I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 30: Leave

“This tea…” Fuxi had an incredible look on her face.

“Why does it contain Da Luo Jinxian Dao Principle.”

Nu Wa looked at the tea in Hong Yun’s hand with the same expression.

The two of them had never seen such treasures.

Hongyun smiled upon hearing the words and said: “This tea is what I obtained from the body of Yihua Xing tea tree, because its cultivation is in the middle stage of the Golden Immortal of Da Luo, and the tea itself naturally contains the Law of Da Luo.

As soon as this statement came out, both Nuwa and Fuxi’s expressions changed at the same time.

Hong Yun smiled lightly and raised his hand to the void, a law of water suddenly emerged, turning into a stream of water in mid-air and falling into the teapot.

Once again, the heat rises near the teapot.

After a while, Hongyun poured the tea into the cup, and then divided it with Nuwa and Fuxi.

The two looked at each other, holding up their tea cups and drinking lightly.

Nu Wa’s eyes lit up and said, “Taoist fellow is really good fortune. You can get such treasures.”

Fuxi was also pleasantly surprised. Although the weak increase in mana was of little use to him, the effect of invisibly consolidating the soul was good.

He sighed and sighed, “Taoists are really good fortune!”

Hong Yun laughed loudly and said: “The two Taoist friends are talking and laughing, where is Hong Yun’s blessing.”

Having said that, the pride on the face is undiminished.

The three of them talked for a long time.

Hong Yun just got up and said, “Hong Yun is here now, and it’s time to leave.”

Nuwa, Fuxi quickly got up to see him off.

Hong Yun smiled and took Ao Xue and Xiao Daji to sit on the back of Kong Xuan’s body, spreading their wings directly into the sky.

On Kong Xuan’s back, Xiao Daji looked down at the wild continent below curiously, with a sense of freshness in her eyes.

Since she was born, she has not been out of Qingqiu, and it was the first time that she left Qingqiu when Hongyun took her to the Snail Palace.

Now, let alone sitting on Kong Xuan’s back to travel the prehistoric continent.

Xiao Da’s face was flushed and she looked very gratifying.

Hong Yun secretly calculated in his heart that his acceptance of Daji as a boy would inevitably affect his future mastery plan, and he would also be behind the scenes.

A list of enshrined gods, enchanting all immortals.

Kunlun Mountains.

At Sanqing’s residence, Laozi opened his eyes and glanced in a certain direction. On a whim, he secretly calculated the secret.

Afterwards, Laozi smiled and said, “Wonderful, this thing should be destined to me.”

With that, he informed Yuan Yuan and Tongtian by sound transmission.

When the secret was just calculated, I felt a causal connection in the dark, and after careful deduction, he found that a treasure was about to be born.

In this way, Lao Tzu is naturally bound to obtain the treasure that is about to be born.

After a while, Yuan Yuan rushed to Lao Tzu’s residence first. He was practicing in retreat, but now he has broken through to the mid-term peak of Da Luo Jinxian.

It was only one step away from the later stage, but Laozi said that there was something to discuss, and in desperation, he had to leave.

“Brother, why is it so anxious?” Yuan said.

Laozi smiled and said: “Second brother, don’t worry, I will let you know when the third brother comes.”

Hearing this, the original had no choice but to stay in place, waiting for the arrival of the sky.

When the sky rushed to this place, seeing that my two brothers had been waiting for a long time, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I just cultivated into the gods, but I didn’t get out of the state of cultivation for a while, so it was a bit late.”

Tongtian explained with a smile.

Primitive stood there blankly, very impatient in his heart.

Laozi said with a smile: “It’s okay, brother just counted that a treasure is about to be born, so I invite you two to come with me.”


“What treasure?”

The two exclaimed at the same time.

You know, Lao Tzu is the highest cultivation level among them, and is also the first to break through to the late Da Luo Jinxian, a treasure that can be seen in his eyes.

Naturally extraordinary!

Primitive smiled proudly: “Since the eldest brother has announced that the treasure is about to be born, then this thing must be predestined with the eldest brother and will naturally go.”

Tongtian hehe smiled and said, “Yes, it is extremely.”

Laozi smiled and said, “That’s the case, then the three of my brothers will once again enter the predicament.”

With that, three azure rays flew out of Kunlun Mountain and went straight to a certain place in the prehistoric continent.

Half a month later, on a hill.

The three of Laozi landed and looked at the deserted hill in front of them.

Primordial carefully sensed it and discovered that there was indeed a treasure about to be born here. If it weren’t for close-range sensing, he wouldn’t be able to find the treasure here.

And Lao Zi had already deduced it far away in Kunlun Mountain, which had to make Yuan sigh secretly.

Tongtian stepped on this place carelessly, only feeling that the place was extremely barren, and the spirit of the spirit was scarce, far inferior to Kunlun Mountain.

Knowing this, he might as well stay on the mountain to teach his students.

You know, since the first preaching, he has learned from the ancestor Hongjun, preached and accepted disciples, and has accepted many students in Kunlun Mountain.

It makes Kunlun Mountain a lively scene, which makes him extremely comfortable.

When the original saw Tongtian’s expression, he naturally knew what the other party was thinking, and couldn’t help but sneered in his heart. His third brother was fine with everything.

It is the students who have been admitted, but they are inferior.

Tongtian opened his mouth and said: “The treasure that the eldest brother said was born here.”

Laozi smiled and said: “Yes! But the time for the treasure to be born has not yet been reached. I am afraid that I will have to wait for a while until the treasure is born.”

Primordial nodded, the treasure was born free of the rules of the heavens, and it won’t be manifest before time.

Tongtian nodded, raised his hand and called, the ground bulged, turned into a stone table and three stone benches, and appeared in front of the three of them.

Tongtian smiled and said: “Two elder brothers, since I need to wait and wait here, it’s better to sit down and talk, so as to kill time.”

Laozi smiled and said, “You are not worried at all.”

Yuan Yuan had already sat down and said, “What are you worried about? In this predicament, there are a few more things that dared to rob the three of my brothers. What are you worried about.”

Tongtian smiled and said: “The second brother said that although the three of me are not the strongest, but there are probably not many who dare to beat me and wait for the idea. Brother don’t need to worry.”

Hearing this, Laozi was proud in his heart.

This is true. Nowadays, there are a lot of Golden Immortals in Daluo, but few have reached the later stage of cultivation.

What’s more, joining forces with Primordial and Tongtian are invincible under the saint.

Since I was already waiting here, I was bound to get the treasure, so who would dare to refute the face of the three brothers.

Who dares to **** it?

At this point, I couldn’t help but sit down with a smile, pinching his fingers and deducing again.

“This time, there are still ten years before the treasure was born. I will wait here for ten years.”

Yuan Yuan and Tong Tian laughed together: “Yes!”

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