I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 6: Luck golden dragon

Hongyun sat down on the original ground, his consciousness exploded instantly, and he rushed towards the big formation.

Starting from the outermost fur, layer by layer to comprehend the natural formation here.

Ten years later…

The progress of Hongyun’s comprehension of the formation only reached the outermost layer of fur. If it were to fully comprehend the formation, it would take thousands of years.

After feeling the slow progress, Hongyun drew out the power of millions of merits, blessed his body, and accelerated his understanding of the battle method.

The speed of his enlightenment formation surged, saving ten times more time than before.

After that, he simply integrated his soul into the big formation slowly, and at the same time turned his body’s merits into merit, the golden dragon to protect the soul, and began to realize the big formation with the power of the soul.

In a flash, decades have passed…

From the very beginning, Hong Yun finally began to refine the formation.

The natural formation here is called Taiyi Xuanwei formation.

After the formation is fully opened, it can cover a radius of a million miles, everything in the formation becomes illusory, hurts the mind, dissipates mana, and invisibly destroys the monks in the formation.

“Good luck! Good luck…” Hong Yun was overjoyed and laughed.

The magic weapon he used to take advantage of was the Universe Promise Gourd, but he was somewhat stretched in the fight against the enemy, but if he refines the Taiyi Profound Formation and condenses it into a palm formation.

When he raised his hand and summoned, the large formation instantly covered a radius of a million li, and the monks in the formation had to be slaughtered.

Thinking of the scene in the future, Hong Yun’s heart stirred again.

The power of a million merits was once again called out, and all of them poured into the refining of the Red Cloud against the method.

ten years.

Twenty years.

Forty years.

a hundred years.

Even with the help of millions of merits, Hong Yun has spent a hundred years refining the Taiyi Profound Microarray here.

A hundred years later.

There was a flash of profound light on the mountain, and the Taiyi Profound Array instantly turned into a circle and flew into Hong Yun’s hands. Hong Yun bowed his head and smiled, and contained it in satisfaction.

Now that the refining of the formation is completed, there is no obstacle between his divine consciousness scanning.

Suddenly, Hong Yun’s complexion was startled, and he stared at a place, and in his eyes stood a fairy bamboo, a nine-node fairy bamboo like jasper.

Immortal bamboo stood proudly on a huge immortal stone just a hundred meters away from him.

The thoughts in Hong Yun’s mind turned sharply, and finally he determined Xianzhu’s heels and feet.

It is said that there is another strange bamboo between the heaven and the earth. This bamboo is born in nothingness and takes root on the immortal stone. It does not need water or sun, and it grows one section every thousand years.

Nine thousand years later, the bamboo has nine sections, which is known as the nine-nine-fortune bamboo.

This bamboo only absorbs the essence of the innate wood and cannot be transplanted. It can only fold its roots and turn it into a fairy rod on the ground.

But because of this, few people have ever seen such immortal bamboos.

“It turned out to be this baby. I didn’t expect it to be on Mount Buzhou. It’s a pity.” Hong Yun squinted his divine consciousness with a smile.

After walking around in the nine-nine-nine good fortune immortal bamboo, as he expected, the immortal bamboo did not give birth to divine consciousness.

“If you were born on a prehistoric continent, there might be an extra power in the prehistoric land in the future, but if you were born in Buzhou Mountain, what kind of intelligence will not be obliterated.”

With the footsteps of these immortal bamboos, if the spiritual wisdom is born, it will inevitably achieve great power in the prehistoric.

But he was born in Buzhou Mountain

Hong Yun smiled and shook his head, raised his hand and pointed towards the nine-nine good fortune fairy bamboo.

A flash of red light brushed over, the fairy bamboo broke from the root, before it fell to the ground, it turned into a fairy stick, and was summoned by Hongyun.

Hongyun’s mana protruding out, directly refining the immortal rod in place, the power of merit is accelerated, and the refining of these spiritual things is much simpler than the natural formation.

Within 50 years, the good luck fairy rod was refined by Hongyun.

Carefully explored the inside of the fairy stick.

Hong Yun was surprised again: “It turns out to be the best innate spirit treasure, this… it’s not worse than the Hetu Luoshu.”

After resting on the spot for a while, Hong Yun looked up at the top of the Fuzhou Mountain deep into the clouds, and smiled slightly.

He didn’t come to Zhoushan to hunt for treasures, but he didn’t expect that he would encounter such a treasure when he arrived halfway up the mountain, which was a bit unexpected.

After putting away the good luck fairy stick, Hong Yun walked towards the top of the mountain again.

The more you go up, the greater the suppression of Buzhou Mountain’s divine consciousness.

But even so, Hongyun still gained a lot of low-grade spiritual roots and medium-grade magic weapons on the way to the mountain.

Hongyun stepped onto the top of the mountain, and Pangu’s coercion was more intense than the rest.


After the Red Cloud Spiritual Sense came out, he felt an inexplicable fluctuation in the void, and then he was completely blocked.

He retracted his blocked consciousness and looked in one direction in surprise.

Not far from the front, a faint ripple of the sky appeared in the void, and it was really that ripple that blocked the prying of Hongyun’s divine sense.

Hong Yun looked at the ripples in the cave sky in surprise, a little curious in his heart.

This place was transformed by Pangu’s spine, and he was not curious about the derived treasures, but a cave was born here.

“Above this Buzhou Mountain, there will be a small cave in the sky, weird! Weird!”

Hong Yun frowned and walked towards the cave sky, the ripples outside the cave sky did not stop him, but let him go inside.

After entering the cave, the scene inside really surprised him.

I saw that the inside of the cave was like a small world, where the scene was like a fairyland, with cranes flying, spirit beasts walking, and there were countless strange flowers and grasses in it.

These things are dozens of times stronger than his Huoyun Palace.

However, when Hong Yun looked towards the center, his eyes became a little dull.

Because in the center of this cave, there is a golden dragon of hundreds of feet circling in the air with great momentum, exuding an incomparable aura of Hongda.

“Dragons? How can there be dragons in this place.”

You know, the current dragon clan has already withdrawn from the prehistoric land, living in seclusion in the land of the four seas, but how could a dragon clan appear on the top of the mountain.

“No.” The moment Hongyun’s divine sense protruded, he instantly discovered its specialness.

“This golden dragon has no breath of primordial spirit and mana. This is… the golden dragon of luck!!” Hong Yun almost lost his voice at the moment when he realized the truth.

This could not help him not being shocked. The Golden Dragon of Qi Luck was transformed by the rules of the Heavenly Dao, and was born in accordance with the prehistoric Qi Yun.

If he obtains the golden dragon of Qi Luck and refines it, he will be the son of Qi Luck in the wild in the future, and he can find the kind of innate spirit treasure on foot.

The prosperity of Qi Luck almost determines the future, and disasters and blessings are two completely different concepts.

Hong Yun swallowed, turned his head to look next to Jinlong, his eyes widened again, and his eyes became a little dull.

“Twelve-grade good fortune Qinglian!”

With a flash, Hong Yun instantly came to the edge of the lotus pond next to the Qiyun Jinlong, and saw a blue lotus blooming in the middle of the lotus pond.

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