I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 20: Visit from Dragon Palace

Ao Jin couldn’t wait to drank his small half cup of tea.

A mysterious aura breeds from his body, continuously increasing mana, consolidating the soul, and directly allowing Ao Jin to break through to the mid-term peak of the Taiyi Golden Immortal.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at his ineffective son and stayed there for a while.

After a long time.

The three breaths all increased slightly, and even the realm of the Dragon King of East China Sea, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years, has a faint tendency to loosen up.

He squeezed the teacup and exclaimed, “This tea is comparable to a congenital spirit!”

Afterwards, he looked at Ao Xue and said, “Where does the ancestor Hongyun’s dojo live? In his spare time, Emperor Father will visit with you.”

Ao Xue tilted her head for a moment and said, “By the way, I remember that the master said that he was going to move the dojo to Penglai Fairy Island above the East China Sea. I don’t know if it has moved now.”

It has been more than three days since she left Penglai Fairy Island, and now Hongyun has already arranged the dojo.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea was overjoyed when he heard this, and said, “The ancestor of Hongyun moved the dojo into the East China Sea area? Then I am not a neighbor, and it is time to visit.

He pulled Ao Xue and said, “Go now.”

Subsequently, the East China Sea Dragon King’s mana swept Ao Xue and Ao Jin, turning into a golden rainbow and bursting out of the sea.

As the Dragon King of the East China Sea, the lord of the East China Sea.

His understanding of the East China Sea far exceeds that of others, but he has never heard of Penglai Fairy Island above the East China Sea.

However, he said this from his own daughter, and it must be true. He did not doubt that the ancestor Hongyun would move to Penglai Xiandao.

There was even a faint expectation in my heart. If this trip can establish a relationship with the ancestor Hongyun, it will rely on the relationship between Ao Xue and the ancestor Hongyun.

At least in the future, he will have a great help from the Dragon King of East China Sea, which is extremely cost-effective.


The Dragon King of the East China Sea followed Ao Xue’s guidance to the sea where Penglai Xiandao was located.

Before he could explore this place, there was a ripple in the void in front of him, and an island shrouded in mist appeared in front of him.

A Taoist wearing a five-colored vestment came and looked at the Dragon King of East China Sea in mid-air and said, “The master said that there is a visitor, and Kong Xuan is hereby ordered to pick up the guest.”

Chief Kong Xuanji, then stood up and stretched out his hand.

Behind him, the fog of Penglai Fairy Island slowly dissipated, and a road for people to walk appeared.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea was shocked. How could this ancestor of Hongyun know that he was here? Could it be that this person’s calculation of the secrets of heaven has reached such a point.

Kong Xuan walked ahead and said, “Dragon King, please come with me, don’t try to rush, even the big Luo Jinxian here can be trapped and killed.”

“If the Dragon King inadvertently broke into the big formation and was injured, but I would not be able to entertain him well on Penglai Xiandao.”

The Dragon King of the East China Sea followed closely behind with Aoxue, marveling in his heart.

He knew that there was a big formation here, otherwise it would not have been hidden in the East China Sea for so long, and he had not even detected the specific location.

At first he thought that the big formation here was only used to cover up the secrets of heaven, but he didn’t expect to trap and kill Da Luo Jinxian.

Ao Xue followed the Dragon King of East China Sea, and she didn’t know what she was muttering.

Originally, she could also take the two of them into Penglai Fairy Island, but after all, she was a little discordant and could only enter with Kong Xuan.

Seeing that Kong Xuan had consolidated the cultivation base of Taiyi Golden Immortal to perfection, only one step was enough to condense the top three flowers and achieve Da Luo Jinxian.

Ao Xue mumbled even more quietly.

The three of them followed Kong Xuan into the Penglai Fairy Island, looking at the beautiful scenery around, especially the rare and exotic animals, one by one filled with aura.

There are a lot of congenital spiritual things, things that are rare in the wild can be seen everywhere.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea was even more amazed.

How powerful is it to have this treasure.

Ao Jin drooled even more hopelessly.

I thought in my heart, if I could follow Hongyun’s ancestor, wouldn’t it be possible to share some of these in the future.

When the time comes, the cultivation base will enter the country very quickly, and the big Luo can expect.

That’s right.

All he thought of was reaching Da Luo Jinxian, and he didn’t think about it anymore.

After all, the current East China Sea Dragon King, holding the treasures left by his ancestors, his combat power is only comparable to that of the mid-term Da Luo Jinxian.

If his Ao Jin could enter the realm of Great Luo Jinxian, it would be very good.

Soon, the three of them followed Kong Xuan to Huoyun Palace.

In the very center of Penglai Fairy Island, a river bypasses the Sanguang Shenshui Lake to divide the island into two halves, and the Huoyun Palace is suspended in the middle of the river.

The flaming red palace of Nuo Da, in which the fairy qi and treasure qi spread out all at once, which is amazing.

Standing in front of the palace, Kong Xuan said loudly: “Master, the East China Sea Dragon King is visiting.”

A soft “Huh” came from the palace.

Then the hall door opened, and Hongyun’s voice came from inside.

“A visitor, I am sorry for being impolite.”

Hong Yun walked out of the hall with a smile, and welcomed the three of Donghai Dragon King in.

When the Dragon King of the East China Sea saw Hong Yun walk out in person, he was flattered in his heart, and even bends a lot while walking.

After entering the Fire Cloud Palace.

As always, Ao Xue started to make tea for Hongyun, using the tea from the tea master.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea sat down and Ao Jin stood behind him.

The two of them looked at Hongyun in the seat above with some restraint, for a moment they didn’t know how to speak.

Immediately, the Dragon King of the East China Sea struggled to take out a huge glamorous coral, floated on his palm, and said: “I heard that the ancestors moved to the East China Sea, and Xiaolong came to congratulate the housewife.”

As he said, put the coral that was comparable to the innate spirit creature on the main hall.

Originally, the gift he prepared was nothing but a treasure of life, but even so, it was considered a high-grade gift for him in the East China Sea Dragon Palace.

But after he entered the Penglai Fairy Island and saw a large number of congenital spirits on the island, he couldn’t help it.

After struggling in his heart for a long time, he took out this coral that was comparable to an innate spiritual creature.

Ao Jin’s eyes twitched while looking behind the Dragon King of East China Sea.

Hong Yun smiled and said: “It’s costing Dragon King. There is also an infamous treasure here in Pindao. It’s better to send it to Longzi to play.”

Donghai Dragon King said: “The ancestors are polite.”

After that, he saw a stick-shaped middle-grade spirit treasure coming out of Hong Yun’s hand. He raised his hand to give it away and came to Ao Jin.

Ao Jin looked at the middle-grade Lingbao in front of him, and was a little stunned for a while.

Now the spear in his hand is when he broke through the Taiyi Golden Immortal, the East China Sea Dragon King took out the lower-grade spirit treasure from the treasure house, but even so, it is a rare treasure.

But now, the ancestor of Hongyun immediately sent a middle-grade spirit treasure to meet him.

It really surprised him.

Ao Xue looked at her brother’s hopeless appearance and hummed twice.

She and Kong Xuan both used high-grade spirit treasures.

As for the owner of the house, all he has in his hands is innate spirit treasure or innate treasure.

There is such a small object.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at the middle-grade Lingbao sent by Hongyun, his eyes twitched, seeing Ao Jin stunned there, he couldn’t help but speak:

“Long Er, don’t thank the ancestor yet!”

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