I Have a Trillion Merits

: Tang Seng:? ? ?

On the other side, Daji was also invited to the Cailou, including the real princess who also followed Qi Tian.

Coming to the Cailou, the fake princess looked at the misty temperament in front of her, like an immortal Daji, her eyes blinked frequently, with a satisfied expression.

It was just that when she saw the true princess who was following Tian Tian, ​​the face under the veil changed drastically.

She remembered that this real princess was sent to the world by her when she first went down a year ago, and how could she be here now.

The real princess also wears a veil, and the eyes of the fake princess are full of resentment at this moment.

The fake princess slowly stood up, walked to Daji, pointed to the real princess standing aside and said, “Who is she?”

At this moment, those entourage who came with the fake princess also noticed a woman with a veil standing beside Daji.

You must know that if the princess throws the hydrangea to recruit the horse, it is not allowed to have married men to participate.

Now there is a veiled woman standing next to Daji, they don’t even know their identity.

If the princess throws a hydrangea to invite her relatives, none of them can run away except for mistakes.

Daji narrowed her eyes and slowly said, “When do you plan to pretend, you fairy?”

The true princess also tore off the veil, and shouted at the surroundings: “You can see clearly, I am the princess of Tianzhu Kingdom, and this one… is a fairy.”

The voice fell, causing an uproar, and everyone onlookers was shocked.

Even the entourage who came with the fake princess looked at the two with wide-eyed eyes and scanned back and forth between the two.

The fake princess shouted sternly: “What are you still doing in a daze? Catch these people for me, put them in prison, and dare to pretend to be royal princesses. It’s all a capital crime.”

When the voice fell, the group of entourages beside her rushed towards Daji and the others one by one, trying to capture them.

But the next moment, their running bodies suddenly stopped in place.

Daji waved her hand slightly and said softly: “You fairy, you dare to be fierce in front of this seat, it’s really hateful.”

At this moment, the Moon Spirit Rabbit in her arms also jumped down, and then slowly stood up, came to the fake princess and circled her a few times.

The nose moved slightly, and an invisible pressure spread out instantly.

The fake princess looked terrified and knelt down, looking at the human-like rabbit in front of her with horror.

The Moon Spirit Rabbit slowly said: “There is indeed a trace of the blood of the Moon Spirit Race, which is really strange. This is just a Middle Thousand World. Could it be that the Moon Spirit Race has not been here before?”

She was a little puzzled, after all, the Moon Spirit Race was rare and only existed in the Great Thousand Worlds, and it was basically impossible to appear in the Middle Thousand Worlds.

However, this fake princess had a trace of Moon Spirit Clan blood in her body, which was really unreasonable.

Daji looked down at the false princess who was kneeling on the ground, and then said in a cold voice: “Since she has a trace of Moon Spirit blood in her body, then spare her life and take it back to Penglai Fairy Island some time later for the master to see .”

Moon Rabbit also nodded slowly.

The real princess on the side looked at the fake princess who was kneeling in front of her. Although her eyes were full of resentment, she couldn’t speak.

After a while, she cautiously said: “The two immortals, I don’t know if we can make them sober, so I will enter the palace together, and I will let the father prepare a feast for the two immortals.”

After hearing the word “banquet”, Yue Lingtu and the biting sky beside them instantly lit up, and then stared at Da Ji without blinking.

When Daji saw this, she smiled and said: “Well, in that case, let’s go to the palace for a while.”

When the voice fell, he moved a little towards the bodies of the surrounding people, and then some of his followers could not control their body and fell directly to the ground.

At this moment, the fake princess also turned into a rabbit and was held in Daji’s arms, while the Moon Spirit Rabbit was riding on the back of the sky bitter and hurried towards the palace.

Those passers-by who watched the theater saw that the thing was so fantastic, it disappeared suddenly, and then they were talking loudly about something.

At this moment, the Tang monk and his apprentices had already arrived in the palace.

On the way to meet the King of Tianzhu Kingdom, Monkey King cautiously came to Tang Seng’s side, and said in a low voice: “Master, the princess who had beckoned outside before, the disciple found that it was a fairy.”

“The goblin changed?” Monk Tang was taken aback, then looked at Monkey King and said: “This matter is important, can you see it clearly?”

Monkey King waved his hand and said, “How can my old grandson’s eyes look at the fork? That fairy is obviously a rabbit spirit, I don’t know why he became the princess of Tianzhu Kingdom.”

Tang Seng heard that he was in trouble for a while. He wanted to get the customs clearance document smoothly, and then went to Lingshan to ask for the truth, but now Sun Wukong’s words made him a little embarrassed.

After arriving in the palace and seeing the king of Tianzhu Kingdom, he successfully exchanged customs clearance documents.

When the King of Tianzhu Kingdom invited them to eat vegetarian food, Monk Tang said: “Tell the king, the little monk has something to tell.”

The king of Tianzhu Kingdom smiled and waved his hand and said, “Senior monk, please just say so.”

Today’s Tianzhu Kingdom believes in Buddhism, so for masters with advanced Dharma, the status is extremely respected. This is what Tang monks and others discovered after they came here.

Coupled with the fact that his baby princess is throwing hydrangea to recruit her husband, it can be regarded as double happiness.

But the next moment, Tang Seng’s words made him stunned.

I only heard Tang Seng speak in a deep voice: “Enjoy your majesty, I have the ability to cast demons and slay demons in vain. When I met the princess before, he saw that the princess was changed from a fairy…”

Tang Seng hasn’t finished speaking yet. I would like to see the king of Tianzhu Kingdom slam the table and stand up, pointing at Tang Seng with trembling hands, saying: “I kindly change the customs clearance for you. It is really a sin for you to slander the widow. Damn it.”

When the voice fell, the soldiers standing on both sides instantly drew out their swords and pointed directly at the Tang Seng and his apprentices.

When Tang Seng was about to explain, he heard an attendant shouting outside: “Your Royal Highness is here.”

The face of the King of Tianzhu Kingdom changed for an instant, and then he put on a smiled expression and greeted him, and said as he walked, “My baby girl is back, and this time I can choose a satisfactory husband and wife.”

I saw the princess walking in the forefront. After hearing the king’s words, she threw herself into the king’s arms and started crying.

The king of Tianzhu Kingdom was also confused, and he hurriedly gave comfort as he watched his crying daughter in his arms.

At this time, Monkey King turned his head to look around, and then said with a dazed expression: “This Princess of Tianzhu, why has suddenly turned into a human race?”

Tang Seng: “???”

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