I Have a Trillion Merits

: Hongjun accepts apprentice

After perceiving Kunpeng’s arrival, everyone thought of watching the excitement.

After all, the position occupied by Zhun Ti now belongs to Kun Peng.

After Kunpeng entered the Zixiao Palace, he saw that someone had arrived early. He just wanted to say hello to a few people, but saw that one person was already sitting in his seat.

Kunpeng’s complexion changed, he walked forward and scolded: “You monk is so unreasonable, get up quickly.”

At this moment, great power came one after another.

Emperor Juntai and two came here hand in hand, behind the seven futons, they looked stunned when they saw Kunpeng scolding Zhunti.

Then came the Dragon King of East China Sea who rushed to follow Hongyun’s words.

After the East China Sea Dragon King came to the Zixiao Palace, he hesitated for a while before he came to Hong Yun.

Before I could answer the question, the rest of the powers arrived one after another.

Except for the seven people in the seats, there are only Fuxi behind Nuwa, Emperor Taiyi, Kunpeng who is scolding Zhunti, as well as the Dragon King of the East China Sea, Zhen Yuanzi and others.

The rest of them all stood behind, looking into the hall with an expression of optimism.

Zhun raised his face and said sadly: “This Dao brother is coming to grab the seat of the poor monk.”

Kunpeng became angry for a while, and said angrily: “This seat is clearly mine. If you grab my seat, don’t tell me, you have to beat me down.”

Zhun said: “Look at it, you guys, it’s clear that the poor Dao is sitting on this futon, so how can you grab the seat of Brother Dao? Brother Dao should not make trouble unreasonably.”

Kunpeng’s heart was so angry that he just wanted to do it when he suddenly remembered that this place was the Zixiao Palace, so he gave up.

Then theorized: “This is clearly my position. You are so bald and unreasonable. The teacher once said that the position is already fixed, and you dare to violate the teacher’s holy words.”

Zhunti looked around, except that there was only one change in the seat, but there were no other changes.

He clasped his hands together and said: “Brother Dao should not be rude. It is clear that the poor monk is destined to this seat. Brother Dao should quickly find a position. The teacher is coming.”

Kunpeng said with a gloomy face: “You are sure to grab the seat of this seat, don’t you be afraid that if you leave the Zixiao Palace, you will miss the teacher’s third sermon.”

Zhunti hadn’t spoken yet, and he followed him and said, “Is this brother brother threatening the two of me?”

Seeing Xiuying and Zhunti together, Kunpeng’s complexion was even more ugly. I didn’t expect the two Westerners to be so shameless.

He turned his head to look at the two Nuwa and Fuxi. The three of them belonged to the monster race. He pinned his hopes on these two.

If Nuwa and Fuxi are willing to make a move, then he is not afraid to lead the two.

But the two of them sat in the distance with their eyes and nose and heart, and they didn’t even look at Kun Peng.

Nuwa has no friendship with Fuxi and his Kunpeng, so why should they help each other.

Laozi’s expression remained unchanged, and he didn’t even have the idea of ​​mixing.

The original sneered, and said in his heart: “A few birds are also worthy to sit on this futon with me.”

The two did not have the slightest desire to intervene.

Tongtian couldn’t bear it. He wanted to help, but when he saw his two brothers were motionless, the idea was dispelled.

As for Hongyun, where the cause and effect of the previous life was, it was already excellent without killing Kunpeng on the spot, how could he make a move.

When Kunpeng saw several people indifferent, even Nuwa and Fuxi, both of the monster clan, had no intention of helping each other.

At this moment, he is only in the mid-term of Daluo Jinxian, and the cultivation bases of both the lead and Zhunti are the same as him.

If he had been out of the Zixiao Palace and did a game, Kunpeng thought he was no match for these two, so he had to give a cold snort, not because of his argument.

In this way, Zhunti sat in Kunpeng’s position more comfortably.

After Kunpeng’s heart was so angry that he arrived at the futon, he couldn’t figure out the positions of Dijun and Taiyi, so he had to target the dragon king of East China Sea who was also in the front.

In his opinion, the Dragon King of the East China Sea was only the early cultivation base of Da Luo Jinxian, and it was already a great opportunity to enter the temple.

How can there be such a position.

After all, behind Hong Yun, besides the futon, it was already the best position.

He Kunpeng thought he was not afraid of the Dragons of the East China Sea, so he stepped forward and said, “Go back, I want this position.”

The Dragon King of the East China Sea looked at Kunpeng with gloomy eyes, daring not to say anything. The Kunpeng in front of him was in the middle stage of Da Luo Jinxian, but he was just the beginning.

Thinking of this, the Dragon King of the East China Sea had to retreat unlucky.

But before he turned around to see the joking in the eyes of the powerful people behind, a voice came from the front, and the East Sea Dragon King looked excited.

“Oh! If you don’t give it, what will you do.”

Hong Yun’s lazy voice came, turning around and looking at Kun Peng with a smile.

As soon as Kunpeng heard the sound, he became angry, but saw Hongyun turning around, knowing that he was definitely not Hongyun’s opponent, and said: “Brother Dao, you have to intervene.”

Kunpeng looked at Hongyun, and said in his heart: What is this East China Sea Dragon Clan to do with you, it is actually because of him.

Although he was not Hongyun’s opponent, he still had a bit of arrogance in his heart, but he didn’t know that the East Sea Dragon Clan had already belonged to Hongyun.

Hong Yun did not answer his words directly, and asked again: “If he refuses, what will you do?”

The Dragon King of the East China Sea turned around and stood upright in his original position. At this moment, he has no fear of Kunpeng, and his biggest backer is here.

Kunpeng said angrily: “Brother Dao is really going to make a point for this person?”

As soon as his words fell, Hong Yun burst into two golden lights in his eyes, heading towards Kunpeng.

Kunpeng’s complexion changed, and he didn’t expect Hong Yun to rush to the Zixiao Palace to take action. In a panic, he wanted to resist, but the two golden lights suddenly disappeared when he was present.

Hongyun sneered and turned around.

Kunpeng’s expression was ashamed, and he stood directly at the end of the hall, waiting for the preaching to begin.

Tongtian admired: “Brother Dao is a good method.”

Hong Yun smiled slightly. He had a good impression of Tongtian, so the two of them were still in harmony.

The original snorted coldly, and secretly said: “To sensationalize!”

At this moment, the two boys in front of them suddenly looked serious, and everyone below stopped talking.

I saw that the saint Hongjun suddenly appeared in the empty seat. Hongjun raised his eyes to look at the people on the futon, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Everyone below said in unison: “We have seen the teacher.”

Hongjun nodded slightly, and after a while, he said, “In addition to preaching today, there is one more thing.”

Everyone said in unison: “Listen to the teacher’s decree.”

Hongjun said: “Before this sermon, I will tell you to wait. There are seven people on the futon. They can be my disciples.

As soon as Hongjun said this, everyone’s expressions changed.

Although they also called the teacher before, they have never been recognized by Hongjun. In this time, Hongjun accepts his disciples, and all seven of them are Hongjun’s disciples.

The seven people in the seats were ecstatic, even if Hong Yun knew that the chance was on the futon, it was unavoidable to be excited at this moment.

Nuwa turned her head and looked at Fuxi with some worry, Fuxi smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

On the contrary, it was Kunpeng at the end of the hall. After hearing the saint’s words, his heart was so angry that he said, “Teacher, this is unfair.”

For a while, there was no sound in Zixiao Palace.

Kunpeng gritted his teeth and looked at Hongjun, pointing to Zhun Ti and said angrily: “Teacher, it is shameful that this person has taken my seat.”

Zhun raised his brows and frowned, and anger rose in his heart. Originally, he was already a disciple of a saint, and this time one of Kunpeng, for fear of outdated branches.

Hong Yun sat in front of him and sneered. He didn’t think Dao Ancestor would care about Kun Peng.

Sure enough, before Zhunzi could speak, Hongjun frowned and said, “This is all personal fate, so I have to talk more.”

Kunpeng’s complexion was distorted, but when the saint spoke, he could only smash his teeth and swallow in his belly, no matter how unwilling he was in his heart.

Zhunti was slightly relieved, but it was inevitable that he felt a bit resentful of Kunpeng in his heart.

Outside of the futon, there are a group of great abilities who look at the seven people enviously, and they can’t wait to take their place. They are the disciples of the saints!

Hongjun spoke again: “Except for these seven, the rest are all named disciples under my seat.”

Everyone was overjoyed and said in unison: “Thank you, teacher.”

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