I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 22: Fusion formation

After a long time, the two stood up.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea was completely shocked by Hong Yun’s masterpiece.

The power of merit.

It was actually given to him casually, where did the ancestor Hongyun get so much merit.

And he didn’t care about it.

He felt more and more that he had made the right choice for Donghai Dragon King to be attached to Hongyun.

After the two of East Sea Dragon King left, Ao Xue bowed to Hong Yunna.

“Ao Xue, thank you Master.”

Hong Yun smiled, and a mana spread from his fingertips, directly supporting Ao Xue.

“No need to be polite.”

Ao Xue shook her head and said firmly: “Ao Xue is not thanking the master for giving me the merits of my father and the fourth brother, but is thanking the master for sheltering my Donghai dragon clan.”

She looked at Hongyun, her eyes even more grateful.

“Although my East China Sea Dragon Clan is still strong today, there are very few who are strong above Da Luo Jinxian. After the Lich War, I am afraid that I will face a round of cleaning.”

“Now with the protection of the master, after the Lich War, my dragon clan also has the capital to protect itself.”

Ao Xue’s eyes flickered, and he had a thorough view of the battle of the Lich.

The dragons remain neutral on the surface, but they belong to the monsters after all.

If the Yaozu wins, it’s okay, at least it can stay the same.

But if the Witch tribe wins…

The land of the four seas is probably not under the control of their dragon clan.

What’s more, the Wu Clan will greatly oppress the Dragon Clan.

Embezzle spiritual resources.

We must know that the vast seas are boundless, and the resources are countless, but many people are staring at this precious land.

Now the Dragons of the East China Sea are attached to Hongyun.

This means that there is a cause and effect between the two. If the dragon clan commits a robbery in the future, Hong Yun will definitely help.

Hong Yun waved his hand and said: “Since your dragon clan has attached to me, if you are to take shelter from me in the future, you don’t need to say more.”

Ao Xue nodded and said, “Yes, Master.”

After Ao Xue made a pot of tea again, Hong Yun waved his hand to signal Ao Xue to go down to practice.

Hongyun stood alone in the hall, his consciousness swept across the island, and everything was in his eyes.

When his consciousness swept through the chaos and tribulations, his mind flashed, his figure disappeared and he appeared in the sky above Penglai Immortal Island.

Hong Yun was looking at the big formation below. Although the power of the chaos and tribulations formation is strong, it can at most stop the late Da Luo Jinxian for a while.

If the intruder’s cultivation base is higher, this big formation may not be able to stop the opponent.

After standing in the air, closing his eyes and thinking for a long time, he finally thought of a way to turn his hands and take out the Taiyi Xuanwei large formation he had obtained from Buzhou Mountain.

Although the master of the Great Chaos Tribulation Array may sound like both of them, they are actually not powerful.

Compared with the Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation, its power is stronger, among which Gangfengshenhuo can dissipate mana and destroy the soul.

If the two are combined with each other, the power will definitely increase.

One thought ends here.

Hong Yun had an idea in his heart, and he raised his hand to send out the Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation, directly using the control of the two formations to integrate the two.

But at the moment when the two formations touched each other, a vision suddenly emerged.

First, the chaotic energy erupted, and thousands of sword energy permeated.

Afterwards, endless winds appeared, and the flames almost burned the sky.

All beings on Penglai Fairy Island shivered under the pressure.

Kong Xuan and the four took the lead to come to the top of Penglai Fairy Island, looking at the chaotic sword aura in the air and the flames of the gang wind, they were terrified.

This kind of power, if they get a trace of it, they are afraid that they will die.

But Hong Yun stood alone in this power, surrounded by good fortune fairy rods around the fortune green lotus, whether it was chaotic sword qi or gang wind flames.

Everything was blocked three inches in front of Hong Yun, unable to advance any further.


Seeing the faint tendency of the surrounding visions to spread to Penglai Fairy Island, Hong Yun snorted coldly, and his mana condensed from the void.

Then he grabbed those visions fiercely, trying to forcibly merge them.

However, the superposition of the two innate formations was so powerful that it even surpassed the power of Da Luo Jinxian in the later period, directly smashing the mana power.

Then it continued to spread towards the Penglai Fairy Island.

Hong Yun looked ugly, he didn’t expect that he just wanted to merge the two big formations, it would actually attract the formation backlash, and the momentum was so violent.

Inadvertently let him break the move.

After feeling the power of the two great formations, Hong Yun’s idea of ​​fusing the two great formations grew stronger.

Raising his hand, the Staff of Good Fortune swiped in front of him, abruptly splitting this vision in half, and the power was suddenly reduced by a few points.

Then the good fortune green lotus floated on it, exuding a tyrannical coercion to suppress the two large formations.

Hong Yun’s face was stern, his breath swelled, and the mana in his body gushed out, directly proceeding to refine the two large formations at the same time.

Although the two great formations had been refining separately, a little change occurred when they merged. At this moment, he can only refining.

The two large formations began to merge with each other under the interference of Hongyun’s mana.

Endless mana gushing…

There were constant visions in the sky, and a huge pressure came directly on Penglai Xian Island.

Kong Xuan and the four of them were already forced to land on the ground.

The gold and silver two children have the lowest cultivation bases, and they can’t bear the coercion that the large array randomly radiates.

On the verge of falling to the ground several times, he was held back by Kong Xuan.

Hong Yun snorted again, and the power of merit was directly integrated into the big formation, suppressing the scattered chaos and flames.

The two big formations began to slowly merge, a little bit into each other.

Hong Yun narrowed his eyes slightly, and once again mobilized the dragon of merit to merge into the big formation. For a time, the speed of the fusion of the two big formations surged.

It originally took decades to successfully merge, but now it has merged into a new island guarding formation in just a few days.

It is called the Great Array of Immortal Emperor Yan.

Among them is not only a simple integration of the two large formations, but also mutual tolerance, and its power is far greater than the two separate large formations before.

There is chaos in the formation that can trap the enemy, and the wind will dissipate its mana, and the flames will burn its soul.

Even Hong Yun himself, with the two innate treasures of Good Fortune Immortal Staff and Good Fortune Qinglian, can hold him in front of him for a moment or three.

If you want to save your life, you must protect your body with the power of merit.

Ordinary Daluo Jinxian’s mid-term can be said to be touched and must die, and it can’t last for a moment, even if it is Daluo Jinxian’s late period, he will have to drink hatred in this battle.

If Hong Yun were to control the large formation with all his strength, even if he came to a quasi-sage, he would be sure to make it come back and forth.

Hong Yun looked at the formation with satisfaction, and whispered: “Yes, not bad. If you are adding an Innate Treasure as an eye, even if the formation runs on its own, it will be against a quasi-sage.”

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