I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 20: Bandit Den

“Oh, I have really gained my knowledge once again. After being refined, shouldn’t the pill be of top quality? I really don’t know how you made the top-grade and middle-grade pill. Pill-making genius? Ridiculous!”

Qin Yang shook his head, looking puzzled.

“Oh my god, is this Qin Yang a monster?”

“Alchemy only produces top quality? I’m afraid it’s a coincidence this time, right?”

“Such words were humiliated to all alchemists!”

Meng Gaofei shook his head violently and shouted again and again: “Impossible, he cheated! He doesn’t even know how to make alchemy. How can he refine the second-order best Yan Yan Dan? He must have secretly replaced the pill!”

Qin Yang sighed and said, “The pill can be replaced. What about the pill gas that was produced at the beginning of the pill? You can change it and I will look at it? What’s more, the eyes of the masses are sharp, so many people are watching!”

After a pause, Qin Yang said again: “Since you have lost, you should be willing to bet. From then on, where Lou Mengyu is, how far can you go!”

Meng Gaofei’s face was pale and embarrassed. This was supposed to be his own performance, and he performed supernormally, but this result…he couldn’t accept it!

“He actually made it…” Lou Mengyu’s eyes were filled with shock. The people in the small sect may not know what it means, but it must be placed in the big family. Or in the Sky Academy, it will definitely become the focus of everyone.

And it will attract the top alchemists to frantically compete for apprentices!

“Wait!” Lou Mengyu frowned, Zhu Yan Dan…Does it have the highest quality?

Every kind of pill has a formula. It is not only the alchemy technique that limits the quality of the pill, but the formula is also extremely important.

Regardless of whether it is a second-tier Zhanyan Pill or a higher-order Zhanyan Pill, there is no formula that can refine the top quality!

Lou Mengyu stared blankly at the pill furnace in front of Qin Yang, and it was messy for a while.

Qin Yang directly took out the pill, walked to Lou Mengyu, and gently passed it.

“Huh? You…you want to give it to me?” Lou Mengyu asked.

Qin Yang laughed and said, “Of course, is it possible that I, a master, eat this Zhuyan Dan?”

Now he began to introduce: “The second-order superb Yan Yan Dan, the formula has been improved, not only can keep youth forever, but also has many other functions.”

In the pill hall, some female disciples’ eyes are almost like rabbits, and they can’t help themselves when looking at the best Zhuyan Pill. The gaze towards Qin Yang was full of little stars.

“If someone could refine the best beauty pill for me…”

This is the inner thoughts of those female disciples.

“What else is there?” Lou Mengyu did not speak, but the female disciples asked one after another.

Qin Yang explained: “This second-order superb Yan Yan Dan is more effective than ordinary Zhu Yan Dan, and it can also nourish qi and nourish yin and whiten the skin…”

Once the noun came down, all the female disciples fell directly.

Even Lou Mengyu was moved.

“Take the pill while the pill energy has not dispersed, the effect will be better!” Qin Yang said.

“Ah! I’m going crazy!” A female disciple burst into tears.

“Not only the best Yan Yan Dan, but also the best Yan Yan Dan that has just been refined and has not dispersed…” Another female disciple cried out.

“I don’t want it!” Lou Mengyu resolutely said, just about to run Bing Xin Jue to contend with his own instincts, but unexpectedly Qin Yang slammed close to him, his body almost touching himself!

“Brofengzhi!” Qin Yang pointed at Lou Mengyu’s dantian, making Lou Mengyu’s true spirit suddenly messy. Just controlled the strength, did not hurt Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu was horrified, “You…how do you use the advanced martial arts of the Pofeng Finger?”

“Advanced martial skills?” Qin Yang was stunned. He didn’t know what advanced martial skills, but breaking the wind meant that after reaching the summit, he always felt that this seemed to lay the foundation for a certain martial skill.

“Anyway, you and I are going to die together. Why always use the Bingxin Art? This technique is very good for combat, but if you always run, don’t you want to become an iceman?”

Qin Yang leaned close to Lou Mengyu’s ear, and whispered again: “Don’t you want to keep your youthful side and go to death with glamour?”

The heat blew into her ears, Lou Mengyu trembled all over. A blush touched the roots of the ears and dyed the neck like a swan.

The actions of the two were extremely intimate, and they were almost pasted together. For a while, everyone in the audience was stunned.

“Open your mouth, ah!” Qin Yang ordered.

Lou Mengyu wanted to speak. As soon as his small mouth opened, Qin Yang stuffed the pill in, and at the same time put away the breaking wind finger.

“Quick luck, digestive medicine!” Qin Yang said, “This superb Yanyan Pill has no side effects, one for the next day…”


In the pill hall, there was a sound of inhaling air-conditioning.

Some girl disciples have fainted on the spot.

Lou Mengyu wanted to spit out the pill, but after hearing this, he couldn’t help but swallowed it.

Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang’s eyes seriously, if…

As Qin Yang said, it’s the people who are going to die together anyway, what are you afraid of! Infuriating energy is now running, digesting medicine.

Originally, she was beautiful, but after eating this superb Zhanyan Danhou, her skin became more supple, smooth, crystal clear, as graceful as a fairy.

Qin Yang took a strong breath, the alluring body fragrance seemed like a fairy.

Meng Gaofei finally endured to the limit, the goddess who he thought was something in his bag, she was so nestled in Qin Yang’s arms! At least in his opinion.

And the two of them are so intimate, they have been communicating in a low voice…

More importantly, why Qin Yang can refine the best Zhu Yan Dan, and why!

The previous gambling appointment has long been forgotten, and the only thing he wants to do at this time is to kill Qin Yang!

As long as Qin Yang dies, everything will go back to the past, he is still that shining alchemy genius! Lou Mengyu still belongs to him!

“Qin Yang, take it to death!” Meng Gaofei reached out and grabbed it.

In his opinion, this claw can break Qin Yang’s neck directly!

“Ah! Be careful!” Lou Mengyu saw this scene, and Qin Yang happened to turn her back to Meng Gaofei. For some reason, she couldn’t help pushing Qin Yang away.

Ding! By copying the Falcon Technique, the host’s cultivation base is upgraded to the Qi Gathering Realm to complete. Gongfa 1/10.

Ding! Copy the martial arts falcon claws, and the proficiency will automatically rise to the highest level. Martial arts 1/10.

“Despicable! Since the alchemy competition has lost, but there is no demeanor! Is this really our respected senior brother?”

“I was so angry that I even made a sneak attack. We really misunderstood him before!”

The inner sect disciples glared.

The system reminded Qin Yang that Qin Yang wanted to fight back, but Lou Mengyu pushed himself away, and Lou Mengyu met Meng Gaofei himself.

Qin Yang was happy, does this mean…

“Broken wind finger!” Lou Mengyu pointed out, and while breaking the falcon’s claws, Meng Gaofei’s hands were pained by the powerful force.

Meng Gaofei’s face became gloomy, “This is our Thousand Hidden Sect’s business, you have to intervene!”

Lou Mengyu just wanted to scold Meng Gaofei for being mean, but stopped. She didn’t care if it was a Thousand Hidden Sect’s matter. She was in a mess at this moment, thinking about why she instinctively saved Qin Yang…

“Is it because of the pill that he gave? It was because of me, Qin Yang didn’t want this Meng Gaofei to continue to pester me?”

Lou Mengyu shook his head, and said to himself in his heart: “Because he can only die in my hands, right, that’s right!”

“I will kill him if I want to kill him, it’s not your turn!” Lou Mengyu figured it out, cold and sharp flashes in her beautiful eyes.

“Um…” Qin Yang turned black and couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth…

“This is indeed something within our Thousand Hidden Sect.” Elder Zhang stood up, his aura exploded.

Meng Gaofei whispered: “Elder Zhang, you hold Lou Mengyu, I will personally end up with Qin Yang!”

Elder Zhang shook his head and said, “He can’t die now.”

Meng Gaofei was startled.

Elder Zhang added: “At least you have to wait for him to hand over the formula and refining techniques just now!”

At this time, Elder Zhang felt extremely regretful. If he had known that this kid had such abilities, he would have just written down the medicinal materials…

Meng Gaofei laughed and said, “Yes, it should be!”

Qin Yang watched the two sing and reconcile with each other playfully, and smiled: “Did you discuss it? Qian Yinzong, it’s a joke, I think this is just a bandit den! Come on, who of you will come first?”

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