I Have a Trillion Merits

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Seeing the immortals fleeing one after another, Kong Xuan and others were relieved.

They were really afraid that those people would swarm them.

Except for Hongyun, the highest cultivation level among them was Kong Xuan, and Daluo Jinxian’s initial cultivation level.

Followed by Ao Xue, and Taiyi Jinxian completed.

Then there is the newly harvested six-eared macaque, which has just reached the middle stage of the Taiyi Golden Immortal.

As for Xiao Daji…

Hongyun’s refining and refining millions of merits into the Hongmeng Measuring Sky Ruler rapidly increased its refining speed for a while. It would have taken hundreds of years to reduce it to about a hundred years.

But Hongyun is still not satisfied, a hundred years is still too long.

So he once again mobilized a million merits, the power of merit turned into a golden dragon, and once again integrated into the Hongmeng Ruler.

The refining speed increased sharply again, directly shortening to fifty years.

The six-eared macaque guarding the Dharma in the distance was completely shocked by Hongyun’s “big pen”.

It was the first time that he saw someone using merit as a means of accelerating the refinement of treasures. Such a large amount of merit was so “waste”.

The six-eared macaque slapped his lips, not knowing what to say.

Ao Xue and Kong Xuan were a little bit ridiculous, after all, they were used to it, but even so, when they saw Hongyun again making a big deal.

There was still a touch of envy in their hearts, if those merits were given to them, it would be great.

As for Xiao Daji, seeing Hong Yun’s behavior at this moment, her eyes were shining.

Although she didn’t quite understand what so many merits meant, she still felt great.

Two million merits went in.

Hong Yun only frowned slightly, wondering in his heart that this Hongmeng Measuring Ruler could be so difficult to refining, but his hands kept moving.

Once again mobilize a million merits into it.

Suddenly, the golden light of merit became more and more prosperous, and the speed surged again.

It lasted for ten years.

Hongmeng Tianrui was finally refined by Hongyun, he looked at the treasure in his hand, and nodded in satisfaction.

In this way, there are still more than four hundred years left before the opening of the Purple Heaven Palace, which is enough for him to travel through the prehistoric for a while.

Kunlun Mountains.

Since failing to win the treasure with Hongyun, Lao Tzu has been in retreat.

Primitive, on the other hand, is upset and even difficult to practice.

Originally self-sufficient, he had a good background and a high cultivation level, so he, who was arrogant in his heart, was even deflated by the same person.

In his eyes, that person was far from his own.

This bore Yuan Yuan’s heart for a long time, especially when Tong Tian didn’t make a move that day, which made Duobao lose, and made him have some opinions on Tong Tian.

And during this time, every day on Kunlun Mountain, Tongtian disciples came to see the walking figure, and he was even more disdainful in his heart.

At the foot of the mountain, two golden immortals who looked like old women were walking towards the top of the mountain where Tongtian was.

One of these two is the Virgin of Tortoise Spirit, and the other is the Virgin of Immortality. Both of them are disciples accepted by Tongtian. Since the first preaching by Daozu, Tongtian has begun accepting disciples.

He claims to have no class, but the basics that look pleasing to the eye are earned.

Although these disciples are not qualified to live near Kunlun Mountain, they still have the qualifications to visit Tongtian.

So most of them come to visit Tongtian every once in a while, except for the preaching in Tongtian every hundreds of years.

At this time, Our Lady of Tortoise Spirit and Our Lady of Wudang came to visit Master Tongtian.

When the two of them walked halfway up the mountain, they were seen by Yuan Yuan. Originally, he was blind to these Tongtian disciples, plus the depression in his heart before.

Primitive waved his hand impatiently, and a gust of wind whizzed past, rolling the Virgin of the Turtle Spirit and the Virgin of Wudang out of Kunlun Mountain thousands of miles away.

Thousands of miles away from Kunlun Mountain, the Virgin of the Turtle Spirit and the Virgin of Wudang struggled to stabilize their figures, and their hearts trembled a little.

“Just now, was that the teacher’s shot?” Mother Turtle Spirit said with a pale face.

“Impossible, the teacher knew that I waited for today, and also acquiesced, how could I drive the two of me out of Kunlun Mountain, this must be the work of the original master uncle.” Wudang Mary said helplessly.

They knew that their uncles didn’t like themselves and others.

But like today’s move, it has never happened.

The two of them felt sad, and in desperation they had to return to their caves to practice.

At least during this time they will not be able to go to Kunlun Mountain again.

The original move was a warning to them.

Seeing Madame Wudang and Madame Turtle Spirit being driven out thousands of miles away, the original mood improved.

Leng snorted: “The third brother is also true. Accepting this disciple from an inferior background will simply insult my Pangu authentic reputation.”

Inside a palace.

Sitting high in the hall, Tongtian thought in his heart that his disciples should be coming soon.

They will come to see themselves every once in a while.

With such respect for the teacher, it is not in vain to accept these disciples regardless of their origin.

But he waited left and right, never waiting for a disciple to come.

Tongtian’s complexion was a bit ugly, his eyes skipped the hall, like looking down at Kunlun Mountain.

I saw the original disciple Chijingzi at the foot of the mountain, intercepting the disciple under the Tongtian seat and not letting him go up the mountain.

Tongtian’s heart burst into anger, and his hidden figure came to the foot of the mountain, only to hear the Chijingzi speak: “My benefactor is now practicing in retreat, I hope you will not go up the mountain during this time, so as not to affect my teacher’s practice.”

“I don’t dare to interrupt the original master’s practice, but today is the day when I wait to see the master, I need to go up the mountain!”

“Yeah! I have always followed the rules, so how can I interrupt Master Uncle’s practice.”

“Also ask this brother to clear the way and let me wait to go up the mountain to meet Master.”

Tongtian sat down and the disciples were defending.

Even Madame Wudang and Madame Tortoise, who were disappointed to return to their cave, returned again.

Chi Jinzi said angrily after hearing the words: “My teacher is just practicing at the critical moment. No one can go up the mountain today. Please come again after a while.”

Our Lady of Tortoise Ling said in a deep voice: “Brother, I don’t know how long the passing time is in your mouth.”

Chi Jinzi glanced at the Virgin Tortoise Spirit, and said with a light smile: “It ranges from a hundred years to as many as a thousand years. It all depends on when my teacher leaves the customs.”


“He is in a primitive retreat, and it’s about me sitting down all over the sky.”

There was a roar in the void, and the trembling Chijingzi’s primordial spirit trembled, and a trace of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

The sky appeared gloomy.

Chi Sperm’s complexion changed and said: “Uncle Tongtian…”

“My third brother, it’s a trivial matter, why should I be so angry in front of the juniors.”

Before Chi Sperm had finished speaking, he saw Primordial coming from the void, raising his hand to penetrate the Chi Sperm’s body to help him recover from his injuries.

The original expression was a little dissatisfied, and said: “Why do you have to do something with the junior brother?”

Tongtian said angrily: “You ask you, a good disciple, why you stopped the disciple under my seat and forbidden to go up the mountain.”

Primitive frowned and said: “This matter is my order to go down.”

The sky stared at Primordial with an ugly expression. After a long silence, he said: “Brother, this matter is a bit overwhelmed.”

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