I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 3: Conquer Kong Xuan

After putting Kong Xuan into the gourd, Hong Yun nodded with satisfaction.

In the future, he will run wild, how can he lose the mount?

Then, he looked at the little white dragon on the ground, Hong Yun frowned slightly.

“The descendants of the Dragon Race…”

He shook his head, and in the end he still held the opponent with magic power and entered the Huoyun Palace.

When the dragon and phoenix first robbery, the three races competed for hegemony. Among them, the dragon, the phoenix and the beast and the unicorn, the dragon can be said to be the strongest.

Although the dragon clan is no longer in general and has retreated to the world, its power is still not to be underestimated.

Entering the palace, Hong Yun casually injected a piece of mana into Xiao Bailong’s body, and then closed again.

He originally wanted to continue to make breakthroughs, with the help of his merits to make himself a higher level of cultivation, incidentally, to break through the Five Qi Dynasties, and achieve invincibility under the quasi-sage.

But after only a hundred years of retreat, the exhaustion from his mind made him stop practicing.

Even though he has now broken through to Da Luo Jinxian, his primordial spirit is still limited.

Like him, when he cultivates at the limit of his merits, his primordial spirit cannot bear it, and he needs a period of rest.

What’s more, he has practiced for thousands of years, and the pressure has already reached its limit.

Hong Yun walked out of the retreat and entered the main hall. When he saw the white figure in the hall, he couldn’t help but was stunned.

“Who are you and why you appeared in my Fire Cloud Palace.”

After hearing Hong Yun’s voice, the woman in white turned around in surprise.

“Ao Xue has seen her benefactor.”

Ao Xue walked briskly and came to Hong Yun to bow down.

“Ao Xue?”

Hong Yun frowned, and suddenly remembered the little white dragon he had saved before retreating. In a hundred years, his injury should have completely recovered.

“Are you from the Sihailong clan?”

Ao Xue raised her head and said: “The little demon is a member of the East China Sea Dragon Clan. I would like to thank the benefactor for his life-saving grace.”

Hong Yun waved his hand and motioned to Ao Xue to stand up.

At the beginning, he only saw this little fellow being pitiful, so he put him into the Huoyun Palace to heal his injuries. He didn’t expect that after he came out of retreat, the other party had not left.

Moreover, the little white dragon in front of him, although far inferior to that of Kong Xuan, has also reached the cultivation base of the Golden Immortal, and is afraid that it is also a direct descendant of the Dragon Clan.

However, he is instinctively reluctant to deal with the Dragon Clan, after all, the Monster Clan usually regards the Human Clan as a two-legged sheep, a **** food in captivity.

Even though he is a red cloud in this world, the grudge in his heart cannot be eliminated.

“Since your injury has healed, go back to the East China Sea.”

When Ao Xue heard Hongyun’s question, she was taken aback for a moment, and a dazed expression flashed in her eyes.

Hong Yun tried to save her. She planned to stay in the Fire Cloud Palace to repay her life, but at this moment Hong Yun asked her to return to the East China Sea.

She couldn’t help but wonder if she did something wrong, which made her benefactor unhappy, so she had to rush her back.

Ao Xue said aggrievedly: “Ao Xue wants to stay and repay her…”

Hong Yun frowned and said, “You don’t want to go?”

Ao Xue nodded repeatedly, her shining eyes flickering.

“Ao Xue wants to stay in repay.”

Hong Yun pondered for a moment and waved his hand: “If that’s the case, then you will be the maid of your ancestor and serve as you go.”

Ao Xue was pleasantly surprised and bowed down again, “Thank you for your benefactor, Ao Xue has seen the master.”

Hong Yun nodded, and when he recovered, he remembered Kong Xuan who had been put into the Universe Gourd by him a hundred years ago.

Now that a hundred years have passed, I don’t know what the other party is thinking about.

If you haven’t considered it well, let him continue to think about it for a hundred years.

One day, he will figure it out.

Huoyun Palace.

Hong Yun took out the Universe Promise Gourd backhand, the mana between his palms floated, the golden light flashed, and the messy-feathered Kong Xuan’s body appeared in the Huoyun Palace.

Looking at the embarrassed Kong Xuan, Hong Yun subconsciously touched the tip of his nose.

In these hundred years of retreat, he has never noticed what happened in the Universe Promise Gourd. Now it seems that something is not good!

Although the insidious attributes of Qiankun Promise Gourd had been converted by him with the help of the power of merit, the spirit of the fairy spirit in it had completely disappeared.

Not to mention Kong Xuan frantically used the five-color divine light inside in an attempt to break the universe and the Promise Gourd, resulting in only inaccessibility of mana.

Today’s Kong Xuan has long lost his original luxurious appearance.

He didn’t even have the power to transform into a human form.

That miserable appearance, it’s really pitiful to me!

Hong Yun said with a chuckle: “Little Peacock, have you thought about it, how about being my ancestor’s mount?”

A trace of anger flashed in Kong Xuan’s eyes, but he was close to the dead body, which made him unable to resist the slightest emotion.

Hong Yun continued: “Of course, if you are willing to be the ancestor’s mount, I will promise you to help you behead the three corpses in the future.”

Hit a stick and give another sweet date.

Moreover, Hong Yun believed that the sweet jujube he had given was almost no one on the Majestic Continent willing to refuse.

Under the saint, all are ants!

With the opportunity of sanctification in front of him, who can resist this temptation, and the price is just being a mount.

Which is more important, he believed that Kong Xuanhui agreed.

Kong Xuan sneered: “You think that saints are like golden immortal ants, everywhere, even the great supernatural powers dare not make such promises.”

His eyes were full of ridicule when he looked at Hongyun, how rare is the position of a saint, who dares to promise so easily.

When Hong Yun saw Kong Xuan look like this, he was a little funny in his heart. If he hadn’t said that before, even his own sanctification would be a bit difficult.

But now it’s different. He holds a million billion merits and promises a holy throne.

Since the other party didn’t believe it, then he gave him a reason to believe.

When he raised his hand, Hong Yun drew out one hundred thousand merits, penetrated into the opponent’s body in Kong Xuan’s stunned eyes, and helped him refine.

Kong Xuan’s injury recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even his Taiyi Golden Immortal’s cultivation base was faintly improved.

“Bonus! How can you have so much merit!!”

Kong Xuan murmured.

On the prehistoric continent, merits are so rare, and Kong Xuan has achieved the Taiyi Golden Immortal for thousands of years, and has never seen the merits of Heaven.

But there is so much merit in this person’s wave of hands, who is this person in front of him?

Hong Yun smiled and said: “How.”

Kong Xuan raised his head and said, “Are you sure you can help me cut down the three corpses in the future and achieve the holy throne.”

If this person has immeasurable merits, then what he said, promised to kill the three corpses and become holy, is true.

Hong Yun nodded and smiled: “Yes!”

Kong Xuan transformed into a human form and knelt down on one knee and said: “Kong Xuan has seen the master, and from today onwards, Kong Xuan is willing to follow the master as a servant and never betray.”

After Kong declared his oath, a strange power of heaven fell from the sky.

The vow has been made.

From today onwards, the prestigious Taoist Kong Xuan on the prehistoric continent will be the mount beside Hongyun.

If he betrayed in the future, Hong Yun didn’t need to take action, and the punishment from Heaven would not spare Kong Xuan.

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