I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 18: Inner sect disciple

“Hey, my temper!”

Qin Yang rolled up his sleeves, but it was just that the Qi Gathering Realm was consummated. What’s the bullishness?

From Wu Heitian’s mouth, I heard that the Qianyin Sect was no more than Beiyuan’s horns, and the overall strength cultivation was not enough to see. Qin Yang had already had the idea of ​​going to the Sky Academy.

This bird sect, Lao Tzu is not taking care of it!

“Why? Do you still want to do it? What a joke! My brother has no time to fix you! Go away!”

Qin Yang was taken aback, isn’t this a great opportunity for him to improve his strength? Can not take the initiative.

After Meng Gaofei finished speaking, he took out a porcelain bottle from his arms, licked his face and said to Lou Mengyu: “Junior Sister, this is the second-order pill Zhuyan Dan that I personally refined for you. Cheng Dan is the middle grade!”

His face was triumphant.

“The mediocre quality is so embarrassing to show it out.” Qin Yang smiled.

Meng Gaofei said angrily: “You an outside disciple knows a fart? Although this Zhanyan Pill is only a second-order pill, it is more cumbersome to refining than a third-order pill. It is still a mere middle grade? Do you elders of the outer sect do not refine Come out of this quality!”

“Elder Zhou?” Qin Yang suddenly laughed, “His alchemy level is not as good as mine. How can you compare to him?”

Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang’s eyes with a strange color, this **** kid would still make alchemy?

Meng Gaofei was always paying attention to Lou Mengyu, and it was time for him to show off his alchemy level in front of the beauties!

Meng Gaofei looked at Qin Yang playfully and said, “Oh? Since you are better than Elder Zhou, can you make alchemy?”

“Of course it will.” Qin Yang said.

This Yan Yan Pill seems to be a good thing, so it’s better to copy this alchemy formula first.

Meng Gaofei said: “You are just an outside disciple, and your strength is too bad. At most, you can refine the first-order pill Guyuan Pill. Let’s compare the refining of this Guyuan Pill, how about?”

Qin Yang shook his head. Meng Gaofei was only able to gather his aura to reach Consummation. He actually laughed at his low cultivation level? Gu Yuan Dan? What is the meaning of refining Guyuan Dan!

“It’s better than refining Yan Yan Dan.” Qin Yang said.

Meng Gaofei’s expression was startled, a little confused. He refined this Guyuan Pill several times in a row, and finally succeeded once…

Seeing Lou Mengyu on the side, Meng Gaofei suddenly laughed after thinking of something.

“You really have a big tone, you want to show off and weigh your own strength. Opening your mouth is the Yan Pill, and the hospitalization is a second-order pill. Don’t think about it at the cultivation level without the Qi Gathering Stage.” Meng Gaofei said with disdain.

“Unfortunately, it was just in the early stage of the Qi Gathering Stage.” Qin Yang shrugged.

Meng Gaofei squinted his eyes, breaking through the Qi Gathering Realm to enter the inner gate without having to participate in the outer gate competition. He underestimated this kid.

However, he didn’t think that Qin Yang would refine Zhu Yan Dan, he was just talking big words in front of Lou Mengyu.

But I am not very proficient, and it is certain that the other party will not be able to refine it, but if I can’t refine it… wouldn’t it be embarrassing?

“Scared?” Qin Yang looked at Meng Gaofei in silence, and said: “What kind of inner disciple, a second-tier middle-grade pill… Tsk tsk tsk, I can’t refine such a **** pill.”

“What are you talking about?” Meng Gaofei was furious, “Okay, then I will compare you with the second-order pill Zhuyan Dan! If you only speak big words, be careful I can’t spare you!”

Lou Mengyu frowned on the side, looked at Qin Yang, and said: “You only broke through the Qi Gathering Realm yesterday, why bother to take your own humiliation? This Zhuyan Pill is a second-order pill. It has not undergone hundreds of experiments. It is impossible to master the know-how. Even if it is successfully refined, it may not be successful every time.”

Lou Mengyu didn’t understand why Qin Yang had to compete with Meng Gaofei, but she was certain that Qin Yang had never refined the Zhanyan Pill, and he would lose if he tried to refine the pill with Meng Gaofei.

Qin Yang stared at Lou Mengyu earnestly. Lou Mengyu did not dare to look at him and took a half step back lightly.

“You should learn one thing.” Qin Yang said.

“What’s the matter?” Lou Mengyu asked.

“Learn to trust me.” Qin Yang said solemnly.

Lou Mengyu turned his head and said, “Bah!” Now that he has made a decision, no matter whether he can find the descendants of the Qin Family of the Eighth Clan of Shendao, he will end up with this kid, and his heart is much more relaxed.

Seeing that Lou Mengyu did not strongly reject him, Qin Yang Yile. This is a big improvement!

The two directly regarded Meng Gaofei as air, and Meng Gaofei became angry on the spot.

It turns out that these two people know each other! This even stimulated Meng Gaofei.

“Let’s go, let’s try to refine the pill now! If you fail to refine it, I will abolish your cultivation as a big disciple and drive you out of the Thousand Hidden Sect!” Meng Gaofei said harshly.

“What a mighty prestige!” Qin Yang shook his head again and again, it seems that from the outer door to the inner door, all of these thousand hidden sects have a temperament!

“The frog at the bottom of the well thought he had the world? Do you know what a genius is?”

Qin Yang curled his lips.

The three of them went to the Inner Door Pill Medicine Hall together, and the smell of gunpowder was full along the way.

Compared with the outer door, the inner door looks much deserted. Some inner disciples met along the way respectfully greeted Meng Gaofei.

Meng Gaofei walked the whole road with his face upright, and he was so bullish.

Lou Mengyu didn’t know why he would come with him, but he was very curious, where did Qin Yang’s confidence come from?

And Lou Mengyu’s existence made Meng Gaofei even more forgetful, and he advertised that he was going to compete with Qin Yang in alchemy.

All the people who heard the news were stunned. The news spread faster, and the inner disciples who watched the excitement got together.

“That’s him? Outer disciple Qin Yang? Is he going to compete with the big brother in the refining of the second-order pill, or is he the Yan Pill?”

“I don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick. The big brother is not only a high cultivation base, but also a genius in alchemy. The Sect Master favors him very much, and the future is even more promising!”

“Just look at Senior Sister Lou. Although the rumor is that people from the big place, don’t you still follow Brother Meng? I think Senior Sister Lou and Senior Brother Meng are just a match made in heaven!”

Qin Yang almost exploded with anger after hearing the inner disciple’s discussion. This is simply a group of frogs at the bottom of the well! Meng Gaofei’s cultivation base is also high? Still a genius in alchemy? What a joke!

Moreover, Lou Mengyu is his own, no one wants to take it away!

Thinking of this, Qin Yang stepped behind and walked side by side with Lou Mengyu.

Meng Gaofei’s eyes flashed with a ruthless color, and he said in his heart: “Huh, boy, after the alchemy test, I want you to look good!”

Elder Zhang, the inner door of the Pill Medicine Hall, was curious, why suddenly it was so lively here. After understanding what happened, he laughed.

“Where to go back, can you just waste my medicinal materials?” Elder Zhang waved his hand.

“Elder Zhang, I hope you will give me a face. Today I have to compare with Qin Yang!” Meng Gaofei arched his hands.

Elder Zhang hesitated, sighed, and said, “Oh, that’s it, you want to make a fool of yourself, just do it with you. However, each person only has three ingredients, so there can be no more. This Zhanyan Pill is not easy to refine. , The materials needed are not cheap…”

Meng Gaofei walked in a bit and whispered: “Elder Zhang, I’m afraid three copies are not enough…”

Elder Zhang glanced at Meng Gaofei, knowing what level of this kid is, gritted his teeth painfully, and said, “Okay, ten copies of Zhuyan Dan’s ingredients for each person!”

“Ten copies? It’s more than a trial pill, but it’s not enough to refine ten pills in a row?” Qin Yang looked at it and laughed, and said loudly, “Is it possible that if someone refines the Yan Pill, ten copies can only be successful once? ?”

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