I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 13: All spikes

Zhou Shi was really scared in his heart, this Qin Yang was like a devil, and the force of the punch just now did not look like a body-refining state at all!

“You… did you break through?” Zhou Shi was shocked.

Zhang Hu and the others looked at each other, their hearts suddenly tightened.

“Now that I am afraid?” Qin Yang smiled.

Zhou Shiyi gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone, even if he breaks through, he just broke through. There is nothing to be afraid of!”

Speaking of this, Zhou Shi quickly took out the pill and swallowed a lot.

“Hold on, I’ll go to detoxify first! Don’t want to defeat him, just hold on!”

Zhou Shi repeatedly asked, struggling to get up from the ground, and there was no time to wipe the blood stains on the corners of his mouth, pulling Li Xiaoqian tightly to the dark place.

Li Xiaoqian turned her head one step at a time and did not dare to resist, but there was a ray of light in her eyes, and said in her heart: “If he could win, how good would it be…”

Zhang Hu and others cursed secretly in their hearts, but they were helpless. At the moment, I can only do this.

“I just couldn’t beat me, now you dare to continue fighting?”

Qin Yang’s tone was low, exuding a heavy coldness, “You are only Zhou Shi’s doglegs, I can’t kill you. But if you don’t understand…”

“What’s the matter! Brothers, come on!”

Li Niu was also involved in the battle considering that he was an injury.

As Zhou Shi said, as long as Qin Yang is held back, they will win! But they can take turns to detoxify. After an hour has passed, Qin Yang’s toxicity erupts.

At that time, let alone continue fighting, I’m afraid you will lose your footing.

Qin Yang’s eyes burst into murder, and he no longer meant to keep his hands.

At the same time, Qin Yang also felt the strangeness in his body.

The fire snake flower venom seemed to breed violently because of the true energy produced in the body. If this continues, it will not take an hour at all, and it will completely explode.

He must fight quickly!

Moreover, Lingnian awakened and had a deeper perception of the toxicity of the fire snake flower venom, which was simply worsening the situation.

Running Bing Xin Jue, there was a trace of coldness in his true energy, which made Qin Yang feel better.

“Bull Bull Fist!” Li Niu had already rushed over.

“Return the body by the other way!” Qin Yang used the same fist.

Different realms, martial arts proficiency is also very different, there is no need to use high-level techniques.

Man Niu Fist is as powerful as a man. Flexibility is its biggest drawback!

However, the Barbarian Fist displayed by Qin Yang was extremely flexible. This time he didn’t fight against it at all, and slammed into Li Niu’s face.

For a while, as Qin Yang said before, he hammered the opponent’s head, the skull cracked and he was killed on the spot, in a terrible state of death!

“Anaconda’s legs!” Li Jin learned well, this time he didn’t make any moves in mid-air.

But how can his speed compare to Qin Yang?

“Legs of an anaconda!” Just a kick, directly hit the opponent’s heart, his ribs broke countless, and he flew upside down in the air before landing, already dead!

“Spirit Crane Palm!”

Qin Yang’s five fingers close together, like a crane’s beak, and directly hit the opponent’s temple.

In an instant, half of the opponent’s skull shattered, and one eyeball popped out. Very **** and terrifying.

“You…you…” The rest of Zhang Hu and others were completely frightened, and Zhang Hu shivered and said: “You, your heart is so vicious! With such vicious martial arts!”

Qin Yang had no expression on his face, but actually used the Bing Xin Jue to stabilize his mind, and said: “There is nothing wrong with martial arts, but I am too powerful to use it. As for the heart is vicious?”

Qin Yang’s eyes were full of coldness, “It was you who wanted to kill me. Later I gave you a chance and I can’t blame me.”

How can Zhang Hu dare to fight again? One after another fled.

“Chasing the wind step! Breaking the wind finger!” Qin Yang chased and killed one by one. The methods are cruel and decisive, and extremely violent.

In the dark part of the woods, Li Xiaoqian’s exclamation and screaming came.

Qin Yang followed the voice, and saw that Li Xiaoqian’s clothes had been torn apart in pieces, which could not hide the good spring.

“I’m not done yet, what’s the rush? Qin Yang is holding it back? Don’t let him run away!”

Zhou Shi didn’t look back and said something.

“I’m afraid I will disappoint you.” Qin Yang said coldly.

Zhou Shi’s movements stagnated, and the evil flame in his eyes was replaced by fear. He turned around and turned his head, but saw Qin Yang who was like a devil.

The clear sky was suddenly covered with clouds, the bright moonlight was obscured, and the woods were dark.

In the depths of the shadows, a crescent-like color lit up, it was the black moon flower.

What was brighter than Black Moon Flower was Qin Yang’s murderous eyes.

“No, it’s impossible!” Zhou Shi’s voice was trembling, and his body was limp. He couldn’t stand up, so he could only crawl backwards.

Qin Yang is not close, one step, two steps.

Like stepping on Zhou Shi’s heart, every step made him tremble.

“You can’t kill me! You and I have a life-and-death duel! Before the duel begins, no one can kill the other person, otherwise it is against the rules! Not to mention that the sect is not tolerated, even the righteous way of the world cannot tolerate you!”

Zhou Shi yelled and said, at this time he was almost vomiting out the bile that had been frightened.

Qin Yang stopped and frowned.

Life and death duel is indeed as Zhou Shi said, once established, life and death will be divided until the time of duel arrives. This can be regarded as a protection for the weaker party.

It’s just that, with the change of strength, no one except Qin Yang himself regarded him as a strong side.

Seeing that he had a way to survive, Zhou Shi continued to shout, “Everyone knows about you and me duel. If you kill me, don’t say my grandfather, even the sect cannot bypass you!”

Qin Yang looked at Zhou Shi quietly, the Bing Xin Jue technique was struggling to contend with the heat generated by the fire snake flower venom. Thoughts gradually became messy, but still a trace of sobriety remained.

“You are lucky, get out.” Qin Yang said quietly.

Zhou Shi heaved a sigh of relief, and wanted to pull Li Xiaoqian away with the disheveled clothes, but Qin Yang glared at him and fled alone in fright.

Li Xiaoqian looked at Qin Yang with complicated eyes. Never imagined that Qin Yang was so strong.

Thinking that the other party had been poisoned by the fire snake flower venom, he didn’t try to cover the key parts of his body, he stood up, facing Qin Yang, and gently closed his eyes.

After waiting for a long time, nothing happened as expected, Li Xiaoqian opened her eyes, where is Qin Yang’s figure?

“Do you dislike me?” Li Xiaoqian’s eyes suddenly reddened. For some reason, a sense of grievance filled her heart, and she immediately smiled bitterly.

“Everything started because of me, I took a fancy to his family jade pendant…”

In the mountains and forests, Qin Yang is running fast, he wants to leave here quickly, the first place he thinks of is Biyuetan!

Only by running the Bingxin Jue in Biyuetan can the fire snake flower poison in the body be suppressed.

At this point, Qin Yang felt deeply grateful that this Bing Xin Jue was extraordinary. If he changed other techniques, he might only be able to do that…

“It’s not dead, I really underestimated you.” A light voice sounded, with many surprises and cold murderous intent.

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