I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 16: Wu Hetian

The pain all over the body was tearing, like a delicate flower that had been ravaged by the storm.

It’s just that the dark clouds in the sky are gone, and the moon is revealed, but what about her?

The eye sockets were reddish, and the eyes sparkled with crystals. She couldn’t believe that all this would happen to her.

“Bing Xin Jue!”

The exercises were working, and she couldn’t suppress her feeling of collapse at this time, she tightened the clothes she was covering tightly, but the smell was his…

Slowly getting up, Lou Mengyu found that the man was sleeping beside him!

He stood up, anger and hatred coexisted in Lou Mengyu’s eyes.

“Kill! Kill…” Lou Mengyu gritted his silver teeth and raised his hand.

It would be great if time could go back one day…

For some reason, all the experiences of this night appeared in my mind.

“After using Longwei this time, I am afraid that I will fall asleep again. Why is this uncle so fate! I forgot to tell that kid that I need his blood to wake me up…”

Shenlongyu was a little helpless, but at this time the attention was all on Lou Mengyu. As long as Lou Mengyu dared to do something, he could only use Long Wei to stun her again.

As for who will wake up first, it can only be resigned.

“What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I get down?” Lou Mengyu’s hand stretched in the air trembled, and it did not fall.

“Didn’t I always want to kill him?” Lou Mengyu once suspected that the Bing Xin Jue had failed, or that was his true thoughts?

“Impossible! Impossible!”

Lou Mengyu shook his head abruptly, mobilizing his true energy again, but he couldn’t make a move.

After a while, Lou Mengyu glanced at Qin Yang deeply, then turned and left.

“It seems that the uncle doesn’t need to fall asleep… digging a groove!” Shenlongyu looked at Lou Mengyu’s figure, and just breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a head-sized stone flying over!

The stone hit Qin Yang’s head and broke into several pieces. Fortunately, Qin Yang was unharmed because his head was not accurate enough.

This scene scared Shenlongyu, Longwei is useless for stones…

“Ah! Comfortable!”

When Qin Yang woke up, it was already bright.

I stretched and yawned, but suddenly thought of what happened yesterday, and almost didn’t flash back.

Qin Yang couldn’t help shivering as he watched shattered into a few stones the size of a human head.

Soon, he laughed.

“Are you still laughing? The Qin family’s blood was almost broken in yours!” Shenlongyu said in a bad mood.

Qin Yang grinned and said, “If you want to kill but not kill, why bother to do so!”

What makes Qin Yang more concerned about is why the other party is struggling!

“Don’t dream, look at her appearance, you even have your heart when you eat it raw.” Shenlongyu despised.

Qin Yang shrugged, as if he hadn’t heard it. All the way back to Hupao Peak, returned to his residence, changed into clean clothes, and walked to the mission hall.

Along the way, the outer disciples they met were all babbling, and they all greeted Qin Yang kindly.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yang asked.

An outer disciple replied: “I saw you in the mission hall yesterday and took the task of picking black moon flowers in the back mountain. Can you go?”

Qin Yang slapped his forehead. Yesterday, before the heavy rain came down, he did see a lot of black moon flowers, but at that time, where could he care for picking?

Seeing Qin Yang’s appearance, the outer disciple understood the error, he was relieved, and said: “Fortunately, you did not go. A monster came to the mountain last night and many outer disciples died. It is said that Zhou Shi’s dog legs We were all eaten by monsters overnight!”

“Huh? Monster?” Qin Yang was taken aback.

The outer disciple said again: “The black face manager went to investigate, you are really lucky. And the mission hall suspended the mission for three days, which is equivalent to all of us on vacation.”

“So good?” Qin Yang Yixi.

Immediately afterwards, the outer disciple said again: “We are on vacation, but you have to continue the task of sweeping the mountain sect you were fined.”

Qin Yang was suddenly full of black lines, so at least he didn’t have to do other tasks.

At the foot of Qianzhu Peak Mountain, Qin Yang was thinking about things while cleaning along the stone steps.

“I killed the person, so why do you say it was eaten by a monster?”

“The black face manager went to investigate as if something really happened.”

At this time, the voice of conversation came from the corner of the mountain road.

“Did you kill the person?” It was the black face’s voice.

“No.” Lou Mengyu answered.

“But some people died at the finger of the wind.”

“really not.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is, the corpses were indeed eaten by monsters, I just found some clues from some of the remains.”

“There are monsters? It seems that the tide of monsters is coming.”

Qin Yang stood at the corner and listened, but he was even more confused. Monster tide? What monster tide?

Shenlongyu said from the bottom of Qin Yang’s heart at this time: “The wave of monsters and beasts that started every 100 years lasted for ten years.”

Qin Yang waited quietly for the follow-up, but the story came to an abrupt end.

“What then?” Qin Yang asked.

“You know too much, not good.”

Qin Yang’s teeth tickled, wishing to take out the dragon jade and throw it to the ground.

“Why are you here?” The black face manager’s voice came to him.

He turned the corner with Lou Mengyu, only to find Qin Yang standing here with a broom eavesdropping.

“Aren’t you punishing me to clean the gate for a month?” Qin Yang waved his broom and looked at Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu was struck by lightning, and he did not expect to see Qin Yang here!

She didn’t know how to react at this time, and finally fell silent, as if she didn’t know Qin Yang, as if nothing happened last night.

“You two know each other?” The black face looked at Lou Mengyu and Qin Yang in surprise.

“Yes.” Qin Yang nodded.

“I don’t know.” Lou Mengyu denied directly.

The two spoke in unison, but they gave different answers.

“Interesting.” The black face manager pointed at Qin Yang, and said, “This is the outer guy I mentioned, and his talent is pretty good.”

Before he finished his words, the black face manager stared at Qin Yang with wide eyes, and said inconceivably: “Did you break through? When?”

“Last night.” Qin Yang replied.

Speaking of last night, Lou Mengyu’s body trembled unconsciously.

The black face manager laughed loudly and said, “Okay, this is decent. Come, let me introduce, this is Lou Mengyu, and he may be your senior sister in the future.”

Qin Yang directly omitted the word “possible”, arched his hands, and said: “I’m younger than me, so let’s call it a school girl, a school girl!”

“Wait, Junior Sister?” Qin Yang frowned, “Isn’t it supposed to be Junior Sister?”

The black face manager snorted and said: “Do you think we are really from the Thousand Hidden Sect? This kind of small sect, the master is only in the realm of the master, and the inner sect disciple is only able to gather the air to perfection. It can also be a small sect. Elder…”

The words reveal a natural high above, as if they have a lot of origin.

“Then you…” Qin Yang asked.

“Listen well, I’m Wu Heitian, a teacher of Cangqiang Academy!” Black Face Manager proudly said.

Wu Heitian waited for a long time, but did not wait for Qin Yang to admire or marvel.

Qin Yang just looked at Wu Hetian in a daze, and silently uttered three words, “What then?”

Wu Hei was in a hurry, and he was relieved immediately, “Yes, in a place like this where birds don’t shit, you can’t be counted as a sect.

“This month, you have to clean the mountain gate, because during this period, many guests will come.” Wu Heitian said.

After all, go down the mountain with Lou Mengyu.

“You just left?” Qin Yang asked.

Lou Mengyu’s body suddenly tightened, and he dared not look back.

Instead, Wu Heitian squinted his eyes and turned around, “You kid talking to me?”

Qin Yang shook his head repeatedly.

Wu Heitian looked at Lou Mengyu strangely and asked, “He is calling you?”

Lou Mengyu bit her lip and walked down the mountain quickly, “No, I don’t know him!”

“You are too unfeeling, right last night we were…” Before finishing speaking, Lou Mengyu rushed over like a gust of wind and directly covered Qin Yang’s mouth.

The familiar scent once again made Qin Yang intoxicated. He wanted to say something, and moved his lips, like kissing Lou Mengyu’s slender hand.

Lou Mengyu was struck by lightning and scolded, “Shameless!!”

“It seems that you really know each other.” Wu Heitian thoughtfully, last night? Could it be related to the outer disciples who died?

He shook his head, he still had a lot to do, but a few insignificant people died, so he was too lazy to bother.

“You don’t need to send me away, and handle your affairs properly. Although your cultivation level has improved, it is not enough to get a better place in the rankings later.”

Wu Heitian gave an order and went down the mountain alone.

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