I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 15: Colorful deer

Another fifty years later.

The two boys of gold and silver broke through in front of the temple at the same time, stepping into the middle stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal together.

After the breakthrough, the two eyes showed joy.

Only when he raised his head to look at the red cloud, his eyes were full of reverence, and then all bowed and saluted for a while before he realized the Tao and consolidated his cultivation.

During Hongyun’s preaching, it was not only the cultivation of several people in the hall that made breakthroughs in the preaching.

Even outside the Huoyun Palace, countless creatures have broken through their original cultivation base, their mana shocked, and their souls consolidated, much stronger than before.

There are also many golden immortals who break through to Taiyi golden immortals in their preaching.

For a while, everyone’s eyes became more enthusiastic, and the eyes looking at Huoyun Palace were extremely hot.


The sound of the avenue stopped abruptly, and when he raised the first one, Hong Yun had already stopped preaching.

The visions inside and outside the Huoyun Palace disappeared.

Many creatures also awake from the avenue, looking at the red cloud puzzled.

Hong Yun said faintly: “After the sermon is over, you will have a good understanding.”

After speaking, he disappeared in place.

A sentient being awakened from the trance, looked at the already empty futon, and bowed to the ground.

“Teacher is merciful! Thank you teacher for passing down the road!”

These creatures have all heard Hongyun preaching, and it is normal to become Hongyun as a teacher at this moment.

After the red cloud disappeared, many creatures retreated.

Inside the room.

Sitting on the futon, Hong Yun looked up at the sky, looking directly at the sky through the top floor.

A group of Xuanhuang Gongde slowly descended.

Hong Yun sneered and compared the merits she possessed. Now the merit rewards given by heaven for preaching can’t even compare with a dime.

Divine Sense scattered and spread to every corner of Huoyun Palace.

The four of Kong Xuan who were practicing were called to the door, and the door opened.

Kong Xuan’s four people looked at each other, not knowing what Hongyun told them to come over and do. Now they just finished the preaching, they are fully comprehending the great road.

It’s just that when they looked at the group of profound and yellow merits in Hong Yun’s hand, they were shocked.

Especially Jiner Yiner, the two of them were originally Hongyun using merit to enlighten them, so they are most familiar with the breath of merit.

The two saluteed together: “Congratulations, sir, God bestows merit.”

Kong Xuan and the other two realized that Hong Yun had preached thousands of times before, leading many living beings to cultivate the way, and it was normal for Tiandao to feel the merits.

It’s just that the two of them know more than the two boys.

They knew that Hong Yun had a lot of merits, and the merits that he bestowed on the two of them at the time, added up, they were about to catch up with the gift of heaven.

It’s just that the four of them still don’t understand, Hong Yun summoned them to do.

Hong Yun gave a chuckle, raised his hand to divide the merits into four, and floated directly to the four.

“This merit is useless to me. I will give it to you. Remember to practice well.”

The four groups of merit directly submerged into the four people.

The four of them exclaimed, then fell silent, and saluted Hongyun: “Thank you, sir!”

Hongyun smiled and nodded, and the four of them stepped back.

After the four of them retreated, Hong Yun sat cross-legged on the futon, thinking carefully.

Thousands of years have passed since the preaching of the saints.

The saint Hongjun once said that he preached every three thousand years, and now there are two thousand years left.

But now that his cultivation base has reached a bottleneck, blindly retreating and practicing hard has little effect.

Thinking of the friendship of Zhen Yuanzi giving ginseng fruit.

Hong Yun felt that he could take advantage of this time, two thousand years before the saint’s preaching, to search for the Sanguang Divine Water.

He remembered that Sanguang Shenshui was on Penglai Island in the East China Sea.

Now it was possible to search, and after making up his mind, Hong Yun summoned the two of Kong Xuan Aoxue.

“I want to find Penglai Island in the East China Sea. You two will serve and accompany you.”

Kong Xuan arched his hands and said, “Yes, sir!”

When Ao Xue heard the word Donghai, she felt her eyes brightened.

Now when he heard that Hong Yun was going to the East China Sea to find Penglai Fairy Island, he smiled like a flower and said, “Yes, sir!”

She thought in her heart that if she went to the East China Sea, she might go home and have a look. After being out of the Dragon Palace for thousands of years, she would miss the Dragon Palace a bit.

Hong Yun glanced at Ao Xue, naturally knowing the other’s thoughts.

After he explained that the two children of gold and silver had guarded the Huoyun Palace, he sat on Kong Xuan’s back and rode away in the wind.

The two children watched Hong Yun go away outside the Huoyun Palace.

The three of them headed towards the East China Sea while traveling through the land.

Hong Yun was sitting on Kong Xuan’s back with a cup of tea in his hand. The tea was picked from the tea master’s body, and the fragrance was overflowing.

Ao Xue was sitting opposite Hongyun, making tea quietly.

I don’t know how long it has been flying.

Hongyun and the others are in front of the sky, the thunder is rolling, the thunder is manifested, it is a creature that is crossing the form.

It’s just that the transformation thunder robbery here seems to be much stronger than other powers.

Hongyun glanced down, under the thunder catastrophe, the colorful **** deer was struggling to resist the thunder catastrophe, but the thunder catastrophe was too powerful.

The thunder dragons descended from the sky and slashed on the colorful **** deer, making the antlers that were originally glittering dim.

But even so, the scorched **** deer that had been smashed by the thunder robbery still insisted on resisting the thunder robbery.


The last sky thunder fell, and the deer fell down, scorched all over.

Ao Xue had a trace of regret in her eyes.

Demon transformation is inherently difficult, and it is the first hurdle since the demon race’s practice.

If you want to transform, you must first refining the crossbones between your throat and spit out people’s words, and then you can successfully transform after passing through the thunder.

Right now, this colorful **** deer barely survived the thunder catastrophe.

It’s just that now the original source is seriously damaged, not to mention whether it can be recovered, it is even difficult to survive now.

The colorful sacred deer Pisces fell to the ground dimly, his charred body still exuding smoke.

Defending the thunder tribulation has consumed all its mana, and now its body is empty without a trace of mana remaining, and life is gradually passing away.

I’m afraid that it will die completely soon, leaving only a scorched corpse.

The colorful **** deer wailed, and the cry was miserable.

Hong Yun frowned slightly, and sighed a long moment later.

A ball of merit between raising his hands was played.

Jumped directly into the sky thousands of miles, and plunged straight into the body of the colorful **** deer.

As soon as the power of merit entered the body, it began to repair other injuries caused by the thunder robbery, turning it into a clear stream.

The light in the eyes of the colorful **** deer gradually began to spread, and his injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Hongyun said loudly: “I am the ancestor of Hongyun, if the golden immortal who will prove in the future, you can come to my seat and take orders.”

The sound is directly transferred into the mind of the colorful **** deer.

Hongyun signaled Kong Xuan to continue moving forward, and Kong Xuan flew tens of thousands of miles away while fluttering his wings.

After Hong Yun left, Wucai Shenlu’s injuries were still fully recovered, but he had not yet chosen to transform, staring blankly at the direction of Hong Yun’s departure.

After a long time, Wucai Shenlu pointed towards the direction of Hongyun’s departure, bent his limbs to the ground, bowed his head and bowed for a long time.

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