I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 11: End of sermon

In Zixiao Palace, the saint’s preaching continued.

In the following hundreds of years, many great abilities broke through the original cultivation base and went further.

“Everyone in the world knows that beauty is beautiful, and that is evil. Everyone knows that good is good, but that is not good. Therefore, there are non-images, difficult and easy to form each other, long and short form each other, superior and inferior…”

“All things do not give up. You don’t have a child, because you don’t hold it. If you succeed, you won’t go away.”

Taoist sounds echoed, and the three thousand mighty powers were mesmerized.

Hongjun’s Dadao this time is the three thousand Dadao realized from the jade of good fortune, and almost all the powers in the field cover it.

The guest of the Three Thousand Purple Cloud Palace could not feel the passage of time in this mysterious voice.

Sitting on the futon, Hong Yun had a deeper understanding of Dao Dao. Whenever there were laws that he couldn’t understand, he would use his merits to improve his understanding.

The cultivation base steadily climbed, surrounded by the laws of body and circumference, causing Hongjun to look up frequently.

In a blink of an eye, a thousand years have passed…

The vision in the Zixiao Palace disappeared in vain, the golden lotus all over the sky disappeared, and the mysterious Taoist sound stopped abruptly.

Three Thousand Great Nengs immediately broke away from the Profound Avenue.

They looked up at Hongjun on the stage, wondering why they should stop preaching.

“I am the first saint in the primordial world. I should have preached three times, each for a thousand years. Now that the thousand years have passed, this preaching ends here.”

Hongjun looked at Three Thousand Powers in the audience without the slightest wave of eyes, and the plain words came out from his mouth.

“Teacher (Taozu) is compassionate!” everyone said in unison.

Hongjun nodded and said, “You will be able to comprehend the avenue after returning home. Three thousand years later, the Purple Cloud Palace will open again…”

Hearing that, the three thousand Daluo Jinxian immediately left the Zixiao Palace without a moment’s stay.

Outside Zixiao Palace.

After Dijun and Taiyi walked out of the palace gate, they stayed for a while, and they waited until the red cloud came out.

“My Emperor Jun, I have met fellow Daoist Hongyun.”

“Taiyi met fellow Daoist.”

The two men said with a smile, and the Hongyun who was watching was stunned and wondered how to respond.

Recovered, Hong Yun hurriedly responded.

“Hong Yun has seen two fellow Taoists.”

Di Jun smiled and said, “If it hadn’t been for this saint’s preaching, I wouldn’t know the Daluo status that Fellow Hongyun had actually certified.”

The two have known each other before, but the friendship is not deep.

Moreover, later generations have said that when Kun Peng took the initiative to capture the purple energy in Hongyun’s hand, Emperor Jun Taiyi offered to help.

Tai Yi still had a cold face, but Hong Yun knew that he was born this way and was not prejudiced against him.

At this moment, hearing Dijun speak, Hong Yun said with a smile: “By coincidence, the two Dao brothers laughed at Da Luo Jinxian.”

Taiyi said coldly: “If Daluo Jinxian will laugh, I am afraid that above this prehistoric man, below the saint, all are ants.”

Dijun’s face was sullen, if he hadn’t understood Tai Yi, I’m afraid he would have felt that this servant had to interfere with himself.

“Friends of Daoist forgive me, Tai Yi said unintentionally.”

Hong Yun smiled and waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t care, and when these two were found now, he also had a guess in his heart.

Just listen to Taiyi again and said: “I don’t know if friends can appreciate your face, go to the sun and Venus to gather.”

When Di Jun heard this, his expression became solemn.

“My two, invite fellow daoists to gather together.”

Hong Yun was about to speak, but she saw Nu Wa in Zixiao Palace walk out, and Fu Xi followed behind her.

Nu Wa came to the front, Chong Hongyun smiled and nodded.

“If the Taoist friends have time in the future, they can come to our palace to talk.”

Fuxi also nodded kindly.

Hongyun replied, saying: “Yes.”

Dijun raised his eyebrows and smiled as if he saw Nu Wa.

Nu Wa is also a member of his monster race, and now the Lich is fighting, Nu Wa’s move is obviously the same as him, and it is an invitation to help the monster race.

So there is no ill feeling in the two of them, but they take it for granted.

Hongyun hesitated for a moment, and did not immediately agree to the invitation of Emperor Jun and Taiyi.

On the contrary, Kun Peng, who walked out of the Zixiao Palace, looked at the red cloud with an uncomfortable expression, and realized that he had lost his face in the Zixiao Palace and was not able to step forward.

First, the battle for seats fell behind the others, and then when he was preaching, he was broken through.

This caused some of his self-sufficiency to hang on his face.

So he snorted and left directly, without even saying hello to Di Jun, it turned into a huge Peng Bird spreading its wings and flying into the chaos.

Then it was Sanqing who came out with him. Laozi’s eyes were calm and he turned into a clear light and went away.

Originally, he narrowed his eyes, glanced at Hongyun, and then walked away.

Tongtian, the youngest, smiled and walked up to say hello to the three of Hongyun, and then said, “This fellow Taoist is very face-to-face, I don’t know how to call it.”

Hong Yunji said, “Poverty Dao Hongyun, I have met fellow Daoists.”

Facing one of the six sages in the future, and still holding the four swords of Zhu Xian, Hong Yun was naturally very polite.

Tongtian smiled and said, “I have seen a fellow Daoist.”

Tongtian continued: “If you have free time in the future, Daoists can come and discuss the Dao with Poor Dao. The sage talks about the profound Dao, and Poor Dao has to hurry back and feel it.”

Hong Yun smiled and said, “Friends, please feel free.”

Tongtian laughed, Chongdijun and the other two greeted them and left directly.

After Tong Tian left, Di Jun smiled and said: “If the Taoists have time in the future, they can come to the Sun and Venus to gather, and the three of me sit down and talk about it, isn’t it wonderful!”

Hongyun smiled and said, “Yes.”

The two of Emperor Juntai smiled and turned into two long rainbows and flew directly into the chaos.

When Hong Yun saw the two people leaving, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he walked towards the person who had walked out of the palace with a smile on his face.

In chaos.

Zhen Yuanzi and Hongyun walked side by side, and the two rainbow lights cut through the chaos.

“I haven’t seen it for thousands of years. I didn’t expect that Brother Dao’s cultivation level was so diligent. It’s really surprising.” Zhen Yuanzi said with surprise.

Originally, Hongyun’s cultivation base was no more than Taiyi Golden Immortal, but in front of Zixiao Palace, Zhen Yuanzi discovered that he had entered the realm of Daluo Golden Immortal.

This level of cultivation is not unpleasant.

Hong Yun smiled lightly and said: “Under the opportunity, the entry is not slow, especially this time I heard the saint preaching, which is a great opportunity.”

Zhen Yuanzi nodded. The two are friends and often talk about it, but it is difficult to inquire about personal opportunities.

“It’s fate for the two of me to be able to meet in this Zixiao Palace. It is fate to hear the Avenue of Saints. It is better for Dao brother to let me go to Wuzhuang for a small gathering.”

Zhen Yuanzi looked at Hongyun and smiled.

Hong Yun smiled and said, “Well, since Brother Dao invited him, Hong Yun went to Wuzhuang Temple with Brother Dao.”

Zhen Yuanzi smiled and laughed, a little faster than before.

Hong Yun knew that he had moved the mind of the competition, and also chuckled lightly, turning into a rainbow of light, and chasing after him, faster than Zhen Yuanzi.

The two went one after the other, and it took only half a day to arrive at Wuzhuang Temple.

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