I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 1: Copy system

pain! headache! Huge pain!

Qin Yang swears, this is definitely his most uncomfortable waking up.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a virgin forest, and…in a deep pit!

I heard the sound of a shovel shoveling soil in my ears, and mud flew in from outside the pit and hit myself.

“This… is to bury yourself?” Qin Yang’s brain crashed, and then countless memories swarmed.

After a while, Qin Yang was quite speechless.

It turned out that he had passed through, and passed to a sad outside disciple. Same name and surname, age 16.

How sad is it to ask? The family heirloom Jade Pei was robbed, and he was also beaten to death and left behind.

“His grandma!” Qin Yang was about to stand up, but a “ding” sounded in his mind.

“The replication system started successfully, host Qin Yang.”

“System?” Qin Yang’s heart suddenly became hot, and he asked quickly: “What’s the function?”

“The replication system can replicate all the opponent’s abilities, including exercises, martial arts, alchemy skills… and even random movements can be replicated.”

“Once copied, the host will master this ability and automatically raise the level to the top.”

“Replication can reach a greater realm, but higher-level replication will not enhance the host’s greater realm.”

“The improvement of the host realm requires the duplication of ten exercises and ten martial arts that meet the current state, and the conditions are met to automatically advance to the next state. The exercises and martial arts that are copied beyond the level are also counted, but the statistics will not be repeated.”

“So strong!” Qin Yang was excited, “Isn’t this doing the other’s way to the other’s body? Other people’s hard work in cultivation, it can be said that they are practicing for themselves!”

However, Qin Yang thought of another question and asked: “System, if the opponent’s martial arts proficiency is also top level, wouldn’t it have to be a tie?”

System: “The mutual generation and mutual restraint exist among all things. There is no absolutely perfect martial arts. As long as you keep copying and master all martial arts, you can of course find a way to crack it.”

Qin Yang nodded, this is interesting!

“Great, I just need to walk into the crowd like this, and I will know the abilities of everyone around me. If I walk like this, am I not invincible in the world?”

The system added: “You can only copy the opponent’s abilities, do you understand the opponent? Not just a deadly enemy, but also an opponent in ordinary contests.”

Qin Yang rolled his eyes. Before he could speak, the system added: “Don’t take the initiative!”

“As long as I don’t do it first, I can do anything, right?” Qin Yang asked.


Now Qin Yang is relieved, as long as others start, he can copy the whole set!

Seeing more and more dirt piled up on his body, Qin Yang laughed. Right now there is a good opportunity to practice hands!

“Hello, Senior Brother Sun Mu?” Qin Yang got up from the pit, his body still stained with dirt.

Sun Mu was the person who was immersed in hard work, and was the same disciple of the Qianyin Sect of the Thousand Hidden Sect with Qin Yang, possessing the cultivation base of the late body refining stage, and was a little higher than Qin Yang.

Sun Mu turned stiffly, watching the dead man staring at him with a bright smile, and his scalp numb for an instant.

“You… aren’t you dead?” Sun Mu scared the shovel in his hand and couldn’t hold it firmly.

“I died so miserably! Why are you killing me!” Qin Yang teased.

Sun Mu frightened “Puff Tong” and fell to his knees, saying something in his mouth: “It is Li Xiaoqian who has fallen in love with your jade pendant and let Senior Brother Zhou Shi deal with you. I am only responsible for burying the corpse. Don’t look for me!”

“Huh?” Qin Yang raised his brows. Li Xiaoqian was a pretty female disciple among the outer disciples, and Zhou Shi was the more powerful one among the outer disciples.

But you killed yourself for a piece of jade pendant? This is too unreasonable, right?

“It’s not that simple! Tell everything you know!” Qin Yang lowered his voice and said gloomily.

Sun Mu was like pouring beans, and said: “Actually, it just happened to kill you…”

It turned out that Zhou Shi’s grandfather was the Outer Sect Elder, in charge of the Pill Hall, and was responsible for allocating the Outer Sect disciples’ monthly cultivation pills.

Each person’s monthly ration is two Guyuan Pills, but Zhou Shi secretly deducts them, and each person can only receive one Guyuan Pill per month!

Now that the Outer Sect Dabi is about to start in only one month, everyone is busy practicing, and more and more people are about to be unable to bear the detention of the pill, and this is how Qin Yang is given the knife!

“Killing chickens and monkeys? By coincidence?” Qin Yang’s eyes rose with anger, and he sneered: “A grandson of an outside elder, dare to cover the sky with one hand?”

At the same time, he deliberately moved his steps so that his shadow appeared under Sun Mu’s nose.

Sun Mu saw Qin Yang’s shadow and didn’t know where he was being tricked. This Qin Yang was not a bad person at all!

“Okay, it turns out that you didn’t die!” Sun Muqi’s teeth were itchy, stood up, staring at Qin Yang fiercely, and said angrily: “If this is the case, let me send you on the road completely! Screw your head off, leaving you dead!”

Qin Yang said playfully: “Didn’t you say that the wrongdoer has the debtor? Now you are not afraid of the wrongdoer’s life?”

“Looking for death!” Sun Mu was embarrassed and shouted, “Tiger Punch!”

Ding! Copy the opponent’s exercise technique, Tiger Body Refining Technique, and the realm will automatically be raised to the perfect body refining realm!

Ding! Duplicate the opponent’s basic martial arts, Tiger Punch, and automatically upgrade to the top!

“Tiger Benquan!” Qin Yang also shouted in a low voice, the same posture, but the power is completely different!

Qin Yang was like a real monster tiger, exuding a fierce aura. In contrast, Sun Mu was simply a tiger cub.

“Bump!” The two fists collided.

“Puff!” Sun Mu vomited blood and flew upside down, his wide-eyed eyes full of shock.

A terrifying arc was recessed in his chest, and he died of anger before he fell to the ground.

He didn’t understand until he died, this Tiger Punch was rewarded to him by Zhou Shi, how did Qin Yang learn it? Moreover, his proficiency is even higher than Senior Brother Zhou Shi!

“A punch?” Qin Yang shook his hand, really boring!

However, the replication system is also verified…it is invincible!

Ding! It is the first time to use the copy system to reward novices with a gift pack, which contains exercises: Qiankun Wanxiang Jue.

“What, novice gift pack?” Qin Yang called the system and opened the character panel.

Host: Qin Yang.

Cultivation: Consummation in body refining.

Gongfa: Universe Vientiane Jue. 1/10.

Martial arts: Tiger Benquan. 1/10.

All abilities are at the top of the current state, and there is no special mark on the panel. What does this 1/10 mean?

System: “1/10 is a condition for reaching an upgrade. You can upgrade by copying nine more exercises and nine more martial arts.”

“So that’s the case.” Qin Yang asked, “But, isn’t this exercise a copy of the Tiger’s Body Refining Technique? What kind of exercise is the Universe Vientiane Technique?”

System: Qiankun Wanxiang Jue is the strongest exercise method, which is inclusive of all rivers and has all the advantages of copying exercises.

Qin Yang understood that this is simply a technique that perfectly matches the replication system. Some powerful martial arts require specific techniques to urge them, and this Universe Vientiane Secret Art is tailored for this purpose. When performing different martial arts in the province, they have to switch back and forth.

With this Universe Vientiane Art, Qin Yang can even perform two conflicting martial arts at the same time, which is impossible for anyone in the world!

“Week, Li Xiaoqian! You guys wait for me!”

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