I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 11: Weekly Trap


Lou Mengyu never dreamed of such a result. Originally performing this move was already a helpless move, breaking the limit of her mind, but this variable made her shameless.

With a trembling in his mind, Lou Mengyu only felt that he was weak, his strength was vented, and he was unable to pursue it.

Fortunately, after the two rolled out, Qin Yang released his hand, and the clothes that had been used as life-saving straws also fell on the ground.

Lou Mengyu took a few deep breaths, and said cruelly: “I will come back to take your dog’s life later!”

Flashed and picked up his own clothes, and quickly fled.

I saw a bright white shadow, brighter than moonlight, disappearing in the dark part of the forest.

It seemed that Qin Yang would run a long way when seeing her changing clothes.

Qin Yang was stunned and slapped his forehead sharply.

“I had known this, I just returned the clothes to her, didn’t I escape long ago?” Qin Yang wanted to cry without tears, his chest was like a broken boulder a hundred times, and his blood kept rolling.

“But… worth it!” Qin Yang smacked his lips and laughed.

Standing up, patted his butt, Qin Yang was about to leave, but a group of people came to face him.

It is Zhou Shi and others!

Zhou Shi, Li Xiaoqian, Li Niu, and Zhang Hu, besides them, there are five others!

It turned out that the previous pursuit has already reached the range of the back mountain!

“I thought you didn’t dare to come, but I didn’t expect you to have arrived!” Zhou Shi looked at Qin Yang and smiled coldly.

Qin Yang snorted and said, “I thought you should be busy refining pills with your grandfather, but I didn’t expect you to be so leisurely.”

Speaking of this, Qin Yang looked astonished, “Oh, I understand, your grandpa’s alchemy level is so poor, let alone your grandson?”

“Who do you think is the grandson?” Zhou Shi was angry. It’s okay if you don’t refine the pill.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “Aren’t you the grandson of Elder Zhou? Why? Do you want to be my grandson? Sorry, I don’t want you to be a trash.”

Zhou Shi’s body was tight, and he was about to rush with a fist.

Zhang Hu quickly stopped and whispered: “Don’t forget we have a plan!”

Zhou Shi was calm, and Jie Jie looked at Qin Yang with a strange smile.

Qin Yang raised his eyebrows and looked at everyone at the other party. Except for Li Xiaoqian’s sad expression, the expressions of everyone else had a Y wave?

“Give me up!” Zhou Shi gave an order.

Except for him and Li Xiaoqian, the remaining seven directly surrounded Qin Yang.

“Chasing the wind!” Qin Yang stepped back again and again, not giving them a chance to surround himself. Only after a few steps back, he stopped.

Be surrounded if you are surrounded, the direction behind is the direction Lou Mengyu just walked…

“A lot of people? Haha.” Qin Yang laughed. He just finished the fight with Lou Mengyu. He was feeling uncomfortable all over, and he just happened to vent.

“You guys go on!” Qin Yang said.

The breeze blowing the willows, the breaking wind fingers, and the violent wind legs. Which of these martial arts is not better than Tiger Benquan and Manniuquan?

“Do you think I brought so many people to beat you?” Zhou Shiguai laughed and said: “Killing and punishing you, I will completely humiliate you. When I really kill you, it will be a month later!”

“Oh?” Qin Yang looked around with interest, “To be honest, you are not my opponent when you go together. You want to humiliate me? Is it possible?”

Li Niu stared at Qin Yang dissatisfied, with wooden sticks tied to his legs and hands. He obviously couldn’t afford advanced healing pills. At this time, he said viciously: “You are really strong, you really want to fight. , We do…”

“Li Niu!” Zhou Shi glared at him, “You don’t have his power!”

Li Newton had a meal, and he lost to Qin Yang in one move. This is naturally not a compliment. He continued: “I just want to see how you are tortured today!”

Qin Yang was unmoved, what he was worried about from beginning to end was only Lou Mengyu.

“Let’s start!” Zhou Shi ordered again. Everyone took out a jade bottle and slammed it on the ground.

For a while, the red powder floating in the sky, scattered around, like the air that ignited this space.

The smell is a bit pungent, fishy, ​​smelling, blood boils all over.

“This is…” Qin Yang’s pupils shrank.

Zhou Shi and the others laughed, Li Xiaoqian’s face was even more ugly, she was about to cry, and she was the only one who tried to cover her mouth and nose.

Zhou Shi laughed loudly and said, “I surrounded you, I was just afraid you would run away. That’s right, this is the fire snake pollen!”

Fire snake flower, a flower that grows in some kind of demon snake’s nest, does it work… aphrodisiac! Its medicinal effect is extremely strong, and its initial effect was also used on monsters, causing them to raging violently.

Once inhaled, you must find the yin and yang of the opposite **** within an hour, otherwise, the blood will boil and die, and the ability will be lost forever, and the body will be weak for life!

This fire snake pollen is prohibited and strictly forbidden to use it on the human race! For the monk, if the hour is missed, even if his life is saved, his cultivation will be abolished.

“Bing Xin Jue!”

Qin Yang’s eyes were still sober, covering his mouth and nose to avoid inhaling more fire snake pollen, but it was a bit too late. He didn’t expect that the other party could get this kind of forbidden drug.

“In order to humiliate me, you really took great pains.” Qin Yang showed a murderous look in his eyes, “Aren’t you also poisoned?”

“Haha, we have an antidote!” Zhou Shi laughed, and all the boys laughed wildly.

Li Xiaoqian’s face was pale, she didn’t have to guess what her fate was.

“If you offend me, there will be no good end, let alone betrayal!”

Zhou Shijie smiled strangely, “If you want to stay in the Qianyin Sect, if you want to continue to follow me, there is only one way to go.”

Looking at Qin Yang, Zhou Shi said slowly, “Unfortunately, Li Xiaoqian has a choice, but you have no choice! I will make you crazy and tortured!”

Speaking of this, Zhou Shi smiled even more, “You can only watch us detoxify, but you can only bear it for life. If you can survive, the outer door competition in a month later, life and death duel, I will let Your death is even worse. If you can’t live? It can only be because you accidentally took the fire tongue and forcibly mistreated Li Xiaoqian. We found out and stopped you.”

Qin Yang’s eyes were full of coldness, “I think it’s quite thoughtful.”

Without True Qi, the fire snake flower venom in the body could not be suppressed at all. At this time, it would be more painful to stay sensible.

“Boss, you’ll detoxify quickly, let’s watch Qin Yang first!” A younger brother said, as if a flame was already burning in his eyes.

These little brothers have long been coveting Li Xiaoqian, not just who thought of this idea, not only satisfied themselves, but also solved Zhou Shi’s hatred.

Li Xiaoqian has been appointed, watching Zhou Shi constantly **** and slowly approaching herself, she closed her eyes in pain.

“You… seem to have forgotten one thing.” Qin Yang closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Everyone was taken aback.

Zhou Shi frowned, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Yang opened his eyes abruptly, the light in his eyes flashed, “All of you together, none of you are my opponent!”

After all, Qin Yang took a violent step forward, only one step!

Li Niu and the others stepped back in fright, especially Li Niu, who had inconvenient hands and feet, shouted in fright: “Let’s go together! Hit him down first!”

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