I Have a Trillion Merits

: Six eared macaque

The prehistoric continent.

Above a mountain peak, Hongyun raised his hand to summon a golden light from the distant mountain peak.

As soon as Jin Guanggang fell into his hands, it instantly turned into a golden bowl.

“Tsk tsk…”

Hong Yun looked at the golden bowl in his hand with a strange expression on his face.

He had some impressions of the golden bowl in his hand. It seemed that he had received the monkey’s treasure when he traveled to the west, but he didn’t expect it would fall into his own hands.

He raised his finger lightly, the prohibition on the golden bowl was completely eliminated and turned into an ordinary acquired treasure.

The elimination of the ban on the golden bowl saves people the time of refining.

Hong Yun looked at the golden bowl in his hand, threw it in his hand, and threw it into Xiao Daji’s arms behind him, and said lightly: “This thing has been given to you.”

Xiao Daji looked at the golden bowl in her arms in a daze, and it took him a long time to relax.

“Thank you, Master for the reward!”

Xiao Daji said in a crisp salute, looking down at the golden bowl in her arms, her big eyes narrowed into crescents with a smile.

Then while walking, refine the golden bowl in his arms.

As soon as the golden bowl was refining, Xiao Daji patted excitedly, and the two golden bowls separated and quickly collided, and a huge sound rang.

Sound waves ripple across the void.

Hong Yun smiled and shook his head, the ripples spreading in front of him disappeared instantly.

In other directions, it will continue to spread.

There was a hill obstructing the road on the way, but it turned into dust and dissipated during the contact.

Xiao Daji stared at her with wide eyes, and muttered:


She is no more than a fairyland now, and she has never done anything with anyone. Seeing such a scene this time, she was shocked as a heaven and a human.

You know, when she was in Qingqiu, she couldn’t even touch the small mound.

What she broke this time was a hill.

When Kong Xuan heard Xiao Daji’s mumbling, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

It’s just a hill with no formation waiting.

To put it bluntly, something he could break with a sneeze.

Ao Xue covered her mouth and smiled. For the three of them, this kind of ordinary trivial matter could not even be regarded as trivial.

Now, Xiao Da has been very excited.

But it’s normal to think about it. For them, it’s normal for Xiaoda to act like this when she is still young and immature.

Ao Xue smiled and touched Xiao Daji’s head, and continued to walk along with Hongyun.

As early as a few years ago, Hong Yun gave up the idea of ​​sitting on Kong Xuan’s back and flew on the prehistoric continent all day. Now it is an interesting experience to walk for a while.

And walking between the ground, which made him have a deeper understanding of the laws of the earth.




The earth trembled suddenly, and Xiao Da hid directly behind Ao Xue in fright.

Hong Yun squinted towards the source of the vibration. Two golden lights cut through the sky. As far as he could see, a giant ape was fighting a man fiercely.

A long stick magic weapon in the ape’s hand kept dancing, playing infinite power.

The man flew in the air, raised his hand and summoned lightly, and a golden light shot out, hitting the ape, and the latter flew out and hit several mountain peaks.

The Taoist laughed loudly and said: “Why don’t you just go back to the house with me, you monkey, why resist?”

Smoke and dust rose from the gravel, and a figure slowly stood up. It was the monkey who had been beaten into the air before. Now he has blood leaking from the corner of his mouth and he is holding a stick that looks like gold and iron.

“Huh! You thief, don’t deceive people too much.”

Look at that ape with six ears, a pair of golden eyes full of anger, looking directly at the Taoist.

He was born with six ears, and since he was able to cultivate, when has he suffered such humiliation in the realm of Taiyi Golden Fairy.

If it weren’t for the chaos of the heavens today, causing his ears to have problems, and failing to hear the trail of this man, he would not be so passive.

The Taoist lowered his figure slightly, and said, “Too much deception? This Tao allows people to guard the cave. This is your chance, the monkey head is really stubborn.”

As he said, the Taoist curled his mouth, raised a giant net between his hands, and headed towards the six-eared macaque.

The giant net is extremely fast, and it contains the power of the late Taiyi Golden Immortal, intending to capture the six-eared macaque alive.

The six-eared macaque roared, swiping the stick in his hand to face up, and hitting it with one stroke only slightly blocked the giant net’s offensive.

In the distance, the corners of Hongyun’s mouth raised slightly.

Six-eared macaque.

Unexpectedly, I would meet him. The time when the six-eared macaque was born just in time for Daozu’s second sermon.

If there is no such person, I am afraid that after the preaching, this six-eared macaque will become famous.

Thinking of this, Hong Yun wanted to take action and save the six-eared macaque. He could see that the current six-eared macaque was only in the early days of Taiyi Golden Fairy.

Even Aoxue is better than him, but his talents and supernatural powers can listen to the sound of Taoism thirty-three days away, which shows his heels and feet.

If this trip is accepted, it would be good to be a registered disciple.

Before Hong Yun took the shot, the Jinpao Taoist suddenly changed his complexion, as if he had sensed something, and even the giant net was too late to take it back, and instantly turned into a golden light and disappeared.

The six-eared macaque looked at the net for a moment, and he was already trapped in the net.

Unexpectedly, the villain escaped, and even the net was too late to take it back, so he fled in a hurry.


Suddenly, the six-eared macaque just felt the giant net on its body suddenly loosened, and flew behind him.

After regaining his freedom, he turned around and just saw Hongyun and his group walking by, and the giant net happened to be in Hongyun’s hands.

Hong Yun looked down at the spirit net in his hand, which belonged to the top level of the medium spirit treasure and was barely usable.

He turned his head to look at the curious little Daji, smiled slightly, lifted his fingers and wiped out the magic power of the spiritual net, and threw it to Xiao Daji.

“Nuo, take it to play.” Hong Yun said with a light smile.

The face of the six-eared macaque changed. He just got out of the predicament, but he knew how powerful the spirit net was, but it was such a powerful spirit net that was casually thrown to a little demon.

He looked at Hongyun blankly, wondering why the latter saved him.

However, he quickly reacted, bowed directly to the ground, and shouted: “Six-eared macaque, thank you for your help.”

Hongyun looked down at the six-eared macaque, and was silent for a moment, and said: “I am the ancestor of Hongyun, Penglai Xiandao in the East China Sea. From today on, you will follow me.”

The eyes of the six-eared macaque turned, and he quickly said: “The six-eared macaque pays homage to the ancestor.”

Hong Yun nodded, and suddenly thought of some interesting things, he suddenly felt a bit of evil in his heart, and said: “Well, you are called a six-eared macaque?”

The six-eared macaque nodded and said yes.

Hongyun smiled and said, “From now on, you will be called Liuer.”

The six-eared macaque, which is now the six-eared monkey, was slightly stunned. Although he didn’t quite understand why Hongyun should give him the name, he quickly agreed.

So he opened his mouth and said: “Liu Er pays respect to the ancestor.”

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