I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 22: Sweeping the Medicine Hall

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t practice Xuan-level martial arts in the Qihai Realm, and the Huang-level martial arts have only achieved minor accomplishments? Why are you such a dish?” Qin Yang frowned, “You are even wrong with your force skills. True Qi cultivation base, but only 3-4 out of ten, what else are you practicing? Go home and go farming!”

Being so humiliated, Elder Zhang flushed and gradually turned purple. A mouthful of old blood couldn’t help but squirted out suddenly.

“Damn it, **** it!” Elder Zhang widened his eyes and roared: “Listen to all the inner disciples, if anyone defeats Qin Yang, he will be rewarded with ten second-order pill, no, twenty, whatever you want!”

“What? Choose twenty second-tier pill? My God, this is a fortune!”

“But if we besieged him like this, the words spread out…”

“What are you afraid of? The outer disciple stole the formula of the pill and wounded people. We are clearing the door and producing rebellion! And you see that his cultivation is not weaker than us. Maybe it is a spy from another sect. Come secretly learn our martial arts and martial arts!”

“Yes, it must be so, he must be a spy from another sect!”

“Everyone goes together, never let other spies from other sects succeed!”

Everyone, you and I have reached a tacit understanding, and Qin Yang was charged with an unreasonable charge on the spot.

“You are jealous and jealous of talents. Your qualifications are not good. Now that you see a real genius, you dare not accept it and reject Qin Yang…” Lou Mengyu said.

Qin Yang waved his hand to stop her, “It’s useless to tell them this. If they can listen, they won’t do it.”

“Wait.” Qin Yang said.

“Huh?” Lou Mengyu asked: “Are you going to give your last words?”

“I might have heard it wrong just now. You said I was a genius, right?” Qin Yang blinked.

Lou Mengyu was speechless. When is this time, he can even care about joking.

Meng Gaofei looked at Qin Yang as if there was no one next to him, and the Lou Mengyu beside him was anxious for Qin Yang again, and his heart suddenly became very annoyed.

“You simply don’t put our inner disciples in your eyes!” Meng Gaofei shouted.

The other inner sect disciples were prepared early, and immediately shot.

“Also disciple…you are so proud?” Qin Yang smiled. What made him even more pleased was that the system kept beeping.

Ding! Copy exercise…

Ding! Copy martial arts…


Almost in an instant, it was 7/10 of the martial arts and 7/10 of the martial arts.

There are many repetitions of the Huang-level martial arts practiced by these inner disciples, which disappointed Qin Yang.

“Strong Wind Legs!”

Before Qin Yang made a move, Lou Mengyu on the side directly fought with the inner disciple.

Qin Yang was taken aback and said, “You…”

Lou Mengyu turned around and said, “I said, you can only die in my hands!”

Qin Yang laughed, how could he keep the little girl in front of him? Meet Elder Zhang on the spot.

When Elder Zhang saw that there were many people on his side, he was courageous again, and he waved his open fist and cooperated with several other inner disciples to besiege Qin Yang.

While strolling in the courtyard, Qin Yang solved all martial arts intangible, with ease. His gaze stayed on Lou Mengyu’s body, and he pointed out from time to time.

“The person you are fighting against is using the Dragon Snake Step, which is extremely flexible at close range. You only need to use the Wind Step to extend the distance, and use the Gale Legs when attacking. He simply can’t stand it!”

Lou Mengyu heard it, his eyes lit up, and after doing so, he defeated the inner disciple.

“There are two other people beside you who are practicing Fire Leopard Fist. They have a very high eruption. Beware of their sneak attacks. As long as they take action, you can use the breeze to dissolve the willows, and then directly use the breaking wind finger to control these two Yin B Kill directly…”

Qin Yang said again.

The two men who were waiting for an opportunity in the chaos looked at each other.

“Yes, those two goods!” Qin Yang reminded.

Lou Mengyu also noticed them.

The two wanted to cry without tears, so how can they fight? I haven’t made a move yet, everyone knows how to crack it!

“Follow him, how can he be as godly as he said! Let’s go!”

The two combined together and shot directly.

Lou Mengyu used martial arts as Qin Yang said, and it really resolved the two violent offenses, but Pofengzhi did not kill the two in a second, but repelled.

“You are not good at martial arts!” Qin Yang sighed.

Lou Mengyu rolled his eyes and looked at Qin Yang, suddenly his lungs were about to explode.

I saw Qin Yang wandering in the circle of Elder Zhang and several disciples, unharmed. There is no fighting, just like playing a monkey and walking a dog, watching oneself fight from the sidelines.

“This is your battle!” Lou Mengyu gritted his teeth.

“What yours and mine are ours!” Qin Yang corrected.

“But you are watching the show there!” Lou Mengyu was dissatisfied.

“I’m here to give you a chance to fight. Your previous Gale Step did a good job, but the breaking wind finger was too light. You can try to tap their heartbeat, leave it alone, just push the infuriating energy vigorously. “

Qin Yang said.

Lou Mengyu curled her lips, she couldn’t do what Qin Yang did, and soon she had no time to argue with Qin Yang.

“Baofengzhi!” One pointed at a person’s heart, although the person had been prepared for a long time, he couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood at this time, and instantly lost his combat effectiveness.

“That long-haired female disciple, yes, it’s her. She didn’t practice Huang-level martial arts, so she swept her directly with the violent legs! Yes, that’s it.”

“That dead fat man with a pocky face, he is too resistant to beating, let go for a while, don’t fight him, just show the breeze and blow the willows to fight with him, his body is not flexible, and his presence will hinder other people. attack……”

“There is also that tall and thin guy. Although his appearance is not good, he looks sickly. This person is practicing gold breaking fist. Although it is a little worse than Kaishan fist, he is very powerful…”

“and also……”

Under Qin Yang’s guidance, in no time, apart from Elder Zhang and the three inner disciples who besieged him, only Meng Gaofei and the inflexible fat man beside Lou Mengyu were left…

The fat man almost cried, instead of looking at Lou Mengyu who was fighting against him, but at Qin Yang.

Qin Yang grinned, making the fat man feel awkward.

“Now, it’s time to shoot!” Qin Yang Youyou said.

The fat man really cried out, and looked around, the floor was full of painful and wailing inner disciples, his legs weakened, and he fled straight away.

Meng Gaofei stared at Qin Yang fiercely, then looked at Lou Mengyu, and asked loudly: “What do you mean? My Thousand Hidden Sect treats you as a guest, but you are making trouble in the Pill Medicine Hall so much and intervening in the internal affairs of our sect. !”

Lou Mengyu is anxious, this is simply a blow! What made her even more angry was Qin Yang on the side! She defeated all the inner disciples all over the floor, and Qin Yang also moved his lips.

Lou Mengyu does not deny that Qin Yang’s reminder is very important, but to outsiders, this scene seems to have evolved into something different, no wonder Meng Gaofei questioned himself.

“Good job! There are four more here.” Qin Yang gave a thumbs up.

Lou Mengyu was full of black lines, and Elder Zhang and the three disciples also stopped.

What kind of evil are they facing!

The three inner disciples glanced at each other, and now they stopped, only to realize that they had provoked someone who could not be offended. After a little hesitation, the three of them fled directly.

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei were desperate, and within a short period of time, the form turned upside down.

Especially Elder Zhang, he always thought that Qin Yang was slightly better than him before, it was just accidental. But just now he did his best without even touching Qin Yang’s half of his clothes, only to realize that this kid, he is not an opponent…

Elder Zhang regretted greatly in his heart. He looked at Meng Gaofei, whose hand had been abolished, and felt resentful. If he hadn’t come out like this, this kid would have won glory for the Thousand Hidden Sect, but now…

“Is it fun to watch the show?” Lou Mengyu came to Qin Yang, and after this time, she was sweating from the battle.

But Qin Yang, even the hair is not messy…

Qin Yang shrugged and said with a helpless look: “I don’t make a move because of my lack of strength. If I can’t stop the killing, I’m afraid it will be troublesome!”

Looking at the horrified eyes, Qin Yang said again: “They are just being deceived and deceived, and the crime is not dead.”

The inner disciples felt relieved, but they became grateful, and looked at Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei with a pair of eyes.

Lou Mengyu curled her lips, she didn’t believe Qin Yang’s rhetoric, she couldn’t help it, Qin Yang’s martial arts was better than herself! and……

Lou Mengyu was shocked again. When did Qin Yang’s cultivation level have completed his Qi Gathering Realm?

“Are you really an evildoer?” Lou Mengyu muttered to himself.

“What happened?” Suddenly, a thick voice came, and Wu Hetian’s figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone, as if he had always been there.

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