I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 4: Enlighten the two boys of gold and silver

Seeing that the oath had been made, Hong Yun waved his hand to let Kong declare it down, adapting to his diligent cultivation.

Aoxue in white followed Hongyun’s footsteps.

Huoyun Palace.

Hong Yun sat high on the main hall, thinking in his heart: “Now I have reached the Daluo Jinxian, and my combat power is even more comparable to that of Daluo Jinxian’s late stage, and I have the power to protect myself.”

“But now that Hongjun preached in Zixiao Palace, there are still a thousand years to go, these thousand years…”

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and a faint thought came into his heart. He had been retired for thousands of years after entering the prehistoric land. He has not yet experienced it in the predominant continent.

Since there is still a thousand years before the preaching in the Purple Cloud Palace, it is better to use the memories of your later generations to find opportunities in these thousand years.

Hong Yun laughed and walked out of the hall.

Behind him, Ao Xue looked at Hong Yun’s back with a puzzled expression, and quickly followed.

Outside the hall.

Hong Yun looked down at the two carps, one gold and one silver in the lotus pond, and suddenly raised his finger lightly.

A large group of merits flew out of his fingertips instantly, landed on the two carps, and then slowly merged in, causing the two carps to change rapidly.

The fish eyes that were originally agile became more aura. “Wow,” the tails of two carps flew directly out of the water.

It manifested in mid-air, transformed into two children with red lips and white teeth, dressed in gold and silver, a man and a woman, and said to the red cloud:

“Jin’er pays respects to the master, thank you for your kindness.”

“Yin’er pays homage to the master, thank you for your kindness.”

The childish voice sounded.

Hong Yun actually used merit to spot two carps, making them ascend to the sky directly from the mortal thing, and become a heavenly immortal.

Ao Xue looked at the two young children dumbfounded, and then looked at Hong Yun’s back, her heart surging like a stormy sea.

“Bonus! So much merit…”

“Master actually used him to enchant two children, this…”

In her impression, the virtues of heaven are so rare that no one has been so wasted.

She would be even more surprised if she saw the merits that Hongyun gave when he accepted Kong Xuan, because those merits were several times that he used to enlighten children.

Hongyun looked at the two children with a smile, and then nodded.

Since he decided to travel through the wilderness, Kong Xuan, as his mount, would definitely take him out.

And Ao Xue is his accompanying maid, so naturally she also travels with him.

If all three of them left the Huoyun Palace, there would be no one to guard it. Now that he has ordered two children, he naturally has the intention of letting them guard the Huoyun Palace.

He looked at the cultivation bases of Jin’er and Yin’er, but he barely strengthened his physical form when he first entered the heavenly immortal.

“Tianxian’s cultivation base is not enough to see.”

Hong Yun shook his head, once again led out two groups of merit, sent them into the bodies of the two children, and shot to help them refining.




A series of thunders sounded, and there was already thundercloud above the Huoyun Palace.

As for the two children who were refining merits, their complexions were slightly ruddy at this moment, and their mana fluctuations were no different from Ao Xue in the Golden Immortal Stage.

Hong Yun laughed, raised his hand to summon the two golden bamboos in the palace, and raised his hand to refine it with mana.

The golden bamboo slowly formed in midair, transformed into two golden flying swords, suspended in front of the two golden and silver children, exuding a powerful and powerful force.

“Take it, go to cross the robbery…”

Hong Yun lifted his hand and sent the flying sword into Ertong’s body, instantly refining.

The two children of gold and silver looked happy, and said in one voice:

“Thanks to the master for the reward!”

“Thanks to the master for the reward!”

In an instant, the sky thunder rolled, turning into two thunder dragon roars and falling down.

The two children, Jin and Yin, didn’t have the slightest expression of fear, shouted together, summoned Feijian from their bodies and greeted them.

Thunder Dragon crashed down!

The two golden and silver imperial envoys flying sword straight into the sky, and only a little touch, the Thunder Dragon of the Golden Immortal Stage was cut to pieces.

For a time there was a loud thunder, and nine sky thunders fell in a row.

In the end, they were all shattered under the two golden flying swords, and the thunder cloud instantly retreated.

The two gold and silver boys did not even have minor injuries, but stood in front of Hongyun with a slightly flushed face, and bowed together again to salute.

Hong Yun smiled and said, “Since you two have reached the Golden Immortal cultivation base, then guard the Fire Cloud Palace for me.”

Jin’er bowed and said, “Please follow the master’s decree!”

Yin’er bowed and said, “Please follow the decree of the master!”

After re-strengthening the formation outside the Huoyun Palace, Hong Yun summoned Kong Xuan.

Today’s Kong Xuan, under the refining merits, the injuries originally hit by Hongyun have been completely recovered, and his strength has advanced to the middle stage of the Taiyi Golden Immortal.

Three days later.

Above the prehistoric continent, a huge peacock spread its wings and flew.

On the back of the peacock, a red Taoist sits cross-legged on a futon. A small red table is placed in front of the Taoist. Opposite the Taoist is a beautiful maid making spiritual tea.

Hong Yun raised the teacup and took a sip of tea, the aroma of Lingcha spread in his mouth.

Kong Xuan’s speed was very fast. He was originally a monster beast who was good at flying. Now he broke through the middle stage of Taiyi Golden Immortal, and his speed was even faster than before.

Ao Xue gently boiled tea, looking at the red cloud opposite, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

Although she had some thoughts of repaying her gratitude, her mentality instantly changed when she saw Hong Yun so easily put out massive merits.

“We must follow En gong closely. It is said that in the future En gong will help Kong Xuan become holy.”

“And myself, as the maid of my benefactor, my future chances will never be worse than a mount.”

Thinking of this, her hand movements became more gentle, and she even used the Dragon Race talent to condense the spiritual water between heaven and earth to make tea.

Hong Yun was drinking tea while looking at the wild continent below.

Above the desolate continent, the mountain peaks are towering into the clouds, the vegetation is shaded, the mountains are clear and the water is beautiful, and the spiritual energy is extremely abundant.

There are countless kinds of spiritual things, and there are even some undiscovered treasures, as well as innate formations and innate spiritual things.

Moreover, nowadays, the Lich War is no less than the period of the Dragon and Phoenix First Tribulation, and the opportunities are everywhere.

Therefore, Hong Yun raised the mind of traveling in the prehistoric times, not to mention, in order to deal with the future cause and effect in the Zixiao Palace, he really needs some treasures in hand.

It’s just a cosmic gourd, still a little stretched.

“Huh?” Hong Yun sat down on Kong Xuan’s back at the moment, and suddenly lowered his head with a soft huh.

I saw several giants more than ten feet high on the primordial continent below, with bulging muscles and exuding golden immortal cultivation base, besieging a white fox.

Below is the five-tailed white fox, incarnate in real form, huge in size, with one enemy and five in sight.

But with Hongyun’s eyesight, it is naturally not difficult to see that even though the five Wu Clan members are no more than Golden Immortal cultivation bases, their combat power is strong, and their flesh is much more than that of the white fox.

Coupled with the large number of witches, the white foxes were quite flustered during the battle, and their snow-white fur was dyed red with blood.

I am afraid that after a few more rounds, this five-tailed white fox will be completely defeated.

Hong Yun narrowed his eyes: “Is the Lich Controversy reached this point now?”

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