I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 12: Return to the other body

Li Niu was really scared, but the others had not fought Qin Yang before, and they didn’t know how powerful Qin Yang was, so they shouted and rushed over.

Qin Yang curled the corner of his mouth slightly and only took one step.

In fact, he was already prepared, even if he tried not to copy their martial arts, he still had to fight!

Ding! Copy the exercise method of the monkey body exercise! Gongfa 4/10.

Ding! Copy the martial arts Linghou Boxing, and the proficiency will be automatically raised to the pinnacle. Martial arts 7/10.

Ding! Duplicate the exercises and practice mana python! Gongfa 5/10.

Ding! …

In almost an instant, the martial arts were replicated to 10/10, which had reached the advanced conditions. There is even more than that, although the martial arts is mastered by Qin Yang, it is no longer helpful to advancement.

The exercises were copied to 9/10 immediately, and only one exercise can be advanced.

“One, two… six.” Except for Li Niu who has copied the exercises, and Zhou Shi and Li Xiaoqian who have not shot, exactly six people shot.

“It’s still a skill.” Qin Yang looked around the audience, Li Xiaoqian obviously didn’t know how to make a move, so only Zhou Shi!

“You are really proud. Corruption and deduction of pills have made you all learn different exercises and martial arts.” Qin Yang laughed.

“I want to see if you are as good as Li Niu said!” Zhang Hu roared, and rushed forward first, and with a fist of the monkey, a vile monkey picking peaches came.

“Bah!” Qin Yang only felt sick, he wouldn’t use this kind of tricks, turned around and threw it over, “Kunfeng legs!”

It is to copy Lou Mengyu’s legs.

Zhang Hu was caught off guard and was kicked to the ground.

“What a strong force!” Zhang Hu’s eyes widened, his shoulders aching fiercely. If it weren’t for other people to join forces to cover up and kill them, then they would be a waste here!

“Look at your name with the word “tiger,” Qin Yang was amused.

“Hmph, this is just to conceal people’s eyes and ears, and make people unpredictable!” Zhang Hu said.

“Then why were you beaten to the ground by me?” Qin Yang shook his head, retreated back with a chasing step, and got out of the circle of battle.

“Dare to show my legs in front of my Li Jin? It’s a joke, mad python legs!”

One of Zhou Shi’s little brother roared and kicked him.

“Starting from the ground, you have to have that strength in midair!” Qin Yang also kicked it, and directly kicked Li Jin upside down from the air.

“Ling crane palm! White crane spreads its wings!”

“Ling crane palm! White crane spreads its wings!”

It was the same trick again, exactly the same, Qin Yang used it more delicately, slapped the opponent’s face with a faster speed, a more precise angle, and a stronger force.

The opponent who hits straight is like a top autobiography in situ, unable to distinguish between east and west.

Facing the siege of six people, Qin Yang seemed to be able to do so. There is no way to deliver a fatal blow to a single enemy, but one person suppresses the other six.

It was completely supported by six people like Li Jin!

What’s more, all the other party’s tricks are used, and they are even better at the same tricks!

“It’s okay, everyone, don’t panic, just wait for a poisonous attack in his body, and he will naturally mess up the rules!”

Li Niu shouted from the side.

“Bah! Standing and talking can’t get back pain, his body is poisoned, don’t we have it?” Li Jin yelled out of time.

Li Niu had no choice but to retreat in his heart, but Zhou Shi on the side didn’t say anything. How could he just leave? He had inconvenient hands and feet, and it was inconvenient to step forward to fight, and he was extremely embarrassed just looking at it.

“A bunch of trash!” Zhou Shi was also shocked at this time, not only because of Qin Yang’s strength, but also because of Qin Yang’s martial arts.

“Even if a person is a genius, it is impossible to study so many martial skills at the same time, and every martial skill can be practiced to this level…”

With Zhou Shi’s eyesight, how can you tell that Qin Yang’s martial arts are all peaking? It is precisely because of returning to the basics after reaching the summit, it is more difficult to find.

“No wonder you have the confidence to take on my life and death battle, that’s how it is!”

Zhou Shi squinted his eyes. How can he detoxify at this time? If you delay, your little brothers will be defeated!

“A bunch of trash, look at me!” Zhou Shi yelled and rushed over.

Qin Yang’s eyes lit up and he said hopefully, “I hope you are not practicing the Tiger Body Refining Art.”

Although these people have different techniques and martial arts, Qin Yang is still a little worried.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s exercises, the Rock Body Refining Technique! Gongfa 10/10.

So far, the duplication of exercises has also reached the advanced quantity requirement!

Panel: Host Qin Yang.

Cultivation: Consummation in body refining.

Exercise: The Universe Vientiane Jue, 10/10.

Martial arts: Tiger Fist, Manniu Fist, Linghou Fist… The breeze blows the willow palm, the breaking wind finger… 10/10.

Meet the advanced requirements, advance the host!

As the system reminds, the panel refreshes.

Host: Qin Yang.

Repair base: the early stage of gathering gas.

Gongfa: Universe Vientiane Jue. 0/10.

Martial arts: breeze blowing willow palm, breaking wind finger, violent wind leg, chasing wind step. 0/10.

The panel no longer records low-level martial arts. After the refresh, Qin Yang’s momentum changed drastically.

A warm current flows through the body, slowly walking around the body.

The explosive power increase made Qin Yang’s eyes flashed.

There is true Qi, and so does Lingnian! He also had a clearer understanding of Bing Xin Jue and those techniques that copied Lou Mengyu.

Strong, really strong! Compared with the previous body refining realm, it is a qualitative change!

The only pity is that the higher-level duplication does not repeat the calculation, that is, if you want to promote the Qi Gathering Realm to Consummation, you have to fight with a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator and copy the opponent’s technique.

But if you want to advance to the next realm, Qihai Realm, you still need to copy 10 exercises and 10 martial arts.

“Dare to distract yourself? Open Mountain Fist!”

Zhou Shi yelled, he had come to his face, and he slammed his fist, with a faint layer of stone skin on his fist.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s martial arts Kaishan Fist, and automatically upgrade to the peak.

“Huh?” Qin Yang was stunned for a while, this week he was actually practicing Huang-level martial arts?

“Is this your confidence?” Qin Yang laughed and punched out: “Kaishan Fist!”

It’s just that Qin Yang’s fist is really like a rock, while Zhou Shi’s fist is like mud.


There was a crackling sound, Zhou Shi started from his fist, and his bones cracked every inch and broke down to his chest.

Suddenly, flesh and blood flew across, and it was terrible.

Senbai’s bones pierced the flesh and bare, hideously exposed.


Zhou Shi’s eyes were splitting, and he flew out, vomiting blood.

“No…impossible! You only know how to do their martial arts, but my grandfather was struggling to find out this fist, and it is impossible for non-inner disciples to come into contact with it, you…”

Qin Yang chuckled lightly, “Have you heard such a sentence?”


“Return the body to the other side!”

Qin Yang looked around himself like a **** of war, “Don’t ask me why I am, you just need to know…you will, I will only be stronger!”

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