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Chapter 564: Work together to reduce the demon, persevering the demon is too strong

A series of terrible offensives cut through the blue sky and directly enveloped the Great Emperor Ji Meng.

The attack at this time can be described as a 360-degree attack with no dead ends, no matter what means the Great Emperor Ji Meng has, he must bear it abruptly!

“Haha…A group of children’s attack methods, what can I do?” Facing everyone’s joint attack, Emperor Ji Meng’s expression remained unchanged, his body suddenly shook, and Hun Tian Ling suddenly shattered.

And at this moment, the attack from Zhenjun Erlang and others arrived!

“The sky is hazy!”

The Great Emperor Ji Meng chuckled, and the demon power in his body bloomed, condensing into a huge mask in front of him.

The mask showed a turbid color. On its surface, there was a huge beast with a dragon head, human body, bird claws, and feathers on its arms. It was terrifying and terrifying.

This is the divine beast of Jimeng, and the main body of the great emperor is Jimeng!

When the beast of Jimeng appeared, it opened its huge mouth, and its boundless power was released, as if it could wipe out everything in the world.

At this moment, three-pointed two-edged knives, fire-pointed spears, mixed iron rods, nine-tooth nail rake and other magic weapons attacked, smashed and attacked on the hood.

However, such a terrifying offensive caused the light to flicker on the hazy light cover? The light in the mouth of the divine beast was even more disillusioning and flickering? The force that would erode was abruptly wiped out.


However, although the Tianmeng Mixed Light Mask was powerful, the attacks of the God Erlang and others were not weak, and with the help of the power of the gods, the Chaos Light Mask was smashed away at the last minute.

The hazy light mask shattered? Great Emperor Ji Meng’s face was also slightly pale? He looked sullenly at True Monarch Erlang and the others, and really underestimated the group of guys who were not strong enough in the Great Saint Realm.

But? Then, his face changed slightly? Because he noticed an offensive, and was killing him like a thunder.

“Three yuan into one, the sacred seal of the demon!”

At the moment when the Great Emperor Ji Meng noticed it, the Immortal Demon Seal had already appeared in front of him? Even if he wanted to avoid it, it was too late.

“Ji Meng? Take it to death!” Zhou Fan yelled violently, controlling the Demon Sage Seal by three points faster.

call out!

The sacred seal of Huamo rushed past? It directly penetrated the chest of Emperor Ji Meng? The power of the law of Yang? The power of the law of Yin? The power of the law of flame intertwined and entangled? Suddenly burst out, wanting to wipe out the vitality of Emperor Ji Meng. Away.

“Huh! Boy? Your strength is pretty good, but if you want to kill this seat, I am afraid of wishful thinking!” The Great Emperor Ji Meng said with a gloomy face.

He didn’t expect that the guy he could squeeze to death would one day grow to this point? The spurred attack caused a slight threat to him.

If possible, when he first saw Zhou Fan that year, he should do his best to destroy Zhou Fan directly, regardless of the obstruction of the ancestors of the river.

But there is no regret medicine in this world, so he should solve the current situation first.

With a thought in Emperor Ji Meng’s heart, the demon power surged in his body, eroding away towards the eroded sacred seal.

It’s just that this magic seal is the product of the power of the three laws, and if you want to obliterate it, even the Great Emperor Ji Meng can’t do it in a short time.

When Erlang Zhenjun and others saw this, their figures flashed, and the magical soldiers in his hand blasted towards the Great Emperor Jimeng again!

At this time, the Great Emperor Ji Meng could be said to be suffering from internal and external difficulties. On the one hand, he needed to deal with the erosion of the sacred seal of Huamo, and on the other hand, it would not be good to let the offensive of Zhenjun Erlang and others get involved.

Boom boom boom!

A wave of fierce power poured madly towards Emperor Ji Meng, and the space within hundreds of thousands of feet below his feet burst into a wave of space fragments, sharp air, cutting the world.

Emperor Ji Meng’s face was gloomy, he could only raise his palms, prop up the sky mask, and guard him.

This feeling of being suppressed can be said to be something he had never encountered before, even in the ancient times, during the Lich War, he had never been so suffocated.

“Damn it!” The Great Emperor Ji Meng gritted his teeth, mobilized the demon power in his body, and quickly cleared the power of the magic seal.

The **** Erlang and others attacked and killed again, but this time, the Great Emperor Ji Meng did not dodge again. Instead, he reached out his palm. There was a cohesion of demon power in his palm, and he hit everyone with a punch!


A sturdy fist imprint impacted the world, terrifying power, so that Erlang Shen and others couldn’t help but change their expressions. The blood that was impacted by the fist imprint rolled over, and their bodies couldn’t help receding.

“He cleared the power of the law in his body!” Seeing this scene, the **** Erlang and others knew that the Great Emperor Ji Meng had solved the troubles in his body, and now he is the most terrifying demon leader.

“Aren’t you very proud before?” The Great Emperor Ji Meng looked at Erlang Zhenjun and the others with a gloomy expression. He never thought that he would be forced to such a point by a group of little guys in the Great Saint Realm.

But now it’s okay, he has solved the trouble in his body, no matter what methods Zhou Fan and others have, he can deal with it!

Because of him, he won’t give Zhou Fan any more chances!

“What are we going to do now?” Erlangshen and others looked at Zhou Fan. They knew that only Zhou Fan could cause harm to the Great Emperor Ji Meng.

“Drag!” Zhou Fan’s eyes were sharp, with only such a word!

It is undoubtedly unrealistic to kill the Great Emperor Jimeng. After all, the strength of the Great Emperor Jimeng has reached the late stage of the emperor realm. Even if the Great Sage wants to kill such a powerful person, it is quite difficult, let alone theirs. Group of Great Holy Land.

Therefore, no matter what, they will drag on until the Great Sage solves the Great Emperor!

However, the Great Emperor Jimeng obviously won’t give them another chance. He raised his palm, and his demon power was vast, condensed into a sacred mountain of palms.

“Futian Destroy God’s Hand!”

The sacred mountain in the palm of the hand directly suppressed Zhou Fan and the others. With such a vast force, everyone watching couldn’t help but change their faces.

“Shoot together.”

Everyone gritted their teeth, their spiritual power surged, and they bombarded the palm of the mountain.


The sacred mountain was solid and undamaged. When Zhou Fan and others touched it on the offensive, it quickly shattered.


The palm of the hand shook the mountain, Zhou Fan and the others couldn’t help but spout a mouthful of blood, their faces instantly pale.

The Great Emperor Ji Meng took a blow with his anger, and his strength was so strong that Zhou Fan and the others were unstoppable!

“Is this the power of the power of the emperor realm, it is really powerful!” Zhou Fan looked very solemn, and he wanted to stop the Great Emperor Jimeng, I am afraid it is not very realistic.

“Next, I will send you to hell!” The Great Emperor Ji Meng calmly walked towards Zhou Fan.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise in the sky, followed by a scream, and immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They raised their heads and looked at the distant sky.

Immediately afterwards, the expression of Emperor Ji Meng suddenly changed!

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