I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 10: Sweet fight

“Beauty, this is just a misunderstanding!”

Qin Yang shouted loudly: “I am an outer disciple of the Thousand Hidden Sect. I have taken the task to pick Black Moon Flowers. I don’t know if you are taking a bath here…”

Lou Mengyu’s blushing flushed to the roots of her ears and scolded: “Stop, die!”

How dare Qin Yang stop? He took out the task list and said: “Look, I have a task list here. It’s really a misunderstanding!”

“Even the Sect Master of the Thousand Hidden Sect today can’t save you!” Lou Mengyu said viciously.

Since he was ten years old, he hasn’t even had a mother… but was seen by this little thief!

Only by killing the opponent can we keep our innocence!

Qin Yang saw that the other party’s killing intent had been decided, and he had also attacked himself before. Had it not been for the system to automatically replicate the exercises and martial skills, he might have been chilled by now!

Qin Yang was also angry in his heart. Seeing the other party keep getting closer, Qin Yang said, “Isn’t it tired to run like this? There are so big lumps on his chest, and I can’t see clearly underneath anyway. It’s better to hold both hands together and run. Faster?”

Lou Mengyu’s mind went blank, this little thief… so humiliated himself!

Seeing that the other party slowed down, Qin Yang was happy, and it really worked! I continued to stimulate and said, “Anyway, I can see everything about you. I bend over to wash my hair before… Tsk tsk tsk, it’s so beautiful, the angle of view from the back is just so clear…”

“There is also a battle between the fruit body and the wolf demon, I am afraid no one in the world can see such a wonderful scene…”

Lou Mengyu’s expression became sluggish, followed by a gloomy and icy face, like ten thousand years of ice.

“So you saw everything.” Lou Mengyu stopped.

Qin Yang also stopped, breathing heavily. Without infuriating energy, running wildly by physique, even the copied chasing steps can’t exert the power they should have, although it is only a short time, it is also very tired.

“I have seen it all, do you want to accept it with your body?” Qin Yangsi looked at it unscrupulously, playing with the taste: “Looking at your looks and body, I can barely accept it.”

“Reluctantly…really?” Lou Mengyu gritted her silver teeth, and then calmed down again, staring at Qin Yang expressionlessly, “You want to irritate me and make me lose my mind. As long as you can insist on running to people, You are safe. Because I am not wearing any clothes, it is impossible to kill everyone I see, right?”

Qin Yang looked startled, why did the other party suddenly wake up?

“Bing Xin Jue!” Qin Yang couldn’t help blurting out.

Although limited by the realm, Bing Xin Jue has been copied and controlled by Qin Yang. The function of Bing Xin Jue is to stay sensible at all times!

No wonder this stunning girl can wake up in such a situation.

“How do you know the exercises I am practicing?” Lou Mengyu asked in confusion.

Qin Yang swallowed and spit, just thinking about how to hold the opponent.

Lou Mengyu spoke, “It doesn’t matter anyway, you must die!”

“The breeze is blowing in the willows!” Lou Mengyu once again displayed the Huang-level martial arts.

“The breeze is blowing the willows!” Qin Yang could only contend with the same martial arts. In comparison, Tiger Boxing and Manniu Boxing are simply too weak.

Although there is no true spirit, the power gap is huge. But Qin Yang’s breeze blowing on the willows is a realm that ordinary people can’t cultivate.

What’s more, the breeze blowing the willow palm is intended to overcome the rigidity with softness, and it can support it for a while.

“Why do you know my martial arts?” Lou Mengyu wondered again. This time the two played against each other, the other party used the same martial arts to resolve their moves!

Although the power gap is huge, he still has the upper hand. But if the opponent’s strength is stronger, this palm has already surpassed himself!

This is simply impossible!

“No!” Lou Mengyu shook his head, and said: “You only have the body-refining state, and the breeze blowing the willow palm is a yellow-level martial art. You can’t cultivate at all, let alone cultivate to such a state!”

“If you know other Huang Tier martial arts, you can display them, let’s see if I can’t!” Qin Yang said.

At the same time, it was a pity in my heart that it was a waste of copying more and more…

On the panel, the back of the exercises is 3/10, and the back of the martial arts is 4/10. Because of the copy of the Bing Xin Jue, martial arts breeze blowing willow palm and chasing wind step.

“Fun with mystery!” Although Lou Mengyu said so, he had already changed a set of martial arts, “Breaking wind!”

And pointed like a sword, pointed out.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s martial arts, break the wind finger, and automatically upgrade to the peak. Martial arts 5/10.

The slender jade fingers, slender and white, but at this time like a sword of refinement, as fast as thunder.

“Baofengzhi!” Qin Yang roared, and pointed out the same way.

Without the True Qi bonus, this finger is ten times less powerful. But only from the outside, no flaws can be seen.

Lou Mengyu’s heart was extremely shaken, if the other party would breeze the willow palm, it may be a coincidence, but this breaking wind could not be a coincidence.

Because this Pofeng refers to a family-renowned martial art, and like the Bingxin Jue, it is to lay the foundation for higher-level martial arts and martial arts.

“So big… so white…”

Qin Yang sighed and said, putting away the breaking wind fingers and backing back again and again, pulling away.

Lou Meng Yuqi trembled all over, if the opponent dared to accept the move, he would be able to use his finger directly!

Of course Qin Yang is not stupid. With the same martial skills, but the opponent has too much strength and he can only find excuses to avoid fighting.

“Return the clothes to me!” Lou Mengyu gritted his teeth.

“Anyway, I’ve seen it all, so what else?” Qin Yang laughed.

The clothes are definitely not returnable, and if they are returned, the other party will have no hesitation in putting them on. Now even if there is Bing Xin Jue to stabilize the mind, the girl is still a girl, and the shyness of her daughter’s family is afraid that her patience has reached the limit.

As for another reason for not paying back…hehe.

“You can’t run anyway, how long can you last?” Lou Mengyu took a deep breath, and his figure flashed.

A fragrant wind blew, Lou Mengyu appeared behind Qin Yang. She tried her best to push Bing Xin Jue, and she couldn’t calmly face a strange man with a naked attitude.

“Baofengzhi!” Lou Mengyu whispered.

Qin Yang frowned, turned over and slapped it out: “The breeze is blowing the willows!”

As soon as the two parties contacted, Qin Yang’s palms suddenly deflected, as if the breeze was blowing across the wicker, guiding Lou Mengyu’s breaking wind aside.

Leverage your strength to make a big deal!

“This feel is softer and warmer than my dragon-shaped jade pendant…” Qin Yang couldn’t help putting his hand in front of his nose, and took a strong breath, “Fragrant!”

“Shameless! Rogue!”

Qin Yang’s squinted eyes showed a hint of joy, and the Bing Xin Jue was also operating, even if there was no true energy, there was still reason.

Qin Yang has always been sober, what he has to do is to mess up the mind of this stunning girl, only in this way can he have a chance to escape.

It took Lou Mengyu a long time to calm down. If she hadn’t had to kill the little thief in front of her, she wouldn’t want to stay here for a moment.

After calming down, Lou Mengyu made a huge wave in his heart.

“Breaking wind refers to restraining the breeze from blowing the willow palm, but why the other party…”

Lou Mengyu couldn’t believe it, how could this be the opposite?

“The breeze blows the willow palm!” Lou Mengyu took a palm.

Qin Yang raised the corner of his mouth slightly, “Breaking Wind!”

Point it out and point it directly on Lou Mengyu’s palm.

Lou Mengyu let out a painful cry, and stepped back.

“Haha, do you only have such martial skills?” Qin Yang smiled.

All the mysteries of martial arts training to the summit are fully understood. As for mutual growth and mutual restraint, fire restrains water, can’t water restrain fire?

Lou Mengyu’s expression struggled. Originally, her hands were still covering her left and right sides, but at this time she put her hands down generously.

Such a change caught Qin Yang off guard and was very confused. Where is there still half sober, where is still thinking about finding a chance to escape? The eyes are filled with the perfect fruit.

“Kicky legs!” With a soft cry, Lou Mengyu used a chasing step to speed up, approached him, turned around, raised his legs, and swept out like a strong wind.

The action was done in one go, and the flawless curve turned into a violent wind.

Ding! Duplicate the opponent’s martial arts violent leg, and automatically upgrade to the peak. Martial arts 6/10.

The system saved Qin Yang’s life in the crisis, and Qin Yang had enough strength to shoot with both palms.

“The breeze is blowing the willow!”

It’s just that the wind is too weak, this Liu…

Once again, he used four or two to dial a thousand catties, but at this time there was nowhere to dial.

A mistake with both palms reduced the opponent’s strength, but directly hugged the opponent’s thighs in his arms.

With a pain in his chest, Qin Yang’s instinctive arms slammed hard. In this way, Qin Yang was kicked out, but he still held Lou Mengyu’s snow-white thigh in his arms.

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