I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 13: Retreat

After Hong Yun entered the wilderness, he found Kong Xuan and Ao Xue, but they were still sitting in front of each other, closing their eyes to practice.

With the guardian of the Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation, the cultivator under the red cloud could not disturb the two practitioners in the formation.

Hongyun nodded in satisfaction when he saw it. Kong Xuan and the two were still a bit motivated, knowing that they practiced hard while listening to the saint’s preaching.

After lowering Yun’s head, Hong Yun raised his hand and put away the Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation.

Without waiting for the two to salute, Hong Yun rolled his sleeves again, and rushed to Huoyun Palace with the two, after listening to the saint’s sermon this time.

In addition, he and Zhen Yuanzi discussed the Tao for a hundred years.

The addition of the two makes Hongyun a great gain in terms of law.

Especially the law of the five elements, now he has gradually come into contact with the mystery of the law, and he can control the mystery of the five elements with a single step.

Therefore, he couldn’t wait for Kong Xuan to transform into the main body, carrying the two directly to the Huoyun Palace.

He wants to continue to comprehend the Five Elements Avenue in the Fire Cloud Palace, which is a big improvement in terms of his own combat power.

After returning to Huoyun Palace.

Hong Yun raised his hand and waved, the guardian formation outside the palace opened instantly. Jin Er Yin’er thought that a foreign enemy had come to break the formation, and hurried out holding a flying sword.

After the two saw that it was their master Hongyun who opened the big formation, they directly accepted the head and said:

“Jin’er welcomes the master back home!”

“Yin’er welcomes the master back home!”

After Hongyun glanced over the two children, he nodded with a smile. Originally, when he entered the wilderness, the cultivation of the two children was already a golden immortal cultivation.

Now that nearly two thousand years have passed, these two children have also reached the late stage of the Golden Fairy, only one step away from the Taiyi Golden Fairy.

Although their heels and feet were not very good, he was enlightened by his merits, and their aptitude and comprehension have been enhanced a lot. The two thousand years from Jinxian to Jinxian’s later period is already good.

“These two little guys are not lazy.” Hong Yun secretly said.

Hongyun smiled, and took out two baby-like fruits between his hands, which were the ginseng fruits that Zhenyuanzi gave him.

“This is the ginseng fruit I asked for from Zhen Yuanzi Dao brother. You two take refining, so you can break through to the Taiyi Golden Immortal cultivation base.”

With that said, he raised his hands and divided the two ginseng fruits into the gold and silver children.

The two children showed joyful expressions on their faces, and bowed their heads:

“Thank you Jiner, Master!”

“Yin’er, thank you, Master!”

Afterwards, the two got up and swallowed the ginseng fruit directly.

The ginseng fruit directly turns into a clear stream and circulates in the bodies of the two children.

The breath of the two children rose steadily.

The mana in the body is surging, and the soul is constantly condensing and then strengthening.

In a short while, he has already broken directly from the late Golden Immortal to Taiyi Golden Immortal.

In this scene, Kong Xuan and Ao Xue behind Hongyun were envious.

Both of them had heard of this ginseng fruit, and naturally knew that it was one of the ten innate spiritual roots, and it was so rare that they had never eaten it.

But now, two such rare ginseng fruits were actually thrown by Hongyun to two little boys.

Really envy others!

Ao Xue licked her lips, wondering what the ginseng fruit tastes like. As the daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea, it was the first time she saw such treasures.

Not to mention eating. Didn’t you see Kong Xuan on the side enviously leaving his saliva?

After the two gold and silver boys broke through to the Taiyi Jinxian, they bowed down again and said:

“Thank you, Lord, for your fulfillment!”

“Thank you, Lord, for your fulfillment!”

Hong Yun smiled and said: “Yes, you two have acceptable qualifications, so remember to practice well in the future.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After that, Hong Yun took Kong Xuan and the other two out of the hall, seeming to be aware of the thoughts of the two behind him, and chuckled lightly: “Are you two envious of them?”

Kong Xuan nodded with a smile, he really envied the two children.

Even he had never eaten ginseng fruit before, but he was preempted by the two little guys who had just been transformed for less than three thousand years.

Ao Xue looked at Hongyun with unabashedly pitiful eyes.

Hong Yun smiled and shook his head. He turned his hands and took out the remaining four fruits and gave them to two people, one person and two ginseng fruits, and the two of them were stunned.

“I need to retreat for some time and understand the great Taoist ancestors. You two should not be lazy during this time. Remember to practice well.”

Kong Xuan’s eyes were shining, and he nodded repeatedly.

He didn’t expect that he could actually get this ginseng fruit, and there were still two pieces.

Ao Xue’s eyes flickered and nodded.

The two crashed and directly ate the ginseng fruit in their hands, and then they sat in the hall and began to practice.

Hong Yun smiled and turned back to the palace and began to retreat.

This time the saint’s Dao is the same as the Dao that he and Jin Yuanzi certified together.

Especially in terms of the Five Elements Rule, he has a clearer understanding than ever.

Coupled with the comprehension of the rest of the rules, in short, a lot of gains.

It’s just that when the saint preached in Zixiao Palace, he could only comprehend it with his heart, but couldn’t concentrate on practicing. After all, after Dao Ancestor finished his preaching, everyone had to leave Zixiao Palace.

Sitting cross-legged on the futon, Hong Yun began to close his eyes and enlighten the avenue.

At the time when the saint preached, the five-element avenue was the most vague, and at this moment it was more difficult for him to realize it.

In the room, the Five Elements Road is sometimes faint, and there is a sea of ​​fire that breeds to disappear.

There are more shades of vegetation, turbulent waves, landslides and cracks, the sound of gold and iron clinking from time to time, and the road turns around red clouds.

There are no years in the mountains, and the world has thousands of years…

Before I knew it, Hongyun enlightened Dao for nearly a hundred years.

However, in the past hundred years, his comprehension of the Five Elements Rule has never been clear.

Even if he knew the Five Elements Principle was close at hand, there was always a transparent film in between, preventing him from approaching the Taoism.

Hong Yun’s heart was agitated, and his long time of comprehension made him feel a little unstable.

He gritted his teeth and mobilized millions of merit blessings from the long river of merits to enhance his understanding and deepen his comprehension of the Five Elements Principle.

The original gap between him and Law disappeared a lot in an instant.

He clearly perceives the Five Elements Law shrouded around him, wandering in the rules like a fish in water, making his understanding of the Five Elements Law more profound.

In addition to the Five Elements Avenue, Hongyun also comprehended other principles in the next hundred years.

Whether it is good at defense or attack…

Various avenue laws emerged in the room, hovering around the red clouds.

Two hundred years passed, Hong Yun only felt that his understanding of Tao had become a little deeper.

Several long dragons of merit were drawn out by him for the purpose of enhancing his own comprehension, and his whole person sank into the understanding of Tao.

A mysterious and profound aura began to emerge from Hong Yun’s body, becoming extremely mysterious.

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