funny…

Feng Wu suspected that the guy had been poisoned, but Jun Linyuan wouldn’t let her see it, which vexed her. As a result, his wound had remained untreated.

Feng Wu smacked her head in frustration. She shouldn’t have overlooked it!

Before long, she reached the spot where the fight had taken place.

The snow walls were long gone, presumably buried by the avalanche.

There was nothing but snow here.

Jun Linyuan was nowhere to be found.

Nor was the beast.

It was as if they had never been here.

“Jun Linyuan —”

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