I Have a Trillion Merits

: Huh! Monster, take my grandson a stick.

After hearing the words of Jinding Daxian, Monkey King sneered and said with a sullen face: “Misunderstanding? How can this be a misunderstanding?”

Zhu Bajie held the vegetarian food stolen from the kitchen, and said, “Say! You come to my junior’s room and steal the scriptures, why?”

Jinding Daxian looked at the people who looked bad, sighed, and then said: “Speaking of which, this is a misunderstanding, and I don’t want it.”

Tang Seng looked at the sadness on Jinding Great Immortal’s face, with a sneer on his face, quietly watching Jinding Great Immortal speak.

Just listen to Jinding Daxian continue to speak: “I have lived at the foot of Lingshan for thousands of years, and I was appointed by two Buddha masters to be the guardian at the foot of Lingshan, and promised that I will cultivate a true fruit in the future.

But now that thousands of years have passed, the two buddha masters have never helped me to achieve proper results. “

Having said this, Jinding Daxian couldn’t help but looked at the two empty boxes containing the Mahayana Buddhism, then sighed and said, “So I can only support myself. If I want to see this Mahayana Buddhism, is there any way? Help me cultivate a positive result.”

As he spoke, tears came down, it can be said that those who heard it were sad, and those who saw it were crying, even Tang Seng felt a little softhearted for a while.

On the contrary, the Monkey King on the side, holding a golden hoop, said: “You old man is full of nonsense. You have been edified by Buddhism at the foot of Lingshan, and you have long been able to cultivate righteousness. Even if the two Buddha masters do not take action, now you are acting like this. Got someone’s advice.”

After hearing what Sun Wukong said, Jinding Great Immortal’s expression was stunned, and then he muttered: “How… how is it possible? No one taught me.”

Tang Seng also hesitated: “Wukong, you must speak truthfully and with evidence. Can you have evidence for this?”

Monkey King shook his head.

When everyone saw this, they had no choice but to give up. Tang Seng asked Jinding Daxian to put the two boxes of Mahayana Buddhism back again, and then ordered Monkey King, Ao Lie and others to leave Yuzhen Temple overnight.

After everyone left, a cloud of auspicious cloud flew from the direction of Lingshan, and I saw that there were two Ah Nuo Jiaye above.

The two lowered their figures, looked at the Golden Summit Great Immortal who had been waiting for a long time, and said in a deep voice, “How are things going?”

Jinding Daxian smiled bitterly: “Enlighten the two Arhats, I just got the Mahayana Buddhism in my hands, and they discovered it.”

The Nuo had a cold expression on her face, and he scolded: “It’s really a waste. I can’t do this little thing.”

Jinding Daxian looked ugly. In fact, shortly before Tang Seng climbed the Lingshan Mountain, he obtained the decree of these two and asked him to steal the Mahayana Buddhism brought down by Tang Seng and others.

He didn’t want to do it, but these two are Lingshan Buddhas after all, and their status and cultivation are much higher than him.

Now that things haven’t been done, he is actually quite happy in his heart, but he never thought that the Nuo would actually insult him.

Kassapa also felt something wrong, and quickly said, “It’s okay. Anyway, the Mahayana Buddhism has restrictions on the body. Soon after they leave Lingshan, they will disappear completely. They will return to Lingshan again after all.”

The Nuo heard the words and left with a cold snort.

Kasaba smiled at Jinding Daxian, and then returned to Lingshan with him.

After the bodies of the two of them disappeared completely, the Great Immortal Jinding snorted and returned directly to Yu Zhen Guan.

After staying at the foot of Lingshan for a long time, he saw some things more thoroughly than the Tang Seng people. There was nothing good about Lingshan.

In order to search for the luck of the world, everything is done.

If it weren’t for the temptation that he could not bear the rightfulness, how could he come to the foot of Lingshan and willingly guard the mountain gate for this group of bald donkeys.

At this moment, Tang Seng and others are galloping all the way, rushing in the direction of Chaozhou Datang.

They left Datang and went to Lingshan to ask for the truth. It had already been several years. If it hadn’t been for the customs clearance document along the way to prove that he was still alive.

I am afraid that Datang at this moment has already given up any hope for this matter.

By the time they arrived at Tongtianhe, several months had already passed.

Secretly Daji and others followed, and all the monsters and monsters seemed to disappear along the way. I don’t know how many times it went smoothly in the past.

And at this moment on top of Lingshan.

Jiuyin and Zhunti met each other once, and both saw each other’s frowning brows.

What they had set for Tang Seng and others was ninety-nine-nine-eighty-one difficulties, but they came along this way, and they were inexplicably less difficult.

This makes them a little uneasy, and they always feel that someone behind them is calculating their class.

In fact, it’s not that they are too cautious. It is true that Tang Seng and the others are going westward, and it is a matter of great importance to the rise and fall of Buddhism. How could they be careless.

Afterwards, he looked at A Nuo and Kashyah who had returned to the Daxiong Hall, and asked: “Now Tang Seng and the others, there are still many difficulties before they can achieve ninety-nine-eighty-one difficulties.”

The Nuo looked ugly and said: “Enlighten the Lord Buddha, after careful calculation, Tang Seng actually has five difficulties before he can retrieve the truth.”

Zhunti frowned and said, “In this case, you will arrange some more methods on the way back for Tang Seng and others.”

The Nuo smiled and said, “Buddha Lord, please rest assured, I have made arrangements at this time and they will come back.”

After hearing the words, Suyin He Zhunti nodded slightly, and then continued to tell the Buddhadharma to everyone in the Daxiong Hall.

At this moment, Daji, who was hiding above Tang Seng and others, suddenly looked down at the two boxes of scriptures on Lao Yuan’s shoulder, with a strange expression on her face.

Yue Lingtu said, “You also found it.”

Daji frowned slightly, and said, “The two boxes of scriptures are a bit weird. The Dharma on them is disappearing. It seems that the people of Lingshan have noticed them.”

The tasks that Hong Yun had assigned to them on the westward road had already reduced many disasters for Tang Seng and others.

Under his intervention, the plans of the two Westerners must have changed, and they will definitely do everything possible to remedy it.

But now it’s too late to remedy the situation. They are waiting for this opportunity.

At this moment, Tang Seng and others were sitting on Lao Yuan and crossing the Tongtian River.

There were two or three demon birds flying in the direction of Lingshan, bathed in the light of Buddha, and they were galloping towards Tang Seng and the others.

Daji and others have already discovered it, but they are not ready to stop them, but hide their figures and watch the developments.

At this time, Tang Seng and the others were sitting on Lao Yuan and swimming towards the other side of the Tongtian River. This speed was much faster than ordinary boats.

Just as a few people were smiling, talking and laughing, suddenly a giant claw stretched out from the clouds and grabbed the two boxes of scriptures beside Tang Seng and others.

Monkey King roared, the golden hoop in his hand was highlighted, and his hand rose and fell with the roar.

“Huh! Monster, take my grandson a stick.”

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