I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 7: Twelve Good Fortune Green Lotus

I saw a twelve-rank lotus stand in full bloom in the center, a mysterious aura slowly spreading, and the rules of the avenue became apparent on it.

Next to the lotus pond.

The spreading of the rich energy of good fortune is not much better than the immortal bamboo that he refined and refined before. An ordinary **** who takes a breath of good fortune will surely become a golden fairy within a hundred years.

You know, it takes at least a thousand years to cultivate from a deity to a golden immortal.

Hong Yun looked at the twelve-grade good fortune Qinglian in front of him, her eyes flickering.

He guessed that the twelfth-grade lotus platform at the moment was probably the twelve-grade good fortune green lotus in the prey, the best innate spirit treasure.

The defense is unparalleled, and there are more laws of good fortune in it, and it is a first-class treasure in the prehistoric.

According to legend, the twelve-grade good fortune green lotus was transformed by a lotus seed in the chaotic green lotus that gave birth to Pangu. At that time, the chaotic green lotus contained four lotus seeds.

However, only this one was mature and turned into a twelve-grade good fortune green lotus.

The remaining three are the twelfth-grade meritorious golden lotus, the twelfth-grade karma fire-red lotus, and the twelfth-grade black lotus, each with its own efficacy and the ability to suppress Qi Yun.

Looking at the cyan lotus platform in front of him, Hong Yun felt quite hot in his heart.

This is something that will become sacred in the Sanqing Dao in the future. If you take it, it will be contaminated with cause and effect, but if you don’t take it… how can you be worthy of your own life.

Hong Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was a sage in the Three Pure Clearances. I am naturally okay with Hong Yun, cause and effect… fearless!

Raising his hand, the magic power was brushed, the good fortune green lotus instantly separated from the lotus pond, turned into a twelve good fortune lotus platform, and flew in front of the red cloud.

After infiltrating his own soul refining in the lotus platform, there was an extra villain inside the lotus platform.

It is the reduced version of Red Cloud.

A smile hung around Hong Yun’s mouth, which was much simpler than he thought.


Just as he was immersed in the joy of collecting the twelve good fortune Qinglian, a dragon chant sounded from behind him.

I saw the golden dragon of Qi Luck that was sleeping, disappearing with the good fortune green lotus, and suddenly awakened, and when he saw the red cloud beside the lotus platform, he roared and charged.

Hong Yun sneered and said, “I just got this thing that suppresses luck, so I will use you to expand my luck.”


The good luck fairy rod appeared in Hongyun’s hands out of thin air, and raised his hand to the sky to transport the golden dragon.

A giant net of condensed mana enveloped the Qi Luck Golden Dragon.

This Qi Luck Golden Dragon has been cultivated in Buzhou Mountain for many years, and it was not obliterated by the special nature of this cave. Now its magic power is equivalent to that of the late Golden Immortal Da Luo.

From the size of one zhang at the beginning of the birth to the accumulation of one hundred zhang now, I am afraid that after a few Yuanhui, he will become a rare quasi-sage in the world.

It’s just that this is still not enough to see in front of Hongyun, and it can only be blamed for its appearance in advance.

“Aw! Aw!” The hundred-foot-large body of the Qi Luck Jinlong directly broke through the shackles of the big mana net and moved in the cave.

It’s just that the cave sky is less than a thousand feet in size, no matter how it dodges, how can it escape Hongyun’s capture.

Seeing the mana net shattered, Hong Yun sneered with his mana, and a cage stronger than the mana net appeared out of thin air.

The Five Elements rule operates on it, directly enveloping the golden dragon of air luck.

No matter how the golden dragon attacked inside, the Five Elements cage was still not broken, not even trembling.

Hongyun raised his fingers and pinched, and a raging fire ignited in the five-element cage. It was Hongyun’s sacred fire, constantly refining the golden dragon of Qi Luck.

The golden dragon roared in pain, but the cunning in his eyes flashed away, and he was caught by the red cloud.

“It’s a good luck golden dragon, even the poor life’s sacred fire can’t do anything, hey!” Hong Yun sneered, and the power of merit poured out instantly.

As the power of merit poured into the sacred fire, the power of the flame increased dramatically.

The Qi Luck Golden Dragon, which was originally howling, suddenly became horrified, and desperately hit the Five Elements cage, smashing itself with cuts and bruises.

Hong Yun raised his hand again, drew a million merits into it and burned.

“Roar…Roar…” Qi Luck Jinlong glanced at Hongyun with resentment and dissatisfaction, struggled several times again, and fell motionless in the cage.



Several explosions sounded, and the hundred-foot-long body of the Qi Luck Jinlong directly shattered.

The whole cave was shrouded in golden light, and a golden dragon ball lay quietly in the five-element cage.

Hong Yun raised his hand and called, the cage dissipated, and the dragon ball flew into his hand, lying quietly in his palm.

“Incorporating into the Dragon Ball made by the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck, I am afraid that my luck will go further. It is rumored that the one who has the strongest air luck in the predecessors will have a full 999 feet of air luck!”

Hong Yun stared at the Dragon Ball in his palm, thinking about how far his luck would be promoted after he merged into the Dragon Ball.

At this point, Hong Yun opened his mouth and swallowed the dragon ball into his belly.

In an instant, the dragon ball dissipated and turned into a golden light of qi luck into the body of the golden dragon of qi luck that emerged behind the red cloud.

Hongyun’s original luck and golden dragon grew accordingly.

Two hundred feet.

Three hundred feet.

Four hundred feet.

Wu Baizhang.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine feet!

After Hongyun’s own Qi Luck Golden Dragon reached 999 feet, it seemed that there was an invisible force hindering Golden Dragon’s promotion.

Hong Yun gritted his teeth and withstood the force of restriction, consolidating the Golden Dragon who had reached his limit.

Only ten feet away was promoted to Qianzhang Qi Luck Golden Dragon.

In today’s prehistoric continent, there has never been a person with a golden dragon of luck.

He is not reconciled…

Hong Yun’s eyes widened, his primordial spirit was shaking, and the mana in his body was surging.

“Incorporating thousands of merits and breaking the rules and barriers for me!”

Hong Yun roared, tens of millions of merits gushing out instantly, one after another into the body of the Qi Luck Golden Dragon behind him.

For a while, the growth of Qi Luck Golden Dragon confronted that invisible mighty force, and even faintly gained the upper hand, but it was still a little short of breaking the rules.

Hong Yun gritted his teeth and once again called out thousands of merits to integrate.


A huge roar rang, followed by the sound of breaking rules.

The Qi Luck Golden Dragon behind Hong Yun actually slowly increased by one foot again.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine feet of luck golden dragon.

It grows to a thousand feet in an instant!

After the growth of the Qi Luck Golden Dragon, there was a faint sound of thunder from the sky, which soon disappeared.

But Hong Yun could clearly feel that Heaven’s Dao’s suppression of his luck has increased, and it has reached its limit.

Hong Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the twelve-grade fortune lotus platform in his body rose up, and instantly fell on the head of the Qianzhang Qi Luck Golden Dragon, and finally fell into his body together.

Possessing the twelve grades of good fortune, Qinglian’s suppression merit, completely eliminated his worries.

“Huh! At the moment in this cave, what is valuable is nothing but the golden dragon of luck and the lotus platform of twelve-grade good fortune, now all belong to me.”

“It’s time to leave, just to experiment with this increase in luck.”

Hongyun has gained a great deal this time, and now he has no nostalgia for Buzhou Mountain. After striding out of the cave, he turned into a Changhong and went straight down the mountain.

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