Heretic Doctor Zihou

: Reunion, after the vicissitudes of life

“My name is Zihou.”

“Comrade Mo Jun, are you itchy, right?”

“Mr. Mo, you scam!”

“Little Momo, you look so beautiful~”

“Mo Jun, in the next life, let’s be comrades in arms!”

In my mind, there was a burst of light and a buzzing sound, like the unsealing of an ancient seal. In an instant, the long-lasting memory, like a river bursting a bank, flooded with mighty Mo Jun.

The familiar figure is getting closer. Even though the appearance has changed, even after a long time, she can recognize that person at a glance, the person in her life that no one can replace.

“Purple…After…” Mo Jun’s red lips squirmed, and every syllable seemed to exhaust all her strength.

She is reflected in her eyes, she is the breath that I feel, she is in my mind, and she is still missed in my heart! Her comrade-in-arms, the only dawn in her gloomy life!

finally come back!

Jun Mo stood there, staring at the figure from far and near without blinking.

She had been looking for someone for a hundred years, right in front of her, as she had seen before.

The Zihou rushing here has already sensed the breath of Mo Jun. The breath that was familiar to the bones and blood, even if the earth was old, she could not forget.

Zihou paused for a while, and stopped suddenly.

In front of her, even though she was still far away, Zihou had been determined that the figure standing on the other end was the one she was thinking of. Every inch of her breath, every heartbeat, is so clear.

She finally returned, in the posture she had imagined for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yunhuang asked.

Zihou didn’t respond, always looking forward. The light shining under his eyes is like the brightest one among the billions of stars.

Emperor Mo Yun followed the gaze of Zihou, when the familiar and unfamiliar figure jumped into his eyes, Emperor Mo Yun guessed everything.

In the void, the two stared at each other through the void, speechless, letting the wind whistle in their ears, letting time pass.

The silence speaks.

The gods at the top of Mo Yan had already noticed all this. They were incomparably surprised, and wondered why Monarch Mo, who had always been indifferent, had such a moment of gaffe.

At this time, she was like a traveler who had been lost for a long time, finally found her way home.

Turning his gaze, at the far end of the void, a figure of a goddess stood up. That is a woman who is not inferior to their empress.

“Who is that woman?”

“I don’t know! But, it should be a very important person Mo Jun?!”

The joy of this world is nothing more than reunion after a long absence. Especially like Zihou and Mo Jun, they have experienced the reunion of life and death.

“Mo Jun…”


For a long time, the two spoke almost simultaneously. At that moment, time seemed to go back to the days when they fought side by side in China. No matter how the stars move, no matter what the vicissitudes of life, they have never changed, just as before.

There was no more words, the two in the void smiled at each other, and in the next instant, they had embraced each other in their arms.

That seemingly simple hug, every inch of warmth, tells the difficulty of reunion. Mo Jun embraced Zihou and felt the familiar breath. Her heart has never been as peaceful as it is now in a hundred years.

Zihou embraces Mr. Mo. At this moment, she feels that life is finally complete at this moment.

“On this road, although we have been apart for a long time, each trekking hard, walking forward alone, through too much darkness, and experienced countless distresses. However, I always put you in my heart and turn it into a light full of hope. It keeps me from getting lost in the dark and not feeling cold in the harsh winter.

I know that your light will never disappear, because you made a promise to me. And even if I need to climb mountains and ridges and travel thousands of miles, I always firmly believe that this light will always guide me forward until I meet you again. “

“In the darkest moment of my life, I met you. From then on, I know that this world is not only dark, but also light; not only killing but also companionship; not only cold, but also tenderness. After I met you The world is colorful and magnificent. In the days when you are away, even the wonderful world will lose a touch of color after all, a touch of color that belongs to you.”

Going around, on this sunny day, we will meet again after all.

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