Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 907 - I Know Her Secret

Chapter 907: I Know Her Secret (3)

Jun Linyuan then began to carry Feng Wu away.

“Do you think you can get between me and Xiao Wu so easily?”

Yu Mingye shouted from behind.

“I know her secret!” Exasperated, Yu Mingye said those words.

What secret?

Suspicion was roused, and everyone shot Feng Wu strange looks.

Feng Wu wanted to throttle Yu Mingye.

He had said the worst thing!

Struggling free, Feng Wu jumped off Jun Linyuan and charged at Yu Mingye. She glared at him. “Fine, you know my secret. Come, share it with everybody!”

Yu Mingye was immediately intimidated.

He stumbled back when he saw the fury in Feng Wu’s eyes.

“Speak now! Don’t hold back! What secret? Tell me! I’m listening!” Feng Wu began to roll up her sleeves.

This guy had practically handed Jun Linyuan the answer! How dare he try to provoke her? He was so dead!

Yu Mingye backed off like a deflated balloon. He gave Feng Wu a pleading look. “I… I was bluffing, that’s all. People bluff, don’t they?”

Feng Wu spoke to Feng Xun over her shoulder as she rolled up her sleeves. “I’m sorry, but we need to sort something out. Please give us some privacy.”

She was asking them to leave.

Feng Xun darted a sympathetic glance at Yu Mingye. That guy had just dug his own grave. Little Feng Wu was going to teach him a lesson now. Too bad they couldn’t stay behind to witness it.

Feng Wu sneered at Yu Mingye after the others left.

Yu Mingye stepped back. “Xiao Wu, my dear Xiao Wu, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re sorry for what?”

“I, I shouldn’t have said those things.”


“I shouldn’t have taunted Jun Linyuan.”


“I – I shouldn’t have tried to blackmail you.”


“…That’s all.”

Crack! Feng Wu’s whip cracked the ground hard, scattering snow everywhere.

Yu Mingye lowered his head. “I… I shouldn’t have made them think that there was something between us.”

Feng Wu smirked. “So, you do know what you did.”

Yu Mingye said, “But… you’re going to marry me anyway. So what if I make them think that way?”

Crack! Feng Wu’s whip whooshed down again!

“Fine, fine. Maybe you’re going to…”

Feng Wu closed in on Yu Mingye as the guy fell back.

Her gaze was cold. “Yu Mingye, patience has never been a virtue of mine, and I’m only going to say this once.”

The look on Feng Wu’s face was solemn and serious. “Do that again, and you’ll never be my friend. I mean it.”

Tossing the whip to the side, Feng Wu stormed off!

Yu Mingye bit his lip as he watched Feng Wu leave. There was a pensive look in his eyes.

A few steps away, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, who had been hiding behind a pile of snow, exchanged knowing looks.

Both sighed in relief.

Feng Xun was relieved because Feng Wu was his only baby sister. He would never let some lousy guy win her heart. Although, by regular standards, Yu Mingye was an excellent candidate.

Xuan Yi, on the other hand, was relieved because if Feng Wu and Yu Mingye really were in love as the latter had suggested, there would be blood tonight. Xuan Yi didn’t want to see that happen.

They then went to visit Jun Linyuan in his wooden cabin.

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