Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 899 - Jun Linyuan —

Chapter 899: Jun Linyuan — (2)

“Jun Linyuan —”

“Jun Linyuan —”

“Jun Linyuan —”

Feng Wu shouted at the top of her lungs. However, no matter how loudly she called, she got no reply.

It was as if she was the only one left in the world.

Unprecedented loneliness and apprehension struck Feng Wu. She stood there, feeling helpless.


Feng Wu smacked her forehead.

She couldn’t find him, but the cub could!

The cub was born with a nose for sniffing out treasures, which was practically any item on Jun Linyuan. Hell, the man himself was a treasure… So, she should leave it to the cub.

Feng Wu took the cub out of the ring.

The little thing was fast asleep as if there was no tomorrow.

It shuddered involuntarily when Feng Wu took it out. The cold woke it up.

Opening its eyes, the cub saw Feng Wu’s face. It then turned in her palm and went back to sleep.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

“Feng Tutu! Wake up! Wake up now!”

Feng Wu patted the cub’s head.

Feng Tutu opened its sleepy eyes and looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment. It seemed that it could fall back asleep at any moment.

It was as if it was going to doze off as soon as Feng Wu finished talking.

Feng Wu flicked it on the head.

“Wake up already. I need your expertise now. Find Jun Linyuan for me.” Feng Wu rubbed Feng Tutu’s head. “Do you remember Jun Linyuan? He’s that human teenager with a poker face. The one you want to run away from all the time.”

“Awww —” Feng Tutu sounded reluctant.

But Feng Wu smacked it on the head. “Now!”

“Awww —” Feng Tutu ran off, turning around to give Feng Wu a pleading look every few steps.

“Be quick about it!” Feng Wu said sternly.

Feng Tutu sighed aggrievedly. With no other choice, it had to start searching.

Wait —

Feng Tutu sniffed, then ran to a spot a few steps away and started digging.

That fast? Feng Wu was pleasantly surprised.

However, she frowned after another look.

If she remembered correctly, this was where she and Jun Linyuan had spent the night. Jun Linyuan had even built a snow house here, which had been buried by the avalanche.

That was where Feng Tutu was digging. Feng Wu shook her head.

“No, no, this isn’t right —” Feng Wu rushed over to stop the cub. “The smell here is from last night. Not here.”

Feng Tutu turned to look at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu nodded solemnly. “It’s from last night. Go search somewhere else.”

Feng Tutu tilted its head, then went back to its digging.

Feng Wu was vexed. “I told you, this scent is from when he was here last night! Feng Tutu! Stop playing and be serious! Find him!”

Feng Tutu ignored her and went on digging.

Feng Wu was going to stop the cub when it jumped into the pit it dug.

That naughty little thing! She would teach it a lesson once this was over!

Melting the snow with her fire spiritual energy, Feng Wu followed Feng Tutu into the snow.

Luckily, she could still get air here.

Feng Tutu was tiny and nimble. It was rather difficult for Feng Wu to catch the cub!

“Feng Tutu! Get back here!”

Feng Wu almost caught it a few times, but the cub was always able to get away at the last moment.

Whenever Feng Wu turned to leave, it would run to Feng Wu in a teasing manner.

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