I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 28: Snail Palace on Tao

Everyone in Qingqiu was shocked when they saw the red cloud chatting and laughing with the two sages in their hearts.

I wondered who this person was, why he and others had never heard of the name of the ancestor of Hongyun, and why this person was able to attract the two to greet him.

The eyes of the elders looking at Hongyun at this moment were filled with doubt and respect.

Hong Yun smiled and said: “Hong Yun came here to visit two fellow Taoists, but something happened on the way, so he came to the Qingqiu clan first.”

Tu Shan Ya Yalian said: “Manny Nuwa, the younger generation encountered a siege by the Witch family on their way back home. It was my ancestor Hongyun who saved me.”

Nu Wa frowned and said, “Now that the Lich battle has become so fierce, even the Qingqiu Fox Clan can’t avoid it.”

The Qingqiu fox clan is under Nuwa, and Nuwa is a neutral person. Although it is a monster clan, it never participates in disputes, but Qingqiu is not.

Hong Yun nodded, and said: “The Witch Clan has spent the money to assassinate the Monster Clan genius. Before Qingqiu, there was also the Witch Clan Daluo Jinxian in ambush.”

Nu Wa Qiao had a sullen expression on her face, and her complexion was a little ugly and said: “I thought it was the Da Luo Jinxian who was passing by, but I didn’t expect it to be a member of the Wu clan ambushing outside my Snail Palace.”

Hong Yun laughed dumbfounded when he heard it. Originally, the Wu people had been careful enough to ambush near the Snail Palace, and even the location of the ambush was carefully selected.

The purpose was to prevent Nuwa and Fuxi from noticing it, but it was unexpected that Nuwa would have known it a long time ago.

However, it was lucky that the man walked away after Hongyun’s warning, otherwise, once he did it, Nuwa and Fuxi would not be soft.

The elders of the Qingqiu clan heard that a witch clan’s Da Luo Jinxian had been ambushing outside, and his back was almost soaked with cold sweat.

Unexpectedly, the Wu people were so unkind.

Actually sent a big Luo Jinxian to ambush outside Qingqiu.

Hong Yun opened his mouth and said: “But I see his target is just this little guy. I have no idea about Qingqiu.”

Fuxi sneered and said, “He dares.”

Fuxi has always had no good feelings about the Wu people, after all, he has a heart for the monsters, and he is also a person who should be robbed.

Nu Wa raised her eyes and glanced at Qingqiu and his group, and said, “You will leave first.”

Everyone in Qingqiu waved their hands together: “Yes!”

It was the little girl Su Daji who was taken by Hongyun when she was leaving.

When Nuwa saw this, she smiled and said, “Friends of Taoism what does this mean.”

Hong Yun smiled and said: “I lack a child by her side. This girl has a predestined relationship with me, so she stayed by her side.”

Fuxi also smiled and said, “Taoists do whatever they want. When you come this time, you will definitely discuss the truth with us.”

Hong Yun said: “Yes.”

The group of people drove back to the Snail Palace.

Kong Xuan and Ao Xueren were entertained by the people in the Snail Palace and left the inner hall.

Hong Yun sat on the futon and said: “After the Zixiao Palace is gone, the cultivation of the two Taoists can be said to be thousands of miles away. I am afraid that the later period of Da Luo Jinxian will be there.”

Nuwa said: “I’m waiting for a daoist to come quickly, I am afraid that as long as I find a chance, the daoist can break through the late Da Luo Jinxian.”

What Nuwa said was true. After Hongyun broke through to the middle stage of Daluo Jinxian, his cultivation base was stable and even more profitable.

It’s just that the comprehension of certain principles is still a little worse.

This time, I came to the Snail Palace, first to visit the two of them to make friendship, and second to discuss the truth with them, to see if they would gain anything.

After all, he was only a short distance from the late Da Luo Jinxian, and he blindly used his merits to make breakthroughs, but fell into success.

Hongyun smiled and said: “Then you three should just talk about it and see who is the first to break through.”

Nu Wa smiled and said, “Yes.”

Fuxi said: “Yes.”

“My way is the two ways of water and soil.”

Nu Wa took the lead and said: “Water, good as water, can also turn into an evil god, destroying everything, but it also contains infinite vitality and can nurture all things.”

“Water, the source of all things, Gu Shangshan is like water…”

In the snail palace, Nu Wa said, the law of water is permeated, a special water vapor rises, holding but not dispersing.

Fuxi nodded from time to time, seemingly enlightened.

What he is practicing is the way of the emperor, but his progress is slow now, I don’t know why.

Listening to what Nu Wa said at the moment, he was also trying to use the stones of other mountains to attack jade, perhaps to break through the existing cultivation.

I have to say that Nu Wa’s understanding of the law of water is far beyond ordinary people, and even Hongyun has gained something.

Suddenly, the water vapor dissipated, and the law of water disappeared.

Fuxi smiled and touched her palm: “It’s wonderful, it’s really wonderful.”

Nu Wa smiled and nodded. Seeing Hongyun’s calm appearance, her heart trembled, and then she said: “As I said before, the understanding of my law is the two ways of water and soil.”

“Since the law of water is finished, I will talk about the law of soil.”

Hongyun smiled and nodded. For Shuitu Erdao, his comprehension was no worse than that of Nuwa, and even far superior.

Without him,

Just because Hongyun understands the Five Elements Avenue, it encompasses the two paths of water and soil.

Moreover, he used his merits to improve his understanding before. For thousands of years, his comprehension of these laws has surpassed that of Nuwa.

Seeing that Hong Yun didn’t have any other expressions, Nu Wa’s eyes flashed with curiosity, and then she began to explain her understanding of the laws of the earth.

After another decades, Nuwa’s explanation of the laws of soil has also ended.

Fuxi began to fall into contemplation.

Hong Yun’s eyes lit up, but that was only the case.

Ten years later.

The two woke up, and Fuxi smiled and said, “With Nuwa beads and jade in front, I can only be regarded as a show of ugliness.”

Nu Wa smiled and said, “How did my brother say this?”

Fuxi said: “As far as the two laws of water and soil are concerned, I am far behind you. The laws I have learned are created by my own emperor. Today, it is only a good introduction.”

Hong Yun’s eyes lit up, and the emperor was with him. No wonder this Fuxi was calculated and reincarnated as a king.

It was also after that, that his imperial way began to succeed.

When Fuxi was preaching, a majestic atmosphere spread wantonly in the Snail Palace, with extraordinary heroism, and even greater power spreading inside the palace.

Hongyun and Nuwa carefully felt the way of Fuxi Dao emperor, and secretly admired them.

Fuxi can also be considered to have walked out of a path that had never been seen before.

On the road to success, he must be alone, and there has never been even a Taoist friend.

This is the sorrow of the leader.

He walked this way, and he was destined to walk alone and comprehend it alone.

Fuxi’s preaching lasted for a hundred years, and although the emperor’s way he understood was only simple, its power was not small.

Even Hongyun has a vague sense of feeling.

The Nuwa on the side was silent. He knew that his brother had a different understanding, but now he heard that he clearly felt the plight of being alone.

She sighed in her heart, only hoping that what Hongyun said could give her brother some help.

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