I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 23: Assessment token

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei felt relieved, if Wu Heitian came later, they might also be lying on the ground.

Wu Heitian looked around and looked at Lou Mengyu in surprise, “What are you doing?”

Lou Mengyu didn’t mention how wronged he was, and stared fiercely at Qin Yang, who was stuck on the side and had nothing to do with him.

Just as Lou Mengyu was about to explain, Elder Zhang hurriedly spoke, and Selini said: “My disciple from the Outer Sect of the Thousand Hidden Sect stole the formula of the pill, and after being discovered, made a big noise in the Pill Hall. The person you brought was deceived by it and shot me Sect disciple, I would like to ask, what on earth do you want to do!”

Meng Gaofei also hurriedly said: “Are you bullying me? There is no one in the Thousand Hidden Sect? Intervening in the internal affairs of our sect is so heavy!”

Wu Heitian’s thoughts swept away, and his gaze at Lou Mengyu changed again, “You did this all?”

Lou Mengyu choked for a while, nodded reluctantly.

“Hahaha, yes, yes!” Wu Heitian laughed and praised: “I didn’t expect you to be able to perform this way in actual combat. You really deserve to be from the Lou family.”

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei were stunned, why are they boasting?

Wu Heitian’s expression changed, and he said, “Bullying you thousands of hidden sects? I know Lou Mengyu’s temperament very well. She will never take action for no reason.”

Looking at Qin Yang, Wu Heitian frowned and said: “He is an outside disciple, how can he steal your pill formula? Even if it is stolen, he can’t refine it.”

As soon as the voice fell, the atmosphere became strange.

“What?” Wu Heitian was confused instead.

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei blushed with suffocation, they have refined the best quality, still can’t do it? If you want to protect Qin Yang, you have to understand Qin Yang somehow?

Lou Mengyu whispered: “The pill formula is not stolen, and Qin Yang can refine it.”

At the moment, Lou Mengyu will begin the trial of alchemy, and talk about everything that has just happened from beginning to end. Of course, including Qin Yang’s guidance, she can defeat these inner disciples so quickly.

Wu Heitian didn’t believe it the more he listened, and he looked at Qin Yang up and down, this kid didn’t look like such a bull…

“You said Qin Yang stole the formula of your second-order best Yan Yan Dan?” Wu Heitian asked.

“That’s right!” Elder Zhang insisted.

Wu Heitian laughed dumbly and asked, “Do you know that there is no formula for the second-order best Yan Yan pill? The most advanced Yan Yan pill formula is only an upper level. The alchemy master can refine a best product… …”

Speaking of this, Wu Heitian looked at Lou Mengyu and cast a confirming look.

Lou Mengyu nodded lightly, this is absolutely true, and the best-quality Zhuyan Pill has been eaten by himself… Thinking of this, Lou Mengyu’s heart is more complicated. Feeling uncomfortable, it seems that Qin Yang has taken possession from the outside.

Wu Heitian said: “Even if there is, it has been lost for a long time. How could it be yours?”

Elder Zhang argued: “This is the fact. Qin Yang is our outer disciple of the Qianyin Sect, and everything about him belongs to the Qianyin Sect!”

Meng Gaofei said at this time: “As long as he handed over the formula, he would immediately abolish his cultivation base and expel the Thousand Hidden Sects!”

I was afraid that Qin Yang would stay and replace his big brother.

Elder Zhang looked at Meng Gaofei with a hatred of iron and steel, and he had only one sentence in his heart: This is something that is not enough to succeed…

“Such a good disciple, don’t you want the Thousand Hidden Sect?” Wu Heitian couldn’t understand.

As for the outer disciples, everything belonged to the Qian Yinzong, and he knew that the temporary cameo was in charge of the outer mission hall.

The so-called outer disciples are just like slaves who work for nothing. They have the reputation of providing a place for cultivation, but they don’t even ask about it. Those with good qualifications enter the inner gate, and those with poor qualifications are free permanent workers.

“Like this kind of rebellion, our Thousand Hidden Sects can’t afford it!” Meng Gaofei said.

A word took Elder Zhang’s thoughts back, unable to speak out.

“Naughty! This kid has the formula of the second-order best Yan Yan Dan, and his cultivation talent is so extraordinary, it is of great use to the sect!” Elder Zhang whispered.

This is what Meng Gaofei fears the most, and he whispered back: “That’s not even more important. Such a thing has already happened today, how can there be room for maneuver?”

Wu Heitian said directly: “If this is the case, then he is free. Don’t make fun of the formula. If you have anything, let your lord come to me.”

After all, he directly took out a jade card and handed it to Qin Yang.

Qin Yang took it and looked at this jade card. The whole body is exquisite and crystal clear. It is a fine jade. Although it can’t compare with your own Shenlong jade, it looks expensive.

On the front, there is a simple and atmospheric word “Sky of Heaven”, while on the back, there is a magnificent pattern.

“What is this? Is it a token of Sky Academy? I am a student of Sky Academy now?” Qin Yang asked.

Wu Heitian smiled and said: “It’s not that simple to enter the Sky Academy. This is just an assessment token. In the monster tide, this token will show the points according to the monsters you hunt. If the points are listed in Beiyuan Only in the top 100 of the Hunting Demon Ranking are you eligible to enter the Sky Academy.

“The first hundred? How many people have this token?” Qin Yang asked.

Wu Heitian said, “There must be thousands of tokens. These tokens are issued in advance, and the people who own the tokens are all geniuses.”

“So much?” Qin Yang was taken aback. Hunting monsters and beasts is not a simple task, and you have to compete with thousands of people?

As for genius, Qin Yang likes genius the most.

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei watched, and Meng Gaofei asked in a low voice, “What is the Sky Academy?”

Elder Zhang shook his head and whispered: “It should be a big sect, with thousands of appraisal disciples, and even the monster tide is used as an appraisal item…”

“Then what should we do?” Meng Gaofei didn’t know what to do.

Elder Zhang also felt a headache. Could it be that the formula of the second-order Supreme Zhuyan Dan just flew? The two stayed quietly, watching the changes.

“Teacher Wu, why did you come here suddenly?” Lou Mengyu asked curiously.

Wu Heitian just remembered this, and said, “I have something to do, and I need to leave. Lou Mengyu, you are responsible for receiving visitors in this Qian Yinzong.”

Qin Yang also had the impression that Wu Hetian had asked himself to clean the gate well before, saying that many guests would visit during this period.

Lou Mengyu looked at the wailing inner disciple with embarrassment, and said, “This…maybe inconvenient.”

Wu Heitian thought for a while, and said, “The location has already been determined, so it’s not easy to change it. So, let them do what they like, you two will go to Wanshan City and wait. When the monster tide comes, just start the assessment directly. .”

“By the way, I still have to give you an important task.” Wu Heitian exhorted.

Lou Mengyu was taken aback, “What task?”

Wu Heitian glanced at Qin Yang and said, “Let me take a good look at this kid, this kid is a craftsman, and you can’t let him go astray.”

Lou Mengyu stayed, this…

Qin Yang immediately became happy, and said, “Teacher Wu, don’t worry, I will definitely be obedient and take good care of the younger sister.”

Wu Heitian always felt uneasy, but the matter was urgent, and he couldn’t say anything more, and disappeared after a flash.

“Oh? Didn’t you take us along the way?” Qin Yang shouted loudly.

But where is Wu Hetian’s figure?

Qin Yang looked at Lou Mengyu with a smile and said, “Junior Sister, let’s go!”

Lou Mengyu’s heart tightened, Qin Yang’s smile seemed to be unkind. “Go…where to go?”

“Of course it is Wanshan City, I don’t know the road.” Qin Yang said.

Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei are overjoyed, since Wu Hetian has gone… but they want to stop, they don’t have this strength…

Qin Yang glanced at Elder Zhang and Meng Gaofei, smiled softly, followed Lou Mengyu’s pace, and headed to Wanshan City.

“Just let them go?” Meng Gaofei was jealous, this should be his own opportunity! But Wu Heitian didn’t even look at himself straight!

Elder Zhang said meaningfully: “Don’t worry, don’t you know they are going to Wanshan City?”

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