I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 16: Penglai Fairy Island

The Hongyun three wandered on the prehistoric continent for more than a month, during which they saw a lot of battles, with the Lich family as the protagonists.

Now that the Lich War is intensifying, I don’t know when the catastrophe will come.

Kong Xuan carried the two red clouds, flying a million miles between the wings, and finally came to the East China Sea in the third month.

Above the East China Sea, the vastness is vast, and the small islands below are scattered in the sea.

There are countless islands in the East China Sea. I want to find Penglai Xiandao.


Kong Xuan carried Hongyun and the East China Sea.

Hongyun’s eyes burst with two divine lights directly on the islands below, investigating through heavy fog.

Penglai Fairy Island is guarded by an innate formation, which can’t be detected by ordinary means.

Moreover, the East China Sea is vast and boundless, and the difficulty of finding Penglai Fairy Island is like finding a needle in a haystack.

In this way.

Hong Yun had to sit on Kong Xuan’s back and explore the East China Sea through his gods.

Ao Xue looked at Hongyun with a strange expression, and said in her heart: If the master wants to find something, why not ask me.

Ao Xue is the daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. She has lived in the land of the East China Sea for thousands of years. It is impossible for Hong Yun to be more familiar with this East China Sea than her.

After a long time, I have explored a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, but after all I have not found Penglai Fairy Island.

When Ao Xue saw Hongyun’s divine eyes retracted, she quickly asked, “Master, what are you looking for?”

Hong Yun was taken aback, only then did he remember that there was someone from the East China Sea Dragon Clan next to him, he laughed dumbfounded, and patted his head.

“Yes! You have lived in the East China Sea for thousands of years, you know where Penglai Xiandao is located.”

“Penglai Fairy Island?”

Ao Xue looked startled when she heard this. She had lived in the East China Sea for thousands of years. Why had she never heard of this Penglai Fairy Island?

But it’s right to think about it. There are many islands in the East China Sea, and you don’t know them all.

Ao Xue shook her head and said, “Ao Xue has never heard of it. What is the master looking for this island?”

Hongyun shook his head in disappointment.


Ao Xue didn’t know the Penglai Fairy Island, the island was quite mysterious, if it weren’t for the need to find Sanguang Divine Water, she would not have come to look for it.

The red cloud sniffed the teacup lightly, a scent of tea rushed into the face, and he immediately refreshed after inhaling.

Kong Xuan continued to spread his wings and fly, but when he was flying millions of miles, Hong Yun suddenly looked happy, and the divine light burst out in his eyes.

Wherever the divine light reaches, the smoke recedes.

“It’s so! Haha… If I hadn’t noticed the spread of chaos, I wouldn’t find this Penglai fairy island.”

Hong Yun laughed, let Kong Xuan travel 100,000 miles, and then floated in the air, looking at the empty sea in front of him.

Ao Xue looked at Hongyun blankly, not knowing what happened.

The red cloud divine consciousness spread out, covering hundreds of thousands of miles in front of him, and immediately noticed a very secret wave, hiding it.


With a flick of Hongyun’s big sleeve, red sand swept away in the sky.


Hongsha stopped several hundred meters in front of Kong Xuan, and it seemed that an invisible barrier was blocking it.

The mana surged again.

Like two bulls wrestling with each other, the two are in a stalemate.


The red sand all over the sky flew back, and was directly taken up by Hongyun.

With a light “Huh”, Hong Yun flew over, and Floating Rain carefully looked ahead in midair.

In his eyes, the scene in front of him was shrouded in tulle.


It seems that there was a large wave covering Penglai Xiandao, which cut off his exploration and also cut him off.

It was precisely because of this great formation that he flew back all over the sky with red sand.

Originally, he thought that there was no one to control the formation, and it could be broken at will, but now it seems that it is a bit difficult.

Red Yunyun sat on the void, and the primordial spirit reached out, trying to blend into the big formation.

Suddenly, Hong Yun only felt that the scene around him had changed drastically. The originally emptiness and vast sea surface had transformed into a violent chaotic air current.

Hong Yun stood alone in the field, her eyes flickering, looking at the violent chaotic air in front of him.

This Penglai fairy island is one of the chaotic fragments.

And it’s still the larger one, the chaos contained in it is almost endless.

Now it seems that this chaotic air has become the source of this big formation.

Although the big formation here is an innate formation method, after being blessed by the Qi of Chaos, its power is multiplied.

Hongyun carefully realized that this place was a troubled killing array.

He released the power of the primordial spirit to prepare this formation, but as soon as the power of the primordial spirit was released, a huge sword transformed by the Qi of Chaos struck directly.

From top to bottom, slashed at Hongyun.

“Good, good!” Hong Yun laughed, raised his hand and shot a mana, directly smashed the giant sword, turned it into chaotic air, and returned to the formation.

At the moment when the Great Chaos Sword was smashed by the red cloud, the chaotic space here shook suddenly.

Thousands of Chaos Sword Qi came over the sky.

Hong Yun’s complexion changed, and Luo Baoqian hovered his head to protect himself.

Raising his hand, the good fortune staff waved at the sky full of sword energy.

A force of destruction swept through, directly smashing most of the Chaos Sword Qi.

But there are still a lot of sword qi attacks.

The Luobao money that fell on Hongyun’s head was blocked one after another.

Some of the fish that slipped through the net landed on Hong Yun.

Except for the area covered by the robe, Hong Yun’s hands were wounded.

You must know that he is now Da Luo Jinxian, this uncontrollable natural formation can actually hurt him if he is prepared.

“It’s interesting.” Hong Yun narrowed his eyes and squeezed his other hand into the void, as the chaotic space in front of him exploded.

The good luck fairy rod protects the body at the same time as the treasure money.

Hong Yun just sat cross-legged in the void and chaos, protecting the soul with the power of merit, and rudely spreading the power of the soul.

Invaded every corner of the big formation, forcibly began to understand the big formation.

The air of chaos in the sky resisted the invasion of Hongyun’s soul.

However, the red cloud, which has the power of endless merits and protects the body, is directly in a state of crushing, forcing the chaos to retreat.

Hong Yun sneered and began to realize the great formation with the help of the power of merit.

ten years.

Twenty years.

Thirty years have passed.

Hongyun touched the big formation thoroughly without any hindrance.

The great formation here is called the Great Chaos Formation.

All intruders will be trapped in the chaotic space and endure thousands of chaotic sword auras.

And these sword auras are so powerful that Da Luo cannot resist it.

Hongyun once again mobilized the power of merit to refine this array.

One million merits.

1.5 million merits.

Two million merits.

A hundred years later.

A roar suddenly erupted from the East China Sea, the sea water poured in, and an island shrouded in chaos emerged.

Feel the power of chaos on the island.

Kong Xuan couldn’t help but backed away thousands of miles with Aoxue.

That wave of chaos is struggling violently.

The power contained on it made Kong Xuantaiyi’s perfect soul tremble.

But Hong Yun sat in the formation, unaffected by it.

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