I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 15: Long Wei

“Puff!” Qin Yang spouted a mouthful of old blood.

Not because of Lou Mengyu’s beating, nor because of the blood rushing in the body, but because of that voice!

A mouthful of blood came out, Qin Yang felt better.

“What kind of gods?” Qin Yang asked in his heart.

“What nonsense, hurry up! If you don’t, there will be nothing!” The voice was more anxious than Qin Yang.

“It seems that you are really lucky enough to escape once.” Lou Mengyu was deeply surprised, it seems that something this kid was carrying blocked his own blow.

However, the next blow was not so lucky.

“Baofengzhi!” Lou Mengyu yelled and attacked again.

The voice sounded angrily, “If it is before I am awakened, I will never be the last. But the uncle has already been awakened, so I can’t let the last blood of the Qin family disappear before my eyes…”

“Long Wei!”

There was a loud shout full of majesty, as if it originated from outside Jiuxiao, and it seemed to be close to the ear.

“What is it?” Qin Yang was taken aback. He was still preparing to fight Lou Mengyu, but Lou Mengyu’s eyes suddenly lost consciousness.

Lou Mengyu only felt that he saw a terrifying picture, as if an ancient beast was staring at him through Qin Yang’s eyes.

For a moment, he seemed to be in a deserted ancient world, with bones all over the place, blood flowing into a river, and in a blink of an eye, it was again desolate, deadly silent.

A great pressure swept over, as the world reunited, a strong sense of oppression squeezed the tiny she could not move, and then, the brain went blank.

Lou Mengyu lost consciousness while running, and fell into Qin Yang’s arms.

“This…” Qin Yang was completely stupid, and the gentle fragrance of the nephrite jade was in his arms, his restless heart beating violently, and the blood boiled instantly.

“Hehehe, you know what to do with the rest.”

The voice disappeared again, and there was no response at all to how Ren Qin Yang called.

Qin Yang held his breath and concentrated, but the attractive fragrance in his arms made him fascinated.

This is the effect of the fire snake flower poison, but it cannot deny the peerless charm of the beauty in her arms.

Looking at Lou Mengyu so close, Qin Yang was stunned.

A series of things followed, and the best time to suppress the fire snake flower venom had already passed. At this moment, the fire snake flower venom had already exploded!

With Bingxin Art, Qin Yang still remained awake, but he could no longer control himself!

Looking at the beauty in his arms, full of tights, Qin Yang had only one thought in his heart to restore it to its original appearance.


Qin Yang tore it hard, and Lou Mengyu’s clothes were torn open.


There was a loud thunder, and then there was a pouring rain.

Qin Yang looked at the other party’s delicate lips, and kissed fiercely…

Biyuetan, the rain had stopped at some time, and the moon showed its clean face again.

By the lake, Qin Yang looked at the young girl who was lying quietly beside him who had not yet woken up. The wet marks on the girl’s face did not know whether it was rain or tears.

The girl was wearing Qin Yang’s clothes, and her original clothes had already been broken into pieces.

“Who are you?” Qin Yang asked.

“I am Shenlong Jade, one of the secret keys of the God Realm, a magic weapon of super **** rank.” The voice was extremely proud.

“Super God rank? What rank is it?”

Shenlongyu was speechless: “Don’t worry about this, do you know who you are?”

Qin Yang was taken aback, “I am me, how can I not know who I am?”

“Do you know the eight people of Shinto?”

Qin Yang shook his head.

“Hey, sad, sigh, poor!”

“Believe it or not, I threw you away!” Qin Yang said angrily.

“Don’t, don’t!” After finally waking up, if he was thrown away, wouldn’t he be sleeping again?

Shenlong Jade paused for a while, and slowly arrived: “The sky continent is boundless, with hundreds of thousands of secret realms…”

“Say the point!”

“Above the secret realm, there is even the **** realm! Entering into it, you can achieve the creation realm!”

“Can it be more powerful than the Divine Emperor Realm?”

“Nonsense! The Divine Emperor Realm is the top of the Sky Continent, and the Divine Realm is a higher plane! What do you think?” Shenlongyu said.

Shenlongyu said again: “If you want to enter the God Realm, you must gather the eight secret keys of the God Realm. Each secret key of the God Realm is a super god-level magic weapon and is in the hands of the eight great families. The Qin family is your kid’s home. It’s also one of them, this is the eight clans of Shinto.”

“My life experience is so strong?” Qin Yang couldn’t believe it.

Shenlongyu gave a dry laugh, and then said: “Ten thousand years ago, the world changed drastically…”

“Say the point!”

“The Qin family is destroyed, you are the only blood.”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Qin Yang was taken aback.

“You asked me to tell the point!” Shenlongyu said.

Qin Yang rolled his eyes, “You should start from the beginning, I will listen patiently.”

Shenlongyu was about to speak, but suddenly stopped, and changed his words: “You are too weak now, knowing too much is not good.”

“I was wrong, just say it!” Qin Yang pleaded.

Shenlongyu has made up his mind and said: “You just need to know that you have enemies beyond imagination, so hurry up and improve your strength!”

“Cut, beyond imagination? At most, it is in the Divine Emperor Realm!” Qin Yang disapproved.

Shenlongyu said in surprise: “At most…that’s it? Your kid is really crazy!”

“This is not madness, this is self-confidence!” Qin Yang laughed. With an invincible replication system, why is he afraid? What about the Divine Emperor Realm? Sooner or later is his own defeat!

“What happened to Longwei before?” Qin Yang asked.

Shenlongyu proudly said: “Of course that is the ability of this uncle!”

“Except for Longwei?” Qin Yang asked again.

Shenlongyu suddenly lost his voice, and after a while, he insisted: “Longwei is enough! For the rest, you have to cultivate to the Divine King Realm to activate my true power!”

Qin Yang curled his lips and looked disgusted.

What super **** rank magic weapon? Speaking of it, it’s not useful. Cultivation to the Divine King Realm? At that level, what **** magic weapon is needed?

As if he knew what Qin Yang was thinking, Shenlongyu argued: “In the future, you will know that I am stronger. As the saying goes, one trick is eaten all over the sky. A dragon might not only be used against enemies, but also against monsters!”

“By the way, I have to remind you of something.” Shenlongyu said.


“The current communication between you and me depends entirely on your own spiritual thoughts, in other words, it consumes your spiritual thoughts. Moreover, you can use Longwei directly, as long as you communicate with me with your spiritual thoughts, it will also consume your spiritual thoughts… …”

Qin Yang was confused, but suddenly felt exhaustion from the depths of his soul, and his eyelids began to be unwilling, a little heavy.

“You just did that kind of thing to that little girl… I advise you to hurry up and hide…”

Before he finished listening, Qin Yang tilted his head and fell down.

Lingnian overdrawn and fainted!

At this moment, Lou Mengyu’s long eyelashes trembled slightly, and suddenly opened his eyes!

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