I Have a Trillion Merits

: Nuo, Kaye!

After hearing Tang Seng’s words, both Suyin and Zhunti showed a smile on their faces.

Only when they lowered their heads to look at Tang Seng, their brows wrinkled slightly when the light in their eyes saw through his soul.

Because they could see that within Tang Seng’s spirit, there was still a faint resentment.

This resentment was caused by the two of them taking it down from the mortal world.

It’s not just the two of them. It can be said that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in this Great Hall of Heroes are all involved.

At the beginning, Jin Chanzi was attracted and targeted for this group of people, so that he would destroy the mortal world and go through the cycle of suffering.

But this group of people, after he fell into the mortal world, didn’t even mean to speak for them.

All of them stood in the Daxiong Hall and watched the show.

Jiuyin and Zhunti looked at each other, and then said: “Yes.”

Immediately, he asked the two Venerable Nuo and Gaya to take the Tang monk and his apprentice to use the fast, and then go to the Zhenlou Baoge to receive the Mahayana Dharma after the fast.

After Tang Seng and the others had left, they led him to say coldly: “Unexpectedly, after the suffering of reincarnation, the resentment in his soul did not dissipate.”

Zhunti also frowned and said, “Senior brother, I might as well just take a shot and erase the mark in his soul.”

After receiving the quote, he shook his head, then raised his head to look towards the sky, and slowly said to lose: “No, this matter is about cause and effect, and the world has its own testimony. When I wait for it, I will only contaminate the cause and effect. Attention, I am afraid that the westward plan will be completely destroyed by that time.”

Zhunti also had an ugly look on her face after hearing the quoted words.

Then, he suddenly said: “By the way, Guanyin came to report earlier that this Tang monk had not experienced nine-nine-nine-eighty-one hardships, and that he had suffered a few catastrophes before. Brother, look, am I waiting…”

Then he smiled and said: “This matter is Yi Er.”

When the voice fell, A Nuo and Kaye, who were leading the Tang monk and his apprentice to eat, asked them to find a way to make things difficult for the Tang monk and his apprentice.

Nuo and Kassapa, who were eating their fast, couldn’t help showing a strange smile on their faces after hearing the words of the two Buddha masters.

Ao Lie, who was eating the vegetarian food, always felt something wrong in his heart after seeing the smiles on Nuo and Kaye.

Turning his head and looking, the rest of the people were all concentrated on eating fast food.

Especially Zhu Bajie and Lao Yuan, sitting there and gorging themselves, they were already full of tall dishes.

Upon seeing this, Ao Lie shook his head slightly.

After everyone had eaten the fast food, Nuo said: “Since you have already used the fast food, then let me go to Zhenlou Baoge to receive the Mahayana texts!”

Having said that, he got up straight and stood up and walked outside.

Kassapa followed closely behind.

Seeing this, Tang Seng hurriedly greeted Sun Wukong and the others to get up together, followed behind Ah Nuo and Kaye, and hurried towards Zhenlou Baoge.

As he walked, Zhu Bajie changed his mouth with fast food, grunting in dissatisfaction.

Traveling westward along the way, they didn’t know how much they had suffered, especially his stomach was hungry and thin.

It was hard to eat some good food at Kou Yuan’s home, but I didn’t expect my master to be so persistent in learning the experience.

Must come to Lingshan quickly and take away the truth.

According to his idea, he must stay at the Kou Yuan’s home for a while, eat some good food, and then come to Lingshan. After all, Lingshan is here and can’t escape.

Thinking of this, Zhu Bajie sighed deeply.

Just when he finished eating the last thing on hand, he heard a familiar sound in his ears.

It seems to be the little fairy who took the carp away from Guanyin.

“Pighead, you have to be smart later, and don’t be fooled by these two guys with false scriptures.”

Zhu Bajie was stunned, and then said: “It shouldn’t be possible! This westward journey was originally the calculation of the two saints. Now that I come out with the false scriptures, isn’t it meant to laugh others off.”

“None of these two old Westerners is a good person. If you don’t believe it, just look at it.”

When the voice fell, Zhu Bajie could no longer hear Daji’s voice.

At this moment, Nuo and Kaye brought Tang Seng and others into the treasure pavilion of the Zhenlou, and showed the Mahayana Buddhism that Tang Seng requested to everyone.

After Tang Seng and others finished reading the scriptures, Nuo smiled and said, “Masters have come from afar, have you brought some local specialties?”

Kasaba also smiled and said, “Whether it is a mortal treasure or a spiritual treasure used by immortals, it doesn’t matter.”

When Tang Seng heard the words, he couldn’t help but stunned, obviously he didn’t understand what the two people meant.

Ao Lie next to him took the lead and said: “Two masters, but want to ask for bribes, aren’t you afraid that I will wait to tell the Buddha?”

After hearing the words, Nuo said with a cold expression: “Just go and say it.”

Kassapa even put away the list of scriptures in Monk Tang’s hands, looking at them with a gloomy expression.

Monkey King has the most irritable temper, almost wanting to curse.

At this time, Tang Seng also reacted, looking at A Nuo and Kaye with a look of embarrassment: “The two elders, I and I are all monks, how can there be such things outside of the body.”

Nuo and Kaye laughed in unison: “If these scriptures are given to you for nothing, wouldn’t it be too cheap for you!”

Sun Wukong sneered, even if he was about to leave, he muttered: “Okay! My grandson went to the two Buddha masters and talked about it, to see if these dirty rules belong to Lingshan or the two of you. “

As he said, he broke away from Zhu Bajie’s arm and walked outside.

When Ah Nuo Jiaye saw this, his face changed immediately, and he stopped in front of Sun Wukong and said with a smile: “Why is the Great Sage so irritable? I will get the scriptures later.”

With that said, the two looked at each other, and then they went to prepare the scriptures for Monkey King and others.

Lao Yuan secretly gave a thumbs up to Monkey King, and said: “Master brother is really a hero in the monkey, and brother admires him.”

Sun Wukong walked up to Tang Seng with a smile and said, “Master, these people must be a little bit fierce with them, otherwise they will bully others. If you are weak and bully you, I’ll wait for reason and be afraid. They do not give the scriptures.”

After a while, I heard A Nuo and Kasaba fill up the two large boxes, and they came to Tang Seng’s side, and said with a gloomy expression: “The scriptures you asked for are now in the box. Just leave Lingshan.”

After hearing the words of the two, Zhu Bajie kept an eye on it, ran over to read the scriptures, and took out a copy for Tang Seng to check.

After seeing the Buddhist principles stated in the scriptures, Seng Tang changed his expression and asked: “This is not the Mahayana Buddhism, but the Hinayana Buddhism. What do the two venerables mean?”

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