I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 26: We might get rich

Lou Qianru’s face was burning hot, as if she had slapped her face severely!

She really hadn’t seen this superb Zhan Yan Dan!

This ordinary boy in front of him is still an alchemist? And he is an alchemist who can make the best pill!

Gongsun Ming glanced at Qin Yang deeply, such a kid, in any family, is a vying existence!

Liu San was sweaty. He thought he was just an entourage boy, but he actually had this ability! He doesn’t know the origin of the other people’s identities, but this kid easily refined the second-order best Yan Yan Dan, which is already an existence he can’t afford.

Lou Mengyu looked at the Zhuyan Dan, who was still exuding pill in his palm, and looked at the dumbfounded Gongsun Ming and the jealous Lou Qianru, his heart relieved.

“Shen Dao Eight Clan, that’s nothing more than that, Mengyu, let’s go!” Qin Yang let out a disdainful cry and walked out the door directly.

Lou Mengyu hurriedly followed.

Only Liu San who was relieved, it seems that this pill pharmacy does not need to be closed…

“Don’t you have the best beauty pill here? Anyone can refine it, but you don’t have it?”

Gongsun Ming’s stomach was full of anger, and he sprayed his anger on Liu San.

Liu San wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and could only shake his head. That kid just now, “Is anyone here?” Is it possible that such alchemy geniuses can be seen everywhere?

Lou Qianru was about to jump in anger, and the two descendants of the eighth tribe of Shinto were actually humiliated by a small rural monk!

If this goes out, the family can’t spare them! The faces of the eight people of Shinto had lost them all.

Especially, this is still in front of Lou Mengyu!

“I have to get this superb beauty pill! I don’t believe it, only the kid can refine it!” Lou Qianru gritted his teeth.

If Qin Yang is still here, he will surely laugh again when he hears this sentence, yes, he is the only one in this world!

On the street, Lou Mengyu closely followed Qin Yang and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Qin Yang raised his eyebrows, “You would actually say thank you?”

When Lou Mengyu saw Qin Yang about to start dancing, he turned his head and said nothing.

Qin Yang laughed lightly and said, “I am not for you, I am for myself.”

“What do you mean?” Lou Mengyu couldn’t understand.

“You are my woman. They bullied you, aren’t they bullying me?” Qin Yang said, “If I can bear it, I am not a man!”

Lou Mengyu’s body was shocked when she heard it, and her cold heart began to melt slowly inadvertently.

“After all, they are still a direct line of the Eight Clan of Shinto, and you embarrass them by doing so. They won’t just let it go.”

Lou Mengyu said.

“Hey, I won’t let it go!” Qin Yang dismissed it.

Seeing a plaque not far away, Qin Yang said, “Here.”

Lou Mengyu also saw the plaque, Wanshan Auction House.

“This Zhuyan Dan is our start-up capital. Don’t worry, the Zhuyan Dan for you every day is definitely refined on the spot, fresh and warm!”

Enter the auction house, reveal the second-order best Zhu Yan Dan. The receptionist changed from an ordinary clerk to a steward on the spot.

Guan Shi is a well-mannered middle-aged man, who has been staring at the second-order best Zhuyan Dan, sometimes frowning and thinking, sometimes wandering away.

“Why, no?” Qin Yang began to sell, “Although this Yan Yan Dan is only a Tier 2 pill, it is of the highest quality. Recently, the tide of monsters is coming, and all the great talents in the mainland will swarm in. The strength of those geniuses is not high, it is just right to eat this second-order Yan Yan Dan.”

The middle-aged manager looked at Qin Yang and nodded secretly. These two people know so much, I’m afraid they are those who are among the geniuses and have a lot of background.

As the steward of the auction house, he is well informed. These young people have extraordinary backgrounds and outstanding talents, and their goals are all rushing to the Northern Plains Demon Hunting List, rushing to the selection of the Sky Academy. Since they are all young people, the comparability is naturally indispensable.

It’s just a pity, this one…

“You will definitely receive it. Are you sure you are selling it directly to our auction house instead of waiting for the auction?” The middle-aged steward asked, “There will be an auction in three days.”

Qin Yang sighed, what’s the use of an auction? He can’t afford anything…

“You can directly make a price.” Qin Yang said.

The middle-aged manager thought for a while, then looked at Qin Yang and Lou Mengyu, and quickly estimated the price in his mind, saying, “Ten low-grade spirit stones.”

Qin Yang didn’t feel anything, but Lou Mengyu was stunned, “The ordinary second-tier pill only sells one low-grade spiritual stone, and ten low-grade spiritual stones can buy a third-tier pill!”

Think about the one I ate before, that bite is ten low-grade spirit stones?

The middle-aged steward laughed. He likes the refreshing and transparent guests most, and immediately said directly: “The second-order pill, the elixir needed is between seven or eight to twenty kinds, and each one counts as twelve taels of gold. , The cost is also about a piece of spiritual stone.”

“This is the premise of 100% success in alchemy…”

“Generally speaking, high-level alchemists refine low-level pills to increase the success rate. And they have channels for elixir, which can reduce costs.”

“The higher-order pill, the higher the profit. This second-order pill actually has no oil and water, but this is the best Zhuyan pill.”

Speaking of this, the middle-aged manager’s voice was slightly lower, “As far as I know, there are very few formulas that can refine top-quality pill, and among them… there is no Zhuyan Pill.”

“Happy!” Qin Yang looked at the middle-aged steward with admiration, this is the person who is serious about doing business, and this can be called a childish man!

After breaking your fingers, the cost is actually a little bit more for a low-grade spirit stone. In a blink of an eye, it turned ten times?

It really is a promising way to make a fortune! No, the way to get rich!

The middle-aged manager is based on the principle of being kind in doing business. In fact, he pays more attention to the potential benefits.

For one thing, his auction is not the only one in Wanshan City. Second, with the first one, will it…

The middle-aged steward gave a light cough, and said embarrassingly: “Is there really only one second-order top-grade Yan Yan Dan?”

Qin Yang fell silent, thinking in his heart, if he buys the elixir for refining, although the profit is huge, he can’t keep refining it… and when his strength is high, this second-order pill will definitely not look good. At that time, third-order, fourth-order and even higher-order pill will be refined…

Now that the duplication of exercises and martial skills has reached 7/10, and the advanced Qi sea realm is just around the corner, then the third-order pill can be refined. Although it has to be copied to the recipe first…

As a result, the formula of this second-order best Zhu Yan Dan is actually of no use to him.

The middle-aged manager waited quietly, looking forward to it.

Lou Mengyu also had a guess in his heart, is it possible that Qin Yang wants to cooperate with this Wanshan auction house for a long time?

“Can you accept the formula for the second-order best-quality Yan Dan…?”

Lou Mengyu’s eyes widened suddenly, and the middle-aged manager was even more unbearable, and his feet softened and almost couldn’t stand it!

The middle-aged steward hurriedly supported the table, no matter how calm and guessing he was before, he didn’t expect Qin Yang to sell the formula directly!

“This…this…I can’t be the lord…you wait!” The middle-aged manager took a few deep breaths and ran away.

“Are you crazy? Do you know what this second-order best Zhuyan Pill means! The pill is a consumable, and the sales of this Zhuyan Pill is no worse than some cultivation pills…”

“Well, so what?”

“There has never been a formula for the second-order best Yan Yan Dan on the mainland…”

“Well, so what?”

Lou Mengyu was stunned. She knew the value of this formula, but it was exactly what Qin Yang said, so what?

Qin Yang laughed and said, “The more valuable the better, we may…get rich!”

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