I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 18: Move the Dojo

Upon seeing this, Hong Yun nodded insignificantly, quite satisfied with the reaction of the two.

If the two of them really thought about taking Huang Zhongli, he would not stop it, and would give a fruit, but the future of the two would be frozen.

Hong Yun waved his hand gently, and collected the nine fruits on the tree into the Universe Promise Gourd.

Then he raised his hand to place a restriction here. People whose cultivation base is lower than him cannot break the restriction here.

Finally, Hong Yun thought about it carefully and determined to move the Huoyun Palace here to open up a dojo.

He had swept across the Penglai Fairy Island before and found that in addition to Huang Zhongli and Sanguang Shenshui, there were many congenital spiritual objects and countless rare and exotic animals.

Among them, there are many good ones, if they can practice, they will surely become his capable men in the future.

Hong Yun informed Kong Xuan of this matter, and they nodded naturally. Obviously, in their opinion, this place is indeed much better than Huoyun Palace.

But this time Hong Yun didn’t let Kong Xuan turn into his body, instead he planned to move back to the dojo by himself.

On the side, Ao Xue saw Hong Yun planning to return to the Fire Cloud Palace alone to move the dojo, and she stopped talking.

Upon seeing this, Hong Yun said, “What else do you have!”

Ao Xue quickly said, “Ao Xue wants to take this opportunity to go back to the Dragon Palace and have a look.”

Hong Yun nodded. Thousands of years have passed since he rescued Ao Xue. He now lives in the East China Sea again, and will meet his new neighbors sooner or later.

With the introduction of Ao Xue, we will have to be more friendly when we meet in the future.

Afterwards, Ao Xue excitedly turned into a white dragon about a hundred meters in size, flew directly from Penglai Xiandao and jumped into the East China Sea.

Hong Yun asked Kong Xuan to practice here, and after flying into the sky, he directly activated the Great Chaos Array.

Above the prehistoric continent.

Hong Yun flew towards the Huoyun Palace with a cloud of auspicious clouds.

One month later.

Hong Yun finally arrived at the Huoyun Palace. After opening the formation, the two gold and silver boys hurriedly came to see him.

Hong Yun nodded, and said, “I plan to move the dojo to the land of the East China Sea.”

The two gold and silver boys quickly bowed down: “Please follow the decree of the master!”

Two young children stood beside the red clouds, well-behaved and extremely quiet.

Hong Yun raised his hand and grabbed it lightly, and the entire Huoyun Palace quickly shrank, including the palace, the pool, and the birds and beasts living near the palace.

He dragged the shrunken Huoyun Palace in his hand, once again set up Xiangyun, and flew towards the East China Sea with two children.

The two children stood above the auspicious clouds, secretly looking at the scene below, with a curious look in their eyes.

These two were originally the carp kept in the Huoyun Palace. They were spotted by the red cloud. Although the Taiyi Golden Immortal has been cultivated now, they have never left the Huoyun Palace.

The two of them are really curious about this wild continent.

Soon, the three of them came to the East China Sea, outside of Penglai Fairy Island. With a wave of Hongyun’s big hand, the Great Chaos Array opened a mouth.

After the three of them entered, they came to the place Hongyun had selected.

Located directly in front of Sanguang Shenshui.

When Kong Xuan saw Hong Yun coming, he quickly stood behind Hong Yun and waited.

Hong Yun raised his hand and threw the shrunken palace upward.

The palace slowly grew bigger in mid-air, restored to its original appearance, and crashed onto the open space.

The birds and beasts that were brought with them screamed after landing.

Hong Yun gave a chuckle, raised his hand and shot a mana, splitting it into intricate strands in the middle, and then submerged in those birds and beasts.

Suddenly, after a crowd of birds and beasts were lost, they bowed to the red cloud.

Just now, Hongyun’s magic power directly used these birds and beasts to seduce them, so they all knelt and thanked them.

Hong Yun nodded and walked into the Fire Cloud Palace with a smile.

In the East China Sea.

Ao Xue walked in the direction of Dragon Palace, and met a golden dragon with a hundred feet in length.

After seeing Ao Xue, Jinlong rushed forward.

Ao Xue transformed into a human form and stood face to face with the young man transformed by the golden dragon.

“Ao Jin, why did you run out of the Dragon Palace.”

The corner of Ao Jin’s mouth curled and said, “Could it be that the third sister is only allowed to come out to play, but I am not allowed to come out?”

“But Sanjie, where you have been in these thousands of years, the father has been angry. If you don’t go back, you will be sent to arrest you.”

Ao Xue was taken aback and sent someone to arrest her…

She thought about it carefully. The elders in the clan are now no more than the late Taiyi Golden Immortal stage, and have a cultivation level equivalent to her own, and she also has a few spiritual treasures given by the master.

If they really match up, those old guys might not be able to beat her at all.

Ao Xue casually waved her hand and said: “Let’s not talk about it, you haven’t told me what are you doing? Didn’t the father say that before the late Taiyi Golden Immortal, the clan children are not allowed to leave the Dragon Palace without authorization?”

She said this with confidence, forgetting that she also sneaked out.

Ao Jin said with a bitter expression: “I have been in retreat for tens of thousands of years, and now I have just reached the middle stage of the Taiyi Golden Immortal. If it is to reach the latter stage, I am afraid it will be 10,000 years.”

He looked at Ao Xue and said, “San Jie, just let me go out and play.”

Ao Xue looked at the pitiful Ao Jin, and then thought of herself who had been chased by Kong Xuan before, and then her face became cold, and she grabbed Ao Jin and went to the Dragon Palace.

Ao Jin subconsciously wanted to resist, but found that his strength in the middle stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal was completely useless.

He looked at Ao Xue in surprise and said, “San Jie, did you break through to the late Taiyi Golden Immortal?”

Ao Xue raised her head triumphantly, and said, “That’s natural, so don’t think about slipping out from under my hands, or honestly follow me back to the Dragon Palace.”

Ao Jin looked bitter. This time he was determined to come out and find his third sister to travel through the prehistoric land.

Now he was taken back by his own third sister. He could already imagine that after returning to the Dragon Palace, his father would have to keep him in retreat for ten thousand years.

“Oh!” Ao Jin sighed, his expression sad.

He just couldn’t figure out why Ao Xue who sneaked out of the Dragon Palace, but the Golden Immortal realm, after thousands of years, actually broke through to the late Taiyi Golden Immortal.

Actually he still pressed him, is this still the lazy third sister of his own?

Ao Xue just grabbed Ao Jin all the way to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. The shrimp soldiers and crabs along the way will see her eyes full of surprise.

Back on top of the main hall, the Dragon King of East China Sea was sitting in a position to drink. At this moment, seeing Ao Xue holding Ao Jin walking, there was a trace of excitement in his eyes, but he soon hid it.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea drank the wine in the glass and snorted coldly, “You still know that you will come back, but Jinxian dares to travel through the land, you are really bold.”

Ao Xue threw Ao Jin away, and the dragon king’s eyelids trembled. He knew his son’s cultivation skills.

It’s just that now his lazy daughter can crush Ao Jin of Taiyi Golden Immortal, which really surprised him.

With a flattering smile on Ao Xue’s face, she said, “Father, let his anger go away, isn’t the daughter coming back?”

The East China Sea Dragon King coldly snorted: “You still have my father in your eyes.”

With tears in her eyes, Ao Xue looked aggrieved.

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