I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 24: Brothers Square

Wanshan City, one of the largest cities on the edge of the Northern Plains.

There are frequent visits between monks, and casual cultivators who go to Shiwan Dashan to hunt demon hunting for treasure often gather here.

There are also monks from other sects who trade in this city.

“How do I feel that I have forgotten something?”

Qin Yang frowned. What I thought was Beiyuan Demon Hunting List and Cangqiang Academy.

“The Cangqiang Academy is far away in Zhongzhou, but as the mainland’s top power, it has a heart for the world. It turned the once-in-a-hundred-year catastrophe of the mainland into a grand event. Now the tide of monsters is coming, and geniuses from all over the mainland will come to Beiyuan.”

Lou Mengyu continued: “Those people are not mediocre disciples of the Qianyin Sect. All of them have extraordinary backgrounds. You’d better not pick things up. When you encounter people with unknown origins, it is best to avoid conflicts.”

Thinking of Wu Heitian’s instructions and the previous scene in the Qianyinzong Pill Hall, Lou Mengyu felt that he really had to take care of Qin Yang.

Qin Yang disagreed, “Extraordinary background? How is it better than the eight clans of the gods?”

Lou Mengyu frowned, and said, “The Eight Clan of the Gods are not as simple as you think.”

“How complicated can it be?” Qin Yang smiled.

Entering the city, the streets are extremely wide, with various shops lined up, and there are many monks among the visitors.

“Are you rich?” Qin Yang asked suddenly.

Lou Mengyu was taken aback for a moment, “Yes.” Thinking Qin Yang was worried about life problems, he said now: “You won’t have to eat and sleep, don’t worry.”

Qin Yang said unceremoniously: “Then give me some. I’ll buy some medicinal materials and pill furnace.”

“What do you buy medicinal materials and pill furnace for?” Lou Mengyu said, “Those things can’t be bought in these shops. There is a market among monks in Wanshan City, and…”

“Let’s go.” Qin Yang said directly.

Lou Mengyu bit her lip and followed.

After some inquiries, came to the monk’s workshop city.

The environment here is immediately completely different, and almost everyone I see is a monk! It seems to have formed an independent area.

Not only the shops, but also a special place for stalls.

Qin Yang’s eyes flashed brightly, and he strolled around excitedly.

On the stalls, there are not only martial arts and martial arts, but even magic weapons. There are also all kinds of weird things that Qin Yang can’t catch.

“Mysterious rank technique!”

“Xuan Tier martial arts!”

“Yellow rank magic weapon!”

“Tier 3 elixir!”

Qin Yang opened his mouth wide, this place is like a treasure house!

Seeing Qin Yang’s appearance like a hillbilly, Lou Mengyu blushed deeply. It’s shameful to walk with him!

“Second-order elixir blood cane grass…this little brother, do you want to buy it?” The stall owner was a middle-aged monk.

Qin Yang bent over to check, and said, “How much is it?”

The monk looked at Qin Yang, then looked at Lou Mengyu next to Qin Yang, his eyes were instantly hot, rolled his eyes, stretched out his fingers, and made a “two” sign.

“Are you two? Ask you how much money!” Qin Yang asked. He hates such profiteers the most.

The monk smiled and said, “Two low-grade spirit stones.”

“Huh? Lingshi?” Qin Yang was puzzled.

Lou Mengyu’s face turned black. Doesn’t this kid even know what Lingshi is?

“Lingshi is the currency between monks. One low-grade Lingshi is equal to one hundred taels of gold.” Lou Mengyu whispered.

“What? Are you stealing money!” Qin Yang exclaimed: “The second-order elixir will sell two hundred taels of gold, you…”

“Speak quietly!” The monk panicked, facing the contemptuous glances of other stall owners, and quickly changed his words: “I was just kidding, this blood vine grass twenty taels of gold.”

“The blink of an eye is ten times the difference, you treat me as a fat sheep, but you can slaughter how you want?” Qin Yang looked bad.

Lou Mengyu on the side said: “Usually, the second-order elixir only needs twelve taels of gold. Your blood vine grass is not old enough. You can’t have more than fifty taels of gold.”

The stall owner was dumbfounded, and unexpectedly met someone who knew the goods!

Frustrated, the stall owner said: “Good, good, five or two, five or two, take it!”

Lou Mengyu paid the money, and Qin Yang took the elixir.

Seeing Qin Yang’s surprised gaze, Lou Mengyu flushed, and scolded: “What do you look at!”

Qin Yang sighed and said, “I didn’t expect that you, the proud girl of heaven, would even bargain. It seems that buying things is simply a woman’s natural talent.”

Lou Mengyu’s expression darkened, thought of unhappy things, and did not answer.

But Qin Yang has already moved to the next stall.

After a while, a copy of the materials for the second-order Yan Yan Dan was gathered.

Lou Mengyu finally knew what Qin Yang was going to do.

“The rest is the pill furnace,” Qin Yang said.

“But…” Lou Mengyu hesitated: “The pill furnace is a magic weapon, and even the lowest-level pill furnace is not cheap. If you want to refine the second-order Yanyan Pill, at least you have to use the yellow-level magic pill furnace. I… …I can not afford it.”

“Can’t afford it? You are a member of the Shinto family. How can you not even be able to afford a yellow-tier magic treasure pill furnace?”

Qin Yang was puzzled.

Lou Mengyu was a little embarrassed, turned his head and said nothing.

Qin Yang thoughtfully, it seemed that Lou Mengyu’s life in the family didn’t seem to be easy.

Without letting Lou Mengyu continue to embarrass him, Qin Yang said: “If this is the case, then I will find another way. This second-order best Yan Yan Dan was originally intended to be refined for you to eat tomorrow, so now I can only practice it first. It was made and sold.”

Qin Yang has already figured out how to make money.

“Huh?” Lou Mengyu was dumbfounded, this pill was actually to be refined for himself? Remembering what Qin Yang said before, this pill should be given to himself a day, is he serious?

“What are you doing in a daze, go, look for the pill furnace!” Qin Yang strode forward.

Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang’s back, then came back and hurriedly followed.

Liu Sandan Pharmacy.

There was an endless stream of monks at the door, and business was good.

“It’s this one.” Qin Yang walked in directly.

“Who is the boss?” Qin Yang asked.

At the counter, an old man with a gray beard tilted his head and said listlessly: “I am, I am looking for the pill to buy on the shelf, clearly marked the price, and refused to bargain. If you decide, you can ask me to pay.”

After speaking, he yawned long. But when he saw Lou Mengyu behind Qin Yang, he was immediately full of energy and no sleepiness.

“This little friend, I don’t know what pill you want to buy?” Liu San ran over, ignoring Qin Yang directly.

Coming here all the year round, he can be said to have developed a pair of fiery eyes, this female cultivator is not a mortal when she catches her eyes! Thinking of the major events that will happen in the near future, nine out of ten people guessed the origin of this sister.

Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang, which made Liu Sanzheng look over.

He just changed his attitude sharply and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Just treat Qin Yang as the errand guy next to Lou Mengyu!

“You have…” Before Qin Yang finished speaking, two people walked directly outside the door, a man and a woman.

The woman was glamorous, unusually handsome, she seemed to have a familiar feeling, she was a bit like Lou Mengyu.

The man looked arrogant and looked at everything in the store with disgust.

“Take out your best Yan Yan Dan, hurry up!” The young monk said in an order.

Liu San’s eyes were bright, and he met two groups of high-quality guests today, and he seemed to be making a big deal!

Sorry to look at Lou Mengyu, quickly went to the counter to fetch a porcelain bottle, hand it over, and proudly said: “This is the second-order top-grade Zhuyan Dan. The entire Wanshan City also has this quality Zhuyan Dan in my Liu Sandan Pharmacy. “

The young monk did not pick it up, but looked at Lou Mengyu in surprise.

The female monk also looked over, and it was obviously an acquaintance who met!

“It’s such a coincidence, aren’t you in that Thousand Hidden Sect?” The young monk greeted with a smile.

The female monk on the side snorted softly and said high up: “Why don’t you say hello when you see your sister?”

Lou Mengyu squeezed her fist secretly. Although she was extremely unwilling, she still said respectfully: “I have seen my sister.”

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