I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 26: Meet up

Above the green hill, a rainbow light approached from far away.

When the rainbow light dissipated, Kong Xuan’s huge body was exposed.

Tu Shan Yaya stood on it respectfully, his eyes swept down and suddenly lit up, “Senior, we are in Qingqiu.”

Hongyun smiled and nodded.

Kong Xuanxin understood that the meeting began to descend and landed in a mountain below.

Hong Yun and the others stood on the ground. Kong Xuan changed his body and turned into a colorful Taoist again, and fell behind Hong Yun with Ao Xue.

Tu Shan Yaya stood behind Hong Yun excitedly. After experiencing life and death during this trip, she returned to Qingqiu again. The feeling was indescribable.

She opened the mouth and said, “Senior, not far in front is the residence of my Qingqiu fox clan, and my Tushan line is there.”

Hong Yun narrowed his eyes and said, “In that case, I will let you see.”

At this time, Qingqiu has not yet established a country, it can only be regarded as a beautiful mountain.

The scenery is beautiful and the spirit is strong.

Above this earth, Hong Yun raised his eyes and saw countless carefree little foxes running around Sahuan, most of them white foxes.

One of the little white foxes seemed to notice Hongyun and his group.

The little white fox approached Hongyun cautiously.

A pair of smart eyes were looking at Hongyun and the others without blinking.

When it saw Tu Shan Yaya, it gave a cheerful cry.

Tu Shan Yaya’s eyes lit up, raised her hand to summon the little white fox in her hand, and said: “You little fellow, sneaking out to play again, you are not afraid of being confined by the master.”

The little white fox twisted his body dissatisfiedly, and made two “chirps”.

Tu Shan Yaya turned her head and said, “Senior, this is my master’s child, named Tu Shanyong.”

“My master is the great elder of the Tushan line, and he is waiting in the clan now. It’s better to follow me to the Tushan line to see what happens.”

Hong Yun nodded and said: “Yes.”

Tu Shanyong hid in Tu Shan Yaya’s arms, looking at Hongyun and his group with little eyes.

In his memory, Qingqiu had never seen an outsider.

Right now, Tu Shan Yaya returned to Qingqiu with three outsiders, which was a big deal.

Seeing that the little guy has been watching him.

Hongyun smiled and said, “If this is the case, then I will give this little guy a meeting present.”

As he said, Hong Yun raised his hand and sent out a mana, sinking into Tu Shanyong’s forehead.

Tu Shan Yaya’s complexion changed and she didn’t know how to move.

On the contrary, the little guy Tu Shanyong had a big heart. He squinted comfortably, lying in Tu Shan Yaya’s arms, almost falling asleep.

A huge force struck, Tu Shanyong directly broke away from Tu Shan Yaya’s embrace.

Just floating in the air, gradually turned into a boy with red lips and white teeth.

Tu Shan Yaya’s expression changed, and she murmured: “This… Xiaoyong is in his form?”

Seeing Tu Shan Yaya’s changed expression, Hong Yun smiled and said, “You don’t need to be nervous, just look at it.”

The voice just fell in Hongyun.

Tu Shanyong, this little guy, suddenly heard a celestial breath.

Tu Shanyong was covered with dark clouds.

Tu Shan Yaya looked up blankly at the top, it was a thunder robbery in the form of a monster.

She looked at Tu Shanyong in front of her, and a bold idea suddenly emerged in her heart.

Then, she turned her head to look at Hong Yun, who gave him a relieved look.

At the residence of the Qingqiu clan, an aura of great perfection from the Taiyi Golden Immortal rushed over.

Tu Shan Yaya exclaimed: “Master!”

Tu Shan Ziyue galloped all the way with an ugly complexion, she had already sensed the breath of Transformation Heavenly Tribulation near Qingqiu.

In fact, it wasn’t just her, even the elders of the fox clan from the other veins also galloped in.

They all wanted to confirm what kind of tribe incarnation it was.

You must know that the transformation of the demon race can only be completed after reaching the realm of heavenly immortals. Some demon races cannot even be transformed into heavenly immortals for thousands of years.

Tu Shan Ziyue looked ugly. She knew that Tu Shanyong sneaked out this morning, so she was worried now.

There were several fox members beside her, all the elders of the other veins, and at this moment, each and every one rushed toward the edge of the green hill with joy.

It can’t be said that the tribe who is transforming is a member of their family.

When they rushed to the edge, they saw Hongyun and his party, and their complexions changed drastically.

Qingqiu hadn’t seen any outsiders for a long time.

At this moment, there is a time when the tribe is transformed, and there will be outsiders here.

However, when they saw Tu Shan Yaya, their expressions were slightly slower. After all, Tu Shan Yaya was a famous genius in Tushan’s line.

When Tu Shan Ziyue saw the young man with red lips and white teeth in front of Tu Shan Yaya, her face was uncertain.

Tu Shan Yaya saw her master and many elders rushing here, and hurriedly said: “Yaya has met Master and all the elders.”

Tu Shan Ziyue nodded, and suddenly saw the robbery cloud above Tu Shan Yaya, and then looked at the boy again, her expression changed.

“Yaya, come quickly to be your teacher, or you will be counted by Jieyun.”

The demon’s transforming thunder catastrophe cannot be interfered by outsiders, otherwise the thunder catastrophe will increase, and both the transforming person and the people who enter the range will be counted.

Under the enhanced robbery cloud, it can only end in a utterly ashes.

Therefore, when Tu Shan Ziyue saw Tu Shan Yaya under the thundercloud, his complexion instantly changed, and the thundercloud in the sky increased significantly.

If Tu Shan Yaya does not come out again and is implicated, even if Tu Shan Ziyue is Taiyi Jinxian Dzogchen at that time, she will not be able to save her.

Tu Shan Yaya’s face changed, and her voice trembled, “Master, it is Xiaoyong who crossed the catastrophe.”

Tu Shan Ziyue looked at the young man in front of him, the thoughts in his heart were confirmed, and he couldn’t help but panicked: “Xiaoyong can’t transform the realm of Qi into God, how can it be transformed?”

Just as her voice fell, Lei Jie fell.

The fox elders exclaimed.

The power of this thunder tribulation is even more tyrannical than their all-out shots. No matter where this is a transforming thunder tribulation, it is impossible for Da Luo to be so terrible!

Tu Shan Ziyue’s eyes are splitting, one is her son, the other is her most proud disciple, now he is about to die under the thunder.

The sadness in my heart lingers.

At this moment, the focus of everyone’s eyes was on Tu Shan Yaya and Tu Shanyong, as for the Hongyun trio beside them had long been directly ignored.

Kong Xuan and Ao Xue didn’t panic at all when seeing Lei Jie falling.

Only saw Hong Yun smiled and raised his hand to the sky Lei Jie pointed.


The sound was loud and loud, like a Taoist sound, a huge thundercloud disappeared suddenly when the word “disperse” was just exited.

“Say what you say!”

“He is a saint?”

“No, he is definitely not a saint, but Da Luo Jinxian.”

The elders looked at Hongyun and trembled.

Tu Shan Ziyue’s face was dull.

Tu Shanyong opened his eyes and stretched out comfortably.

Suddenly, Tu Shanyong saw Tu Shan Ziyue in front of him, his expression changed, and he pleased with a smile: “Mother, why are you here.”

Tu Shan Ziyue has no time to respond to her son at the moment.

Looking at the light and breezy red clouds, he bowed and said, “I don’t know the arrival of the predecessors, Tushan Ziyue has lost far to welcome him.”

“I don’t know if the predecessors are coming, I am waiting to be greeted.”

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