I Have a Trillion Merits

: At the foot of Lingshan

In the Penglai Fairy Island, watching Daji who killed the bandit, Hongyun smiled and shook his head.

This time Fan Da had left the island, and indeed left with his decree.

What is for u is to pave the last part of Tang Seng’s request for the truth, so that he will not have any catastrophes, and by the way disrupt the Western two-person plan.

For this Westward Journey, not only did the Western Two Saints plan for a long time, he also planned for a long time.

Since the beginning of patching the sky, he has already started to make a journey to the west, including the reincarnation of Jin Chanzi, with his shadow behind.

The purpose is to let Western Buddhism remain silent for a thousand years again, and even say that they completely cut off their roots in the East.

After Buddhism fell silent at the time, these two Western saints have been planning for a long time in order to spread Western teachings.

Even before the sky was patched up, the plan had already begun.

Let the disciples spread the doctrine with them.

He even arranged the grand plan of Journey to the West today, hoping to impress the world with this Journey to the West, and plant Buddha seeds with Mahayana Buddhism.

Even more, he did not hesitate to directly knock the golden cicadas down in the world and experienced suffering.

It is for their westward journey to be a scholar, and only after ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties can they obtain the truth and bring them back to the Tang Dynasty.

In the main hall, Hong Yun looked at the Tang monk and his apprentices in the water mirror who had now left Kou’s house and rushed towards Lingshan.

After thinking about it in his heart, he flicked his fingers.

I saw a clear light burst out from his fingertips, and after shuttled into the water mirror, it seemed to have crossed time and space, and submerged in the sea of ​​knowledge of Tang Seng.

After the clear light from Hongyun’s fingertips entered the Tang Monk’s Sea of ​​Knowledge, above his soul, the shackles that had been placed by Hongyun were slowly unraveling.

In Tang Seng’s soul, the resentment towards Buddhism was gradually spreading out.

Now only a suitable primer is needed and it will explode directly.

After doing all this, Hong Yun quietly looked at the Tang monk and his apprentices in the water mirror.

Today’s Tang Monks are only four or five days away from Lingshan, and they can reach them in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, Da Ji and others had already been waiting not far from the foot of Lingshan, and in their arms was the little rabbit from Guanghan Palace.

After the rabbit stole from Guanghan Palace, he came to Tianzhu Kingdom.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that after staying in the world for more than a year, the plan had just started and it was over.

In Daji’s arms, the rabbit demon sighed deeply.

Daji naturally also noticed the movement of the rabbit demon in her arms, and she couldn’t help showing a smile on her face.

If it hadn’t been for the blood of the Moon Spirit Rabbit in the rabbit’s body, I’m afraid she would have wiped it out completely.

It was really hateful that she dared to give birth to such evil thoughts in the face of her.

Just as she was thinking about when to bring it back to Penglai Fairy Island, a cloud suddenly floated from the sky with a figure standing on it.

When I came closer, I heard the woman speak: “This fellow, this demon is a concubine body, I don’t know if it will be returned.”

The person here is pretty and graceful, it is Chang’e.

Although she knew that the little rabbit she had kept in her daily life ran off the mortal world, she knew in her heart that she was too upset to spend her days in Guanghan Palace, so she let her go, just to relax.

But just before, she couldn’t sense the breath of this little rabbit, so she went down to find out.

Unexpectedly, this little rabbit was really caught.

After hearing Chang’e’s words, the little rabbit in Daji’s arms couldn’t help but a flash of excitement in his eyes when he heard the words of his master.

Although she is not worried about her life now, who can do things in the future.

What to do if you are really slaughtered.

But the next moment, I saw a ray of light in Daji’s eyes, looked at Chang’e and said, “It’s up to you?”

Chang’e froze, and then became a little angry.

You know, since she ascended to Guanghan Palace, until the establishment of the new heaven, she had never heard such words.

Just when she was angry and wanted to take action, she saw that one day would rush in from a distance.

Coming to the front, he quickly said: “Fairy Chang’e, Your Majesty wants you to go back.”

When Chang’e heard the words, just about to get angry, she noticed that a horrible aura burst out instantly, and went directly toward Chang’e.

Chang’e’s expression suddenly changed, and then he followed Tian Jiang and fled here all the way.

As for the little rabbit in Daji’s arms, seeing Chang’e’s distant back at the moment, he couldn’t help sighing deeply.

And far away from here, at the foot of Lingshan, there is a Taoist temple standing.

Outside the Taoist temple, there is a child standing outside the door.

Originally there were not many Taoist temples in the West, but in order to hide the decrees issued by Hongjun, a Taoist temple was arranged to stay here in order to attract people who came to Lingshan.

When he came to the front, Monkey King opened his mouth to Tang Seng: “Master, the Lingshan meeting point is here.”

Hearing this, Tang Seng quickly got off Lao Yuan, and then looked at Ao Lie expectantly.

Ao Lie looked at Tang Seng’s eyes and couldn’t help but sighed deeply, then transformed into a white dragon horse and lifted up to Yuzhenguan.

When he came closer, Monkey King whispered: “Master, this person is the Golden Peak Immortal of Yu Zhenguan.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Seng hurriedly said, “Little monk Tang Xuanzang, I have seen the Great Immortal Jinding.”

Jinding Daxian smiled and said: “The master has come from afar and worked hard, but if you want to climb Lingshan, you still need to fast, bathe, and change clothes. How about although Xiaoxian takes a rest for the whole night and then climbs Lingshan?”

Tang Seng quickly said, “Thank you Daxian, the little monk is naturally willing.”

After speaking, he followed behind Jinding Great Immortal and walked towards Yuzhenguan.

After entering Yuzhen Temple, the Great Immortal Jinding arranged for the children under the seat to burn incense soup for the Tang monk to bathe, and then arrange the Tang monk’s room to rest after the bath.

On the second day i, Tang Seng changed into a Jinlan cassock, holding a Zen stick, and taking Monkey King and others, he left Yuzhenguan and hurried towards Lingshan.

After walking seven or eight miles, the group saw a ferry named “Lingyundu”.

Above this ferry, there was only a log set up across the river for several miles. Several people looked at it for a week and did not see a boatman.

Sun Wukong was impatient, so he wanted to take Tang Seng and others onto the log and walk directly over.

But Tang Seng and others dare not live or die.

At this moment, a small boat came slowly across the river in the distance, but arrived at the Lingyundu Ferry in a moment.

Tang Seng immediately showed a touch of joy, and then quickly said: “Master, I wonder if I can wait for me to cross the river?”

The visitor stepped on the bottomless boat, came to the ferry, and smiled at Tang Seng, “Naturally.”

A smile appeared on Tang Seng’s face. Just as he was about to step into the boat, he saw that the boat was bottomless, and the river was visible to the naked eye.

Immediately he hesitated, as if seeing the expression on Tang Seng’s face, he led the Buddha and said with a smile: “Although the boat has no bottom, it has been able to universalize sentient beings since ancient times.

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