I Have a Trillion Merits

Chapter 9: Zixiao Palace

Looking at the two people behind them who were doing their best to refine their merits, Hong Yun thought, spreading the Taiyi Profound Microarray around Wuyi Mountain.

Then draw merits and begin to refine the rising and falling treasure money.

The power of a million merits gushes out instantly.

Refining is accelerated.

In just a few decades, Hongyun successfully refined the treasure money.

Behind him, Kong Xuan and Ao Xue had successfully refined the merits in the body, staring at the red cloud with piercing eyes.

Hong Yun waved his hand and retracted the Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation.

Kong Xuan once again transformed his body, carrying Red Cloud and Aoxue into the sky, continuing to travel through the prehistoric land.

On Kong Xuan’s back, Hong Yun took out two pieces of tea leaves from the tea master’s body, handed them to Ao Xue, and then carefully considered his trip to Wuyi Mountain.

Now the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck in his body has reached a thousand feet, breaking through the limitations of the prehistoric Qi Luck.

But I didn’t expect this tea ceremony person to be able to see at a glance, and he was just a mid-term Da Luo Jinxian.

Afterwards, he remembered that the treasure money, this thing is the innate treasure, can be used to calculate the secret, and naturally it can also cover the secret.

Perhaps the tea master saw through the golden dragon of luck, and there was a reason for losing money.

However, this time he has a better understanding of this Taiyi Xuanwei Great Formation.

Gang wind dissipates mana.

Terrible fire scattered people’s soul.

If he really urges the big formation with all his strength, he will be invincible under the quasi-sage.

As for the quasi-sage, I only know it after doing a game.

Thousands of years have passed by.

During this period, Hongyun included many treasures in the wilderness.

Most of them are low-grade spirit treasures, and many of them are middle-grade spirit treasures.

But there are only so few high-grade Lingbao.

One day.

Hong Yun raised his hand and pocketed a low-grade Lingbao, and suddenly an inexplicable pressure came from the sky.

In the midst of the predicament, the sky sounded, the rules of the avenue manifested, the sky was filled with golden lotus, and the purple gas spread 30,000 miles.

“Purple Heaven Palace opens, and anyone who is destined can come and listen.”

Hong Yun raised his head and stared at the Thirty-Three Heavens. The rainbow light passed by, one after another straight to the Purple Heaven Palace.

In the land of the North Sea, something suddenly burst out of the sea. It was a big fish. After soaring nine thousand feet, it turned into a peng, and flew over 129,000 miles between its wings.

It is the demon master Kunpeng.

On the sun star, Emperor Jun and Taiyi looked at each other with a smile, and hurried to Zixiao Palace to perform rainbow transformation.

Sanqing living in seclusion on Kunlun Mountain, ghost ancestor of the blood sea, Zhenyuanzi of Wuzhuangguan…

Great abilities come out.

Hong Yun shot a golden light in his eyes, raised his hand and laid down the Taiyi Xuanwei large array, saying: “You two are waiting for me here, you must not go out of the large array without authorization.”

“Yes, Master.” Ao Xue and Kong Xuan said in unison.

Hong Yun laughed, and turned into a rainbow light to rush towards the sky into the chaos.

Ao Xue’s body shape has been trembling since the sound came, and at this moment the sound disappeared, and the whole person breathed a sigh of relief.

Kong Xuan looked fascinated at the red cloud that had long since disappeared, and his heart was agitated.

“This is the power of the saint, Daozu Hongjun.”

It’s a pity that he is not in the late Taiyi Golden Immortal, and there is still a long way to go from Daluo Jinxian.

Thirty-three heavens outside.

In chaos.

Hongyun did not hesitate to use the power of merit to speed up, and instantly surpassed the digital Da Luo Jinxian.

Millions of miles away from Zixiao Palace.

Hong Yun’s figure flashed past, and Zhen Yuanzi was horrified as he looked at the distant Hong Yun.

“This… when did he break through Da Luo Jinxian!”

Zhen Yuanzi is a friend of Hongyun, and the two of them often talked about it before.

He naturally knew Hongyun’s cultivation base.

However, he didn’t expect Hongyun to rise from Taiyi Jinxian to Daluo Jinxian in just over a thousand years.

While Zhen Yuanzi was surprised, she speeded up to the Zixiao Palace. After all, there is a saint preaching in the Zixiao Palace. Those who come first may have a big chance.

When Hong Yun passed by Zhen Yuanzi, he also noticed the other party.

It’s just that he didn’t stay longer, but rushed to the Purple Cloud Palace at a faster speed.

Along the way.

Many great abilities were left behind by him, and even Sanqing and others were left far away.

In addition to Zhen Yuanzi, there are many people who know Hongyun. At this moment, all of them have grown up, looking at the distant rainbow light in disbelief.

Soon, Hong Yun came to the door of Zixiao Palace, the purple mysterious palace, exuding infinite power, suppressing the chaos thousands of miles.

Hong Yun was the first to come to Zixiao Palace, and saw the gate of the Zixiao Palace wide open, and Hongjun inside was sitting in the upper seat. When Hongyun came, he smiled.

In the lower hall near Hongjun, there are seven white jade futons.

Hong Yun’s mind turned, knowing that these seven seats are the key to future sanctification and the beginning of Hong Yun’s killing, so he decisively settled on the first futon under Hongjun, the closest to Hongjun.

Then came Lao Tzu, Yuan Yuan and Tong Tian. The three of them glanced at Hongyun, their eyes full of inexplicable expressions.

After seeing Hongyun sitting on the first futon, he sat in the second, third and fourth positions without saying a word.

Next behind was Nuwa. After falling down, he raised his eyes and looked at Hongjun who was sitting above him, feeling shaken, and quickly sat behind Sanqing.

Next was the demon master Kunpeng, seeing that there were only two of the seven positions in the hall now, he hurried forward to occupy one position.

When Dijun and Taiyi walked into the Zixiao Palace, only the last position was left. They looked at each other with a wry smile, and then sat behind seven positions.

Although the two of them are above the sun star, they have to spend more time than a few on the way, so they come later.

There was only one place left, and both of them were embarrassed to sit on it, and simply sat behind together.

The two Westerners led and Zhunti rushed to the main hall, and when they saw Dijun and Taiyi in the back, their hearts shook.

The two are sitting in the back, maybe there is no seat in front.

Xiuyin and Zhunti hurriedly stepped forward, and when they saw that there was one seat left, they were relieved, but they soon became worried.

The two of them greeted the people present in a kind manner first, and then saluted Shangfang Hongjun.

Zhun said with a bitter expression, “I didn’t expect the two of me to hurry up, but there is only one seat left. Pity me for waiting so long.”

Jiuyin also sighed slightly, seemingly regretful about it.

Seeing the two of them acting here, Hong Yun sneered repeatedly in his heart. If it hadn’t been for them to calculate, the good old man Hong Yun would not end up in the end.

“The two fellow Taoists came from such a far place, shouldering the ambition of Western revival, so high morality and righteousness, really admirable, hard work, hard work!”

Hong Yun’s face was full of admiration, and he arched hands towards Zhunti and the lead.

Seeing Hongyun talking, I couldn’t help but feel happy.

“Before I thought this brother was kind and generous, could it give way to me?”

Thinking like this, Zhunti looked at Hongyun eagerly. He could see that these seven futons contained great opportunities.

Moreover, this opportunity is clearly related to their brothers.

However, when Hong Yun said this, he didn’t say anything, and sat on the futon with his eyes and nose.

Where does it mean to give way?

Seeing this, Zhunti feels a little confused, isn’t he related to the West? Don’t you want to give way? What’s happening here?

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