I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 19: The best in Yan Dan

The inner door pill hall was full of uproar.

Elder Zhang laughed blankly, and the inner disciples were even more embarrassed.

“Really a kid who doesn’t know the height of the sky, can he make alchemy?”

“Even if Elder Zhang shoots, at most two copies of the material will succeed once, he still only needs one material?”

Elder Zhang regretted agreeing to Meng Gaofei. Why should such a kid really compete?

Meng Gaofei laughed, not knowing how to do alchemy, everyone just needs to watch their performance.

“Qin Yang, you…” Lou Mengyu was suddenly a little worried, but stopped quickly when he spoke. It’s good to be foolish, she should be happy! can……

Seeing the look on Lou Mengyu’s face, Meng Gaofei turned gloomy, and said loudly, “Today, I tried to make alchemy with Qin Yang. If he loses, he will be abolished by me and expelled from the Thousand Hidden Sect!”

Elder Zhang was taken aback, “You are…”

“It turns out that these two people have grievances, no wonder they are here to compete.”

“According to me, just throw this Qin Yang out, why bother!”

“An outer disciple, he thought he was great as soon as he was promoted to the Qi Gathering Realm.

“What if you lose?” Qin Yang said coldly.

“How could I lose?” Meng Gaofei laughed.

In front of the beauties, you have to behave adequately, and immediately said: “Since you ask, then I will tell you. If I lose, you are the inner disciple!”

In the Pill Hall, other inner disciples whispered one after another. Even if Meng Gaofei lost, it would not be Qin Yang’s turn to be the inner disciple!

Qin Yang himself wasn’t happy, and immediately said: “No, if I win, you lose, I only have one request.”

“What’s the requirement?” Meng Gaofei asked curiously.

“Don’t entangle Lou Mengyu like a fly anymore, where she will be in the future, how far will you go!” Qin Yang said sonorously.

Meng Gaofei’s eyes widened and his teeth were clenched.

The other inner disciples looked at each other and ridiculed.

“Qin Yang, you want to eat swan meat as a young toad, so do you deserve the name of Junior Sister Lou?”

“Sister Lou can only belong to Brother Meng, do you dare to think?”

Meng Gaofei couldn’t wait to immediately abolish Qin Yang’s cultivation base, and immediately said: “Let’s start the competition!”

Lou Mengyu’s face showed disgust, but it was not aimed at Qin Yang, but at other people. In contrast, Qin Yang said that he wanted to marry himself, which seemed not so excessive.

“It turns out…” Lou Mengyu felt a little complicated, “He tried to refine alchemy with Meng Gaofei, it was for me…”

The table was set up, and two pill furnaces and ten materials were prepared.

Meng Gaofei became a little nervous. The nervousness was not because of the competition with Qin Yang, but whether he could succeed in refining.

It is best to refine it in the first furnace, so that other inner disciples will admire themselves more. At that time, Lou Mengyu could also see his strength! Let Lou Mengyu know that she is qualified to pursue her!

Qin Yang stood with his hands behind, closed his eyes and waited quietly.

He didn’t know any of the materials on the table, and he was just complaining in his heart. What is Meng Gaofei thinking? Don’t hurry up!

“Aren’t you trying to compete with me? Let’s start!” Qin Yang couldn’t help but urged.

Meng Gaofei snorted coldly, and said, “Why don’t you start? I’m afraid it’s not that you want to learn on the spot, right?”

Qin Yang shrugged and said nothing. But I said in my heart: “Nonsense, how can I copy without you doing it…”

Elder Zhang interjected at this time: “Alchemy is not that simple. It is impossible to steal a lesson on the spot.”

Lou Mengyu glanced at Qin Yang with deep meaning, remembering the martial arts the other party had displayed, and then looked at Qin Yang’s confident expression, “Could he…”

In the mountains and forests, Qin Yang still used his own way and killed Zhang Hu and others.

More than that, his own wind-chasing steps, wind-breaking fingers, violent wind legs… this Qin Yang is stronger than himself! And Wu Heitian didn’t teach these martial arts to Qin Yang…

Thinking of this, Lou Mengyu looked forward to Qin Yang’s next performance.

“Hurry up!” Qin Yang frowned and said, “I’ll give you a chance to refining, save me later, after the refining is successful, you will avoid distractions and make excuses.”

“Hehe, I see when you can be arrogant!” Meng Gaofei said with disdain, and at the same time began to refining.

Ding! Copy the formula of the second-order pill Zhuyan Dan and automatically upgrade to the perfect formula.

Qin Yang’s eyes lit up and he was about to start, but found that the materials in the perfect formula did not match the preparation…

“Ganoderma lucidum? No need, throw it away!”

“Ice Crystal Flower? No need, throw it away!”


There were as many as twenty kinds of Zhuyan Pill materials, and as Qin Yang started to choose, he threw seven or eight kinds directly.

Elder Zhang was trembling with anger and wanted to scold Qin Yang loudly, but was afraid that Meng Gaofei was distracted, so he could only look at Qin Yang with murderous eyes.

“Bring me a white hibiscus flower!”

“And blood cane…”

“and also……”

Scattered, I asked for more than a dozen more materials.

At first, Elder Zhang didn’t bother to bother at all. It can be seen that after Qin Yang said the same herbs, he said the truth, and prepared the materials dubiously.

“The materials you mentioned are much more expensive than the original materials. You had better not talk nonsense, or I have to take your skin off!” Elder Zhang stared.

Qin Yang didn’t bother to pay attention to it at all, as he prepared the materials and immediately began to refine. The movements are so skillful, how can you look like a person who can’t do alchemy?

Seeing that copy of the material was thrown into the pill furnace by Qin Yang casually, Elder Zhang’s face straightened. He prayed in his heart at this time that Meng Gaofei’s first material would be successful, otherwise, he would have to prepare another copy for this kid.

Yes, Elder Zhang didn’t believe in Qin Yangneng’s successful refining. Not only did he not believe it, but neither did the inner disciples.

“Pretend! He must be pretending! I’ll see how he ends up if he fails!”

“No, if Senior Brother Meng also fails… that won’t work either, we must not let this kid pass through this foolishly!”

Only Lou Mengyu’s eyes were surprised. There are better formulas for Yan Yan Dan among the clan, and some of them are just what Qin Yang just named!

Time slowly passed, and Meng Gaofei’s face was filled with joy, and he was already 70-80% sure of becoming a pill!

“Only the most important step, it will be done this time!” Meng Gaofei got up cautiously. After a while, he shouted: “It is done! It is done!”

Open the pill furnace, second-order Yan Yan pill, top grade!

“Top grade! Top grade!” Meng Gaofei danced excitedly, took it out quickly, and shook it in front of Lou Mengyu’s eyes, “Have you seen it? I’m a genius in alchemy!”

Meng Gaofei looked around and said in amazement: “What’s wrong with you? Did I succeed in one shot and refined the top grade, which surprised you so much?”

Elder Zhang, including everyone, was stunned, and his mouth was open enough to squeeze a lot of Zhu Yan Dan at the same time.

“Extreme quality…” Elder Zhang murmured.

Meng Gaofei was taken aback for a moment, and then he looked humble and smiled: “Elder Zhang, don’t praise me blindly. The top-quality pills are all accompanied by abnormalities after they are refined, and either the medicine is scented or it will produce pill energy. I’m just top grade.”

After speaking, suddenly realizing something was wrong, his neck stiffened and turned to look at Qin Yang’s pill furnace.

In the pill furnace, the mist that is permeating, what is it if it is not pill energy!

“No… impossible…” The pill in Meng Gaofei’s hand fell to the ground.

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