I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 21: Live teaching

Facing Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei, Qin Yang looked calm.

Elder Zhang was only in the early stage of the Qi Sea Realm. Although he had crossed a large realm, he was not much better than the Qi Gathering Realm Consummation.

From the Qi Gathering Realm to the Qi Sea Realm, it was not an earth-shaking change.

The Qi Gathering Realm awakens spiritual thoughts and condenses true Qi. The air-sea state is just like the sea. This is just a difference in true strength.

The important thing is that Sora has true energy, can you show it all?

“Good boy, it’s crazy!” Elder Zhang stared at Qin Yang, then looked at the inner disciples around him, and said loudly: “Qin Yang has stolen the Zongmen second-order best-quality Zhuyan Pill formula, now things are revealed, I To retrieve the formula for the sect, clean up the door!”

“It turns out that Qin Yang’s formula stole Zongmen?”

“No wonder he, an outside disciple, can refine the best pill. This formula must be precious?”

“Speaking of which, I’m afraid Senior Brother Meng discovered the clues a long time ago, and then deliberately competed with Qin Yang in order to expose Qin Yang?”

“It turns out that we all misunderstood Brother Meng. I’m sorry, Brother Meng!”

Senior Brother Meng was overjoyed. He didn’t expect things to have such a turning point. He coughed lightly and said, “I don’t blame all the juniors and juniors. Everyone is deceived.”

He also looked at Lou Mengyu specifically, as if there was something in the words.

Senior Brother Meng continued: “Since the truth has come to light, as a senior, I should of course take care of things like cleaning the door!”

Lou Mengyu stared aside, this little sect was so ridiculous? The inner sect elders are jealous and capable, the inner sect elders are insatiable, and the inner sect disciples are ignorant…

How could this formula of the best Yan Yan Dan stole these thousand hidden sects? Don’t say Thousand Hidden Sects, not even the Sky Academy!

“Qin Yang, hurry up and hand over the formula, maybe I can just abolish your cultivation base and drive you out of the sect. Otherwise, you will definitely die today!” Senior Brother Meng said loudly.

“Hand over the recipe! Hand over the recipe!”

“Among the outer disciples, there is such a shameless scum as Qin Yang, which is simply a shame to our thousand hidden sects!”

“Hurry up and hand over the formula. From now on, we will also have the best Zhuyan Dan to use!” The female disciple from the inner sect said in a sharp tone.

Qin Yang looked around, cut his ears, and laughed softly.

Lou Mengyu was completely at a loss on the side. Why did the spear point all the attention at Qin Yang? And Qin Yang… even laughed at this moment?

Qin Yang said flatly, “I still said that, you…who will go first?”

Lou Mengyu took a deep breath. Is this Qin Yang going to challenge the entire inner door alone?

“It seems that I can only beat you down first.” Meng Gaofei squinted his eyes, and once again used the falcon claws of the yellow rank martial arts.

Lou Mengyu wanted to make another move, but Elder Zhang stood in front of her.

Qin Yang looked at Lou Mengyu and smiled: “Didn’t I tell you, you have to learn to trust me.”

Having said that, the same claw used a finger like steel, and one claw clasped Meng Gaofei’s wrist.

Meng Gaofei was shocked, isn’t this his martial skill? This claw is enough to break his wrist directly!

Qin Yang didn’t do this, but just threw Meng Gaofei out.

Meng Gaofei stared at his wrist, and his few bruise fingerprints were clear and terrifying.

“Here again…” Lou Mengyu was shocked, and returned to his body in the same way! And which is strong and weak, make a decisive decision!

At the same time, Lou Mengyu was very puzzled, why did Qin Yang keep the claw just now?

Qin Yang slowly opened his mouth and said, “Baofeng means that you have cultivated to the point of perfection? Are you stuck in a bottleneck?”

Lou Mengyu was taken aback and nodded.

Qin Yang said again: “If you want to cultivate to the top, it is no longer about the skill of exerting strength and grasping the timing, but the meaning of’breaking the wind’.”

After thinking about it, Qin Yang said: “You can treat the object you want to attack as the wind, and all you have to do is break the wind.”

Lou Mengyu’s heart secretly changed. Is this teaching herself?

“Damn it! You look down on me too!” Meng Gaofei yelled and grabbed it again. Qin Yang just performed the same trick as himself, which made him feel something, and he used it on the spot!

Qin Yang only thought it was a little funny, and told Lou Mengyu, “I’m optimistic, this is how Pofeng refers to it!”

One pointed out, unremarkable. It’s even the same as Lou Mengyu’s previous display.

Meng Gaofei changed his trajectory with a single claw, trying to clasp Qin Yang’s wrist, but all changes were in Qin Yang’s grasp.

The move was broken again, but Meng Gaofei was not as lucky as Lou Mengyu broke the move before.

Meng Gaofei only felt his palm numb. He thought that Qin Yang was lacking in strength, but suddenly realized that his true energy could not reach his hands!

Immediately afterwards, the heart-piercing pain spread across the entire palm. At this moment, all the meridians on the hand were broken!

The hand is scrapped, and it is completely scrapped, there is no possibility of recovery!

“Ah!” Meng Gaofei yelled in pain, his forehead showing his bruises and his face was extremely hideous.

Lou Mengyu’s eyes widened, “You…what did you just do?” Thinking back to everything just now, I suddenly thought of what Wu Heitian said.

“For the powerful family, all the martial arts and martial arts are gradual. Don’t think that once you have reached a certain level of cultivation, you can re-purchase and practice more advanced martial arts. That is a big mistake!”

“The reason why the eight people of Shinto are strong is because every step they take is a strong foundation.”

“Just like the advanced martial arts in your clan, the Yellow-Rank Breaking Wind Finger, you have cultivated to the peak of the Mahayana, it is directly the entry point of the Profound Stage Splitting Finger. This is infinitely stronger than directly practicing the Splitting Finger, because the foundation is extremely solid.”

“Impossible, are you really the evildoer…” Lou Mengyu seemed to know Qin Yang for the first time, could the world be so talented?

This split pulse means that I still don’t know it!

He clutched his dantian, thinking that Qin Yang had disturbed the movement of his true energy before, Qin Yang was already able to retract and release freely, and his strength was so accurate? If Qin Yang were to practice the real splitting finger, that might…

“What are you doing in a daze? Do you understand?” Qin Yang asked.

Lou Mengyu recovered, shook his head, and nodded again.

Seeing Meng Gaofei’s defeat by one move, Elder Zhang didn’t expect this kid to have such strength, so he punched him on the spot.

Ding! Copy the giant spirit technique. Gongfa 2/10.

The system did not prompt that the martial arts were copied, nor did the copying techniques indicate that it exceeded the host’s level. It turns out that this elder practiced Huang Tier technique, and his martial skill turned out to be…Kaishan Fist?

How did Zhou’s Huang Tier martial arts come from?

“Unfortunately, the cultivator of the Qi Sea Realm can’t even know the Profound-Order Cultivation Technique and martial arts.” Qin Yang shook his head. In this way, the other party was just a little more innocent than himself.

“Kaishanquan!” Qin Yang shouted in a low voice, covering his fist with a layer of shining earth light.

Looking at Elder Zhang’s fist, the light actually dimmed a lot.

Lou Mengyu was surprised to cover her small mouth, and she couldn’t help but reminded: “Kaishanquan pays attention to strength, not recklessly! Elder Zhang is a sea of ​​anger…”


A muffled sound interrupted Lou Mengyu’s reminder.

Qin Yang shook his hand and stepped back. But Elder Zhang hurriedly backed away several steps!

With the martial arts of focusing on gravity, under the hard shock, the elder Zhang in the early stage of Qi Hai Realm could not compare to Qin Yang, who was perfect in Qi Gathering Realm!

There was silence in the pill hall.

This…is this fake?

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