I Have a Trillion Merits

: Zixiao Palace reopens

Looking at Tongtian with anger in his eyes, the anger that had dissipated in the original heart rose again.

Just before he could speak, Lao Tzu’s words came from Kunlun Mountain.

“Enough! Let this matter go.”

After the words fell, he thoroughly understood the matter, and the Kunlun Mountain was calm again.

The original snorted and returned with the red sperm.

With a flick of the Tongtian sleeve robe, he returned to the palace, followed by hundreds of disciples, immensely.

Three hundred years have passed.

Hongyun and his party also returned to Penglai Fairy Island, Liu Er followed behind, looking at the sight of the Fairy House on the island, they were amazed.

He originally thought that Hongyun was just a big Luo Jinxian who had been hidden for a long time. At this time, he didn’t expect that the other party had such a powerful dojo.

Huoyun Palace.

Kong Xuan stood quietly under the head, while Ao Xue stood beside Hongyun, taking care of the new Daji.

Looking at the nervous six-eared macaque below, Hong Yun smiled and said, “Liu-eared, you are willing to name my disciple.”

As soon as Hong Yun said this, Kong Xuan’s eyes widened suddenly, looking at the somewhat bewildered six-eared macaque in the hall with a look of envy.

Even Aoxue is the same, her identity is just the maid next to Hongyun, although she is a close person, she would be inferior to her disciple.

Daji stared at Ao Xue with wide eyes, then looked at the flattered six-eared macaque below, wondering what she was thinking.

When the six-eared macaque heard what Hongyun said, he bowed down and said: “Liu’er pays respects to the master.”

Hongyun laughed and said, “From today onwards, even my disciple under the seat of Hongyun, Liu Erdao.”

Liu Er bowed and said, “Thank you, Master.”

Hong Yun nodded in satisfaction, and suddenly remembered that since he was the master of six-eared macaques, he would naturally give some meeting gifts.

So he turned around and took out a treasure, which was a stick-like spirit treasure he had obtained when he traveled through the land.

Raising his hand and sending it gently, the Houtian Lingbao appeared in front of Liu Er.

Liu Er grabbed his ears and scratched his cheeks with excitement. The weapon he used before was far from engraving the treasure given by Hongyun, grabbing the treasure into his hand.

Liu’er bowed down again and said, “Thank you, Master, for the treasure.”

Hong Yun nodded, and said: “Before this seat has viewed you as a good character, so you will be accepted as a named disciple. If one day you break through the Daluo Jinxian, you will be a disciple under my seat.”

Although the named disciple is only two characters away from the disciple, the difference is really huge.

Named disciples are optional and cannot be taught by the teacher at any time, and even more so, they are not even qualified to visit the teacher.

But the disciples are different. They are the most important lineage of the teacher, and their treatment and teaching are at the top level.

After hearing Hongyun’s words, Liu Er said excitedly: “Thank you, teacher, for your importance.”

Hong Yun waved his hand and motioned for several people to leave.

The six-eared people with excitement left the palace with Kong Xuan and the others.

It is now less than a hundred years since the saint preached.

Everyone is eager to try, hoping to arrive at Zixiao Palace earlier and occupy a good position.

Outside the Huoyun Palace.

Liu’er followed Kong Xuan and others to the place where they practiced on weekdays.

Xiao Daji soon played with Jin Er Yin’er.

Although the two are much older than Daji, they have never been out of the Fire Cloud Palace, so their minds are basically the same as Xiao Daji.

Xiao Daji looked at the two enviously, and whispered: “You are so amazing! I feel better than our elders.”

Jin’er smiled and said: “Now we are only in the middle stage of Taiyi Golden Fairy, how can we be as powerful as you said.”

Yin’er nodded repeatedly.

Liu Er slapped his lips, it was just that the two children were both in the middle stage of the Taiyi Golden Immortal, and his named disciple seemed a little unqualified!

While he was sighing, Kong Xuan led him to a partial hall.

“Because you are here for the first time, the master authorized you to live in the partial hall here. After a hundred years, you will leave the Huoyun Palace and open a cave on Penglai Xian Island by yourself.”

Liu Er quickly arched his hands: “Liu Er knows.”

After speaking, Kong Xuan left and returned to the place where he lived to continue his practice.

A hundred years later.

Lotus suddenly emerged in the void, purple qi spread, and holy sounds came from outside the sky.

“Purple Heaven Palace opens, and anyone who is destined can come and listen.”

It was the voice of Daozu Hongjun. Three thousand years have passed. The Purple Cloud Palace is opened again, and the saint begins to preach for the second time.

Hong Yun opened his eyes from inside the hall, laughed, and turned into a rainbow light and rushed towards the direction of Zixiao Palace.

East China Sea Dragon Palace.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea remembered what Hongyun said that day, when he was born with a vision, he exhausted all his means and rushed towards the Zixiao Palace.

This time he was going to enter the temple and listen to the saint’s preaching.

The sage said that the great power in the prehistoric state would do its best, and the three thousand guests in the Zixiao Palace, without exception, once again rushed towards the chaos.

The sky full of rainbow light flashed away.

Outside Zixiao Palace.

Hong Yun was the first to come here, the palace gate was wide open, and the two children beside Hongjun in the palace looked at Hong Yun with twinkling eyes.

Hong Yun walked in with a smile and sat on the first futon.


Not long after Hongyun arrived, Sanqing came to Zixiao Palace.

When Laozi saw the red cloud on the first person, his face sank and walked to his seat and sat down quietly, waiting for Dao Zu Hongjun to preach.

Yuan Yuan and Tongtian glanced at each other, and took a seat behind them with a cold snort.

Obviously, even after hundreds of years, Tongtian still feels the atmosphere of the original actions before, and the relationship between the two is getting colder.

Primitive took a deep look at the red cloud ahead, sneered and closed his eyes and waited.

Then came Nuwa and Fuxi. Nuwa didn’t say much, and sat directly on the fifth futon. Fuxi thought that the seat was fixed, and stayed behind to guard.

The two Westerners came here earlier than Kunpeng, and they could not wait to sit in the seventh position.

But Zhunti, after taking a look at Fuxi, hesitated for a moment and sat where Kunpeng was originally, and then closed his eyes and calmed down.

Everyone in the hall frowned when they noticed the move.

Hong Yun secretly said: “This person really has such a thick skin.”

Fuxi and Bizhi were the first to come, but they still stood behind Nuwa abiding by the rules, and did not plan for Kunpeng’s position.

But this quasi mention was directly seated in Kunpeng’s position.

But the two still didn’t say anything, instead they opened their eyes and smiled and greeted the few people they looked at.

“I have met you all seniors.”

“Zhunti has met you seniors.”

Everyone called Hongjun Daozu their teacher, so it doesn’t hurt to be commensurate with each other at the moment.

Sanqing heard the words and turned around and ignored the two.

Hong Yun smiled at the corner of his mouth and turned around likewise.

Nu Wa frowned slightly, but didn’t say much.

Although Kunpeng is a demon clan, the two have no intersection.

I simply ignored him, sitting on the futon with peace of mind, and waited until Daozu preached.

But at this moment, Kunpeng rushed into the Zixiao Palace.

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