I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 14: Dragon shaped jade pendant

Qin Yang’s face turned black, “Well, I said I forgot something important…”

I have been running Bing Xin Jue to fight against the fire snake flower poison, such a terrible thing has been forgotten.

However, he is no longer the one he was before!

Qin Yang looked aside, Lou Mengyu, who was already dressed, stood there quietly.

I couldn’t help thinking about it in my heart, and the evil fire that was finally suppressed, like a volcano about to erupt.

Qin Yang was flushed all over, sweating profusely, even with a trace of blood in the sweat of his heart.

This is already a harbinger of the imminent poisoning!

If the whole body is not sweating, but blood evaporates, then everything is too late.

Qin Yang panted heavily, urging Bing Xin Jue with all his strength.

“The heart is clear, heaven is ruthless…”

What he didn’t notice was that the **** sweat bead oozing out of his chest was soaked in the dragon-shaped jade pendant.

As soon as he touched, the blood was absorbed by the dragon-shaped jade pendant.

The lifelike dragon only had its eyes blank, and at this time a faint red appeared, vividly. He even rolled his eyes!

Lou Mengyu gloated at Qin Yang, playing with the taste: “I have seen everything before. You have fire snake flower poison in your body, right?”

“Since you know, then you should understand that it is dangerous for you to appear in front of me at this moment.” Qin Yang gritted his teeth and said patiently.

“Very dangerous? Why is it dangerous?” Lou Mengyu disapproved.

Qin Yang said angrily: “While I’m still sane now, you’d better leave! Also, I didn’t deliberately watch you take a shower, why are you trying so hard to force me to die?”

When it comes to bathing, Qin Yang feels even more difficult to hold on to himself.

Lou Mengyu’s face also changed, her voice stiffened, and he said, “Bitterness? It’s really kind of a donkey liver and lungs!”

Qin Yang’s heart was shaken, is she going to detoxify me?

Quickly shook his head, Qin Yang laughed bitterly, the fire snake flower poison is extraordinary, and at this time, any thought of himself is thinking about that…

Lou Mengyu also realized that her words were wrong, and her pretty face blushed, and hurriedly said: “Although I want you to die, but I can’t bear your death so miserably. The reason why I stayed was originally to save the foreign lady. Disciple. Since you succeeded in getting out of trouble, and you didn’t treat her…”

Speaking of this, Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang with admiration. This person is not bad in nature, but unfortunately, he has seen things that he shouldn’t.

“So I decided to give you a good time.” Lou Mengyu said.

“Hehe, you couldn’t kill me before, now you can?” Qin Yang flashed a hideous expression on his face. He can’t suppress it anymore!

Lou Mengyu felt anxious, “Before…because…”

“Is it inconvenient to do it because I didn’t wear any clothes?” Qin Yang shook his head, his tone became provocative, and said, “When I kicked the Kuangfeng leg earlier, why didn’t I see you inconvenience?”

Lou Mengyu gritted his teeth with hatred, “You are looking for death!”

After that, stepping on the chasing step, rushed over, “Let you see the real power of the wind leg!”

There was a gust of wind, and a strong sense of oppression came.

The shadow of the leg is like the wind, but it is murderous.

“The breeze is blowing the willows!” Qin Yang performed this trick again to dissolve the violent legs.

Lou Mengyu felt ridiculous, “I won’t let you hold my leg again this time!”

“That can only be because I don’t want to hug it!”

Qin Yang laughed. With a wrong palm, he hugged Lou Mengyu’s thigh, twisted his waist, and threw Lou Mengyu away.

In mid-air, Lou Mengyu was terrified. It was only a moment’s effort that this kid was so powerful?

No, it’s not just power, it turns out that the breeze blowing willow can still be used like this? His mighty gale legs are like a breeze, so they can be pulled out so easily?

“I’ll tell you, what is the real gale leg!”

Qin Yang shouted in a low voice, and stepped on the chasing steps to accelerate his figure.

For a moment, Qin Yang’s figure became vague, irregular.

Lou Mengyu’s eyes widened, this…this is exactly the same as what Teacher Wu displayed! This kid has cultivated martial arts to such a realm? Could this kid be the one Teacher Wu liked?

Lou Mengyu was confused and even more aware of an important issue.

This kid is no longer Consummation in the Body Refining Realm, but in the early stage of the Qi Gathering Realm!

Before the legs arrive, the wind comes first.

Lou Mengyu was in the air, like a leaf falling in the wind. What a genius she is, running the Bing Xin Jue to stabilize her mind, and she displays the breeze blowing willows.

“Use the other way to give back to the body? Unfortunately, you are not hot enough! Learn from me, you can’t.” Qin Yang secretly shook his head and threw his leg directly on the palm of the opponent.

Lou Mengyu’s hands were numb, and she couldn’t do what Qin Yang did. She could only use her strength to flip back and land smoothly, but she lost Qin Yang’s figure!

“Behind me, when?” Lou Mengyu squeezed all over and quickly turned around, only to find that Qin Yang stopped in a pose of “breaking wind finger”.

“I… I was defeated?” Lou Mengyu couldn’t believe it, and in a moment, he lost to this kid in front of him.

It’s not that Qin Yang didn’t want to make a move, but the poison in his body began to erupt, and his true energy was suddenly disordered. If it is forced to use the breaking wind finger, the true qi will be difficult to control, and if the meridian is torn away, it will leave a lifetime hidden danger.

Lou Mengyu also saw the reason why the other party had stopped, and his face was frosty, “If the previous scene did not happen, we might be able to become friends.”

After a pause, Lou Mengyu opened his mouth and said: “You should give up and let me give you a pleasure? You should not suffer more. You should understand that even if you can survive by chance, you will definitely be better off than death.”

“Relying on that technique, you can’t survive it at all! Fire snake flower venom, tsk tsk tsk, interesting.” A voice suddenly appeared in Qin Yang’s heart.

“Who? Who is talking in my heart?” Qin Yang was taken aback, “Is it my demon?”

“Don’t deceive yourself, even if you get through it, you won’t be tough in this life!”

“Damn, what kind of demon is this?” Qin Yang was a little crazy.

“The best antidote is right in front of you, don’t rush, go! Go! Go!”

“Shut up!” Qin Yang shouted in his heart.

“You would rather not be tough for the rest of your life, and you have to put this superb chick in front of you? This figure, tusk, but the chest is a bit small.”

“Fart, her chest is not small at all, I’ve seen it before! This must be wrapped in clothes!” Qin Yang argued, just finished speaking in his heart, and hurriedly said: “Fuck you, now Is it time to discuss this with you? Who the **** are you?”

After a moment of silence, the voice was full of vicissitudes, “It’s a pity that the descendants of the Qin family have fallen to this point. It turned out to be this way of death, and it’s a pity…”

The voice gradually fainted until it disappeared completely.

Qin Yang called out again and again, but there was no response at all. The jade pendant on his chest, Longyu’s demon eyes gradually extinguished.

Seeing Qin Yang’s expression struggling, Lou Mengyu said, “It seems that you are ready. If that’s the case, then I will fulfill you sooner.”

After all, a broken wind pointed it over and directly hit Qin Yang’s chest.

Qin Yang was so angry that he didn’t dare to run, and back again and again, where could he escape?

One pointed at the dragon jade in front of his chest, and the huge force almost pressed the dragon jade into his chest!

The skin on his chest was wrinkled and the blood was surging. At this time, it gurgled out and was completely absorbed by Longyu.

The demon eyes lit up again, this time more vivid!

“Go!” The previous voice rang again.

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