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Chapter 891: Way to Break the Formation

This also belongs to Lin Tian’s tricks.

It made him hate himself deeply, but he couldn’t do it.

This feeling is still very good.

It’s just that the Pratt & Whitney mage in front of me, I don’t know when he will jump the wall in a hurry.

Lin Tian couldn’t guarantee this.

However, it is conceivable that his own strength can break through immediately.

Lin Tian felt the waves of powerful power fluctuations in his Dantian for a long time.

The surging in the heart naturally exists.

However, he has not had the power to thoroughly refine it.

“Relax your mind and concentrate fully. I will help you refine it.”

At this moment, the Pratt & Whitney Master spoke.

After listening to this, Lin Tian naturally did.

Everyone was watching here, and the two of them continued to do it.

In such a situation, people next to you will be surprised to see it.

The two people in front of me really have a tacit understanding.


The power of the road undulates at this moment.

At this moment, Lin Tian started to act.

A wave of power circulates directly in it.

Lin Tian began to refine.

The power of the Pratt & Whitney Master, I have to say, is indeed enormous.

Entering Lin Tian’s body, Lin Tian felt like a giant dragon, entering his body, stirring wildly.

Fortunately, this guy did it to ensure his breakthrough.

If there are other thoughts. I’m afraid the consequences will be disastrous.

“You are not afraid that I will kill you.”

The voice of Master Puhui sounded in Lin Tian’s mind.

“Haha, you killed me, I can assure you that you don’t want to go out of this Martial God Temple for the rest of your life.”

Lin Tian smiled casually.


The Master Puhui snorted coldly, making his mood slightly shaken.

“I advise you not to move your crooked mind. I have any discomfort. It may have an impact on breaking the formation this time. I can’t get out at that time. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. At least I still have the blessing of Lord Xiangyang.”

Lin Tian directly warned Master Puhui.

Master Puhui smiled coldly.

“Really? Do you think Master Xiangyang really wants to help you?”

“Even if it is not, at least at this time, he will choose to stand by me for the benefit.”

This is Lin Tian’s grasp.


Once again, Master Puhui snorted coldly.

In his heart, there is countless anger.

It has never been like this, being so angry by a popular person.

Lin Tian in front of him was really angry.

“Sorry to make you angry, but you were too careless.”

Lin Tian just smiled.

For this, Master Puhui did not speak.

Immediately, Lin Tian felt that the relics in his body were refining crazily.

A stream of pure power madly flowed into his body, with a hundred limbs.

The whole body, as if every cell was shaking like crazy.

For Lin Tian, ​​this was indescribably refreshing.

Everyone in the distance watched, although they didn’t know what happened between the two?

But from the changes in Lin Tian’s body, one or two can be judged.

Lin Tian in front of him is indeed improving.

In the outside world, many people have been onlookers outside Wu Qishan.

But the colorful bridge disappeared completely.

Even if there are many strong people here, at this moment, they can only hope to quench their thirst.

“It’s a pity, why are you late?”

“Yes! I knew I would stay here every day.”

“I’m the most regrettable. I waited here for a few months before and left the other day. As a result, this kind of accident happened. It’s really…”

A middle-aged man regrets.

For them, Wu Qishan may be an unforeseen opportunity.

So everyone, everyone wants to give it a try.

Maybe, if they are not careful, they will find their own amazing chance?

But for now, they are out of play.

“I don’t know, what happened to those people who went in?”

“If a strong Tianyuan enters, they must be just like us. How can they get the treasure?”

A group of people is all kinds of unhappy.

Obviously, they naturally do not hope that those who enter can have them live well at the moment.

At this moment, the people among them, that is, Lin Tian and others, are indeed not very nice.


For an instant, the breath of Lin Tian’s body broke through frantically.


In his body, it seemed that something exploded.

The whole person broke through directly.

Yuan Emperor Sixth Order!

Everyone was slightly surprised.

But for the powerhouses at the peak of the Yuan Emperor, they just don’t appreciate it much.


Master Pratt & Whitney stood up extremely unhappy.

It is a great shame to help a person he wants to kill.

At this time, Lin Tian sensed that the powerful force coming from his body was a burst of happiness.

“Xiaodu, how many realms can I advance to using my practice points?”

“Master, I will help you to read it. If you level up now, you can reach the eighth level of the Yuan Emperor. With your special physique, you can compete with the powerhouses at the peak of the Yuan Emperor.”

It seems pretty good.

Lin Tian was slightly delighted.

“Okay, I’ll be promoted when necessary.”

For Lin Tian, ​​the Yuan Emperor peak was not the goal.

What he is going to is the realm of Tianyuan.

At that time, I believed many things, I could do it myself.

At this moment, I still need to bear with him a little bit.

Currently, Lin Tian still knows better what he should do? How is the positioning.

“Anonymous donor, can you break the line now?”

Master Puhui looked at Lin Tian with a bad expression.

For this, Lin Tian just laughed.

“Of course you can, please let Master Pratt & Whitney give it to you.”

With that said, Lin Tian came to the formation position where they stood.

Several times, when Lin Tian broke through this formation, he could feel the changes in the surrounding space.

Among them, the formation method changes, and there is the rotation of power.

All this is to remind Lin Tian that this is not just a light ball formation.

When only Huang An’s formation was left, he suddenly realized that it was a formation in a formation.

Huang Antai’s formation was shattered, and it will not end, there is still a huge formation that needs to be solved in his heart.

“Hey, it’s time to consume power points again.”

Lin Tian felt distressed for a while.

“It’s okay, Master, you now have a lot of power points that can be consumed.”

There was a little cool talk.

Lin Tian just wanted to beat people, but this was in exchange for offending everyone.

“Stop talking nonsense, come!”

In an instant, Lin Tian left.

A series of formations, crazily printed in front.

At this moment, Lin Tian frantically opened his own formation.

In this way, the two formations collide, and Super can find the flaws.

There are thousands of ways to break the formation, and this is one of them.


Lin Tian’s formation completely affected the operation of the big formation here, and the two big formations collided in an instant.


In an instant, Lin Tian’s formation was broken, and it looked vulnerable.

Everyone was shocked.

“You are the one!”

However, at this moment, Lin Tian, ​​with a look of excitement, went directly to the void.

This surprised everyone, did he find anything?

Everyone looked at it, but there was nothing.

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