I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 25: Have you seen

Qin Yang looked around, no wonder this female cultivator looked familiar, she turned out to be Lou Mengyu’s sister?

Only in terms of age, it does not seem to be older than Lou Mengyu.

The female cultivator had an aggressive tone, and said, “You haven’t greeted your brother-in-law yet!”

The young monk looked a little embarrassed, Lou Mengyu was even more aggrieved, but still said, “I have seen my brother-in-law.”

“Who are these two?” Qin Yang frowned, dare to bully his own woman like this?

Lou Mengyu whispered: “My elder sister is the descendant of the Lou family, Lou Qianru. The brother-in-law is the descendant of the grandson family of the eighth tribe of God, Gongsun Ming.”

Sure enough, the background is not small!

“Just because they are a direct line, so you are inferior to others?” Qin Yang was not annoyed.

Lou Mengyu’s expression was sad, “Who told me to come out…”

“What do you two underestimate?” Lou Qianru looked at Qin Yang’s dressing disdainfully, and laughed: “Could this be a disciple of Qianyin Sect?”

The other party didn’t give Qin Yang a chance to speak at all, and continued: “Lou Mengyu, are you also here to buy Zhuyan Dan? It’s just a family tool, and it deserves to eat Zhuyan Dan?”

Qin Yang suddenly became angry, when would he take a pill and be divided into concubines?

Qin Yang sneered and said, “Unfortunately, the beautiful people don’t have to eat Zhuyan Dan, and the ugly people are still ugly when they eat Zhuyan Dan. Are you jealous of Lou Mengyu?”

Lou Mengyu hurriedly pulled Qin Yang’s clothes corner, but could not stop Qin Yang’s words.

“Dare you call me ugly?” Lou Qianru’s voice became sharp.

Qin Yang shrugged, looked at Gongsun Ming, and said with a smile: “Since I saw Lou Mengyu, my eyes are straight. This is the best proof.”

Gongsun Ming’s face changed, his eyes flashed with a cruel expression, and he quickly explained: “I didn’t!”

Lou Qianru said angrily: “Our two are already married, you better have no other ideas!”

Gongsun Ming’s teeth were itchy, and he said at this moment: “I wanted to be so coincidental today that I wanted to buy a bottle of Zhuyan Pill for Sister Lou Mengyu. Now it seems that I can’t give it away.”

“What? You still want to give this **** Zhanyan Dan? What is your intention?” Lou Qianru said.

Gongsun Ming attracted another explanation, and he hated Qin Yang to death.

Lou Qianru stared at Lou Mengyu, not being jealous in her heart is false. How long hasn’t seen it, Lou Mengyu is actually beautiful again! This made her feel even more unhappy.

Looking at the porcelain bottle in Liu San’s hand, Lou Qianru said with a smile, “Want to keep Yan Dan? You beg me, maybe I will reward you with a bottle when I am in a good mood.”

Lou Mengyu bit her lip tightly and said nothing.

Qin Yang sighed. No wonder Lou Mengyu was in a tight deal before and couldn’t afford the yellow-order magic pill furnace. No wonder Lou Mengyu would bargain when buying elixir…

“Let’s go.” Lou Mengyu wanted to escape here quickly.

As soon as he took a step, Qin Yang grabbed Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu couldn’t break free, Qin Yang’s hand stubbornly held his arm, making himself unable to move.

“You let me go!” Lou Mengyu’s grievance finally couldn’t help, his eyes flushed.

Qin Yang saw it, instantly furious.

“A pill of such **** quality will only cause diarrhea!” Qin Yang said with disdain.

After saying this, Liu San became unhappy, arguing: “This is the quality of the second-tier top grade, why is it garbage?”

After a while, he also saw the situation. Lou Qianru and Gongsun Ming were better customers. Then he said: “Boy, don’t slander my medicine!”

Gongsun Ming also sneered: “If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. You really can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour!”

Lou Qianru also sneered: “Lou Mengyu, you only have a few monthly money for a month. I don’t even have enough pocket money for one day. If I don’t use it to improve my strength, I spend my money on Zhuyan Dan? You really become a vixen, but can your destiny be changed? If the descendants of the Qin family do not appear, you will eventually become a concubine of other family concubines!”

Speaking of this, the corner of Gongsun Ming’s mouth raised slightly, and he quickly put a smile away.

Qin Yang squinted his eyes to see all this in his eyes, and sneered: “What kind of people say what kind of things, what kind of people eat what kind of pill. I say this second-order top-grade Zhuyan Dan **** What’s wrong? The ones I refined are better than this!”

Gongsun Ming and Lou Qianru laughed.

Gongsun Ming said: “The hillbilly is a hillbilly. Today is a gain in knowledge. Only the frog at the bottom of the well in this tiny place can be so arrogant!”

Liu San also competed with Qin Yang, saying: “Don’t be afraid to flash your tongue when you speak big words. It’s better than the top grade. It can only be the best. Can you refine the alchemy? Can you refine the second-order best Yan Yan Dan?”

“Joke, this second-order Zhuyan Dan has no top quality at all!” Lou Qianru looked at Lou Mengyu, and said: “As a daughter of the family, I only took one top-grade Zhuyan Dan in three days. It’s a pity , Even if someone wants to eat it, they can’t afford it. I’m afraid it’s a low-grade Zhuyan Dan, can I eat one in a month?”

Lou Mengyu couldn’t face it anymore, and looked at Qin Yang begging for mercy: “Let me go, let me go!”

The deep sense of helplessness and humiliation in his eyes stung Qin Yang.

Qin Yang said loudly: “Take the pill furnace, I will refine it for you now! See who is it! See who is the frog at the bottom of the well!”

Liu San also laughed angrily, and directly carried a yellow-order pill furnace, “Come on, if you make it today, my Liu Sandan pharmacy will be closed from now on!”

With a cold snort, Qin Yang directly took out the package and took out all the elixir he had bought.

However, no one believed that Qin Yang could succeed in refining.

Even Lou Mengyu didn’t believe it. Lou Mengyu always thought that Qin Yang had succeeded in refining before, and it was at best coincidence. Even a master alchemist, who can succeed every time? What’s more, the top quality every time?

Gongsun Ming looked at Lou Mengyu’s pitiful appearance, and he was even more excited. He thought in his heart, how good would it be if Lou Mengyu and Lou Qianru’s identities were changed…

I took a bottle of top-grade Zhu Yan Dan, gently placed it on the table, looked at Lou Mengyu, and whispered: “Anyway, sooner or later, it’s a family, why should it be so stiff. You should know your sister’s temper. Wouldn’t it be enough to apologize for being soft?”

“What morning and evening the family?” These words deeply irritated Lou Qianru. Lou Qianru pointedly said: “Lou Mengyu can be a concubine for anyone, but he can’t be you! How can I serve her husband together? ?”

Gongsun Ming frowned and said, “You got it wrong, I said that you were originally a family.”

Lou Qianru still didn’t give up, but Qin Yang couldn’t listen anymore, and roared: “Noisy! Shut up!”

Lou Qianru was about to swear, only to find that Qin Yang had already started alchemy!

Gongsun Ming and Liu San also looked at this kid in amazement, could he really make alchemy?

“It’s fake, it’s a mystery.” Gongsun Ming disdain, since the other party started to make alchemy, it might as well wait for him to fail before making him look good!

Of course he could see the extraordinary relationship between Qin Yang and Lou Mengyu, how could he tolerate Qin Yang?

Putting a strain of elixir into the furnace, with perfect formula, perfect technique, and top-level proficiency, alchemy is really just a matter of hand.

After a while, the pill gas filled the furnace.

“Dan…Dan Qi? Extremely…extremely…extremely…” Liu San was trembling all over, speaking uncomfortably.

The best pill, no matter what the quality, as long as it is the best pill, it is destined to be a master of the world! Even with the best formula, not everyone can refine the best pill!

What’s more, there is no formula that can refine the best quality Zhanyan Dan in the world!

Gongsun Ming and Lou Qianru were dumbfounded, their eyes were full of shock and incredible.

Taking out the pill, Qin Yang stuffed it into Lou Mengyu’s hand, glanced at the top-quality Zhuyan Pill porcelain bottle, shook his head and chuckles, “I said, the **** quality pill will only cause diarrhea. “

Looking at Lou Qianru, Qin Yang said word by word: “Also, what kind of pill is taken by what kind of person. Don’t say that you have eaten this top-quality Zhuyan Pill, have you seen it?”

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