I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 27: Two strange flowers

“Who is going to sell the formula of the second-order superb Zhuyan Pill? What a joke, this kind of horns can also produce the formula for the best pill?”

A voice came, followed by a sound of footsteps.

A young fat man with fat head and big ears walked up with a face full of disbelief.

The middle-aged steward only promises behind him. Obviously, this fat man’s identity is not simple.

“Ouch, I’m dying!” The fat man caught Lou Mengyu at a glance, ecstatic. Just pounce!

Lou Mengyu’s expression was also quite surprised. Before he said anything, a figure swayed from his eyes.

“Fuck off!” Qin Yang shouted sharply and stood in front of Lou Mengyu.

The fat man frowned and looked at Qin Yang, “Where did your kid jump out? It’s you who got the **** off!”

When he slapped him, he slapped it.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s skill Liancheng. Gongfa 8/10.

Ding! Copy the opponent’s martial arts and move the mountain palm. Martial arts 8/10.

“Humph!” Qin Yang snorted angrily, and patted the same palm.

The strength is also endless, such as the topping of Mount Tai.

There was a flash of surprise in the fat man’s eyes, and he squeezed his qi with enough effort.

Qin Yang did not show weakness, but also urged his true energy.

Like two bulls wrestling, they are actually equal.

“The Qi Gathering Realm is perfect? ​​The martial arts proficiency reached the peak? This fat man is not easy!” Qin Yang secretly said in his heart.

The system prompts that there is no increase in proficiency, which means that the fat man’s martial arts proficiency is at its peak.

Fatty muttered in his heart, “Where did this guy come from? He is about the same age as me, but with such strength. Why do I have no impression of him? This time I enrolled in Sky Academy, I have carefully investigated potential opponents. It seems to be missing!”

Lou Mengyu was dumbfounded at the side, why did the two of them fight directly?

Fortunately, the strength is only in the Qi Gathering Realm. If it is higher, it will have to lose both.

Now it is just a waste of energy and there will be no serious consequences.

However, Lou Mengyu didn’t expect Qin Yang to fight against Jin Wanshan.

That’s right, Lou Mengyu and Jin Wanshan met, and they were friends.

At this time, Qin Yang and Jin Wanshan were at a standstill, and beads of sweat appeared on the top of Jin Wanshan.

Qin Yang is much more relaxed. His exercise is the Universe Wanxiang Jue, which combines all the advantages of the copied exercises, but if it is so matched, the opponent’s Liancheng Jue is not much worse in this situation.

“There is no absolutely perfect martial arts. As long as you keep copying and master all martial arts, you can certainly find a way to crack it.”

At the beginning of the system, Qin Yang was given the answer to win.

“The breeze is blowing the willows!” Qin Yang shouted in a low voice, his palm tilted, and a huge force came straight towards the door.

Jin Wanshan was swayed, and his whole body instantly leaned forward. There was a sudden change, and he couldn’t stop it!

Lou Mengyu was also stunned, everything was in between the electric light and flint, as if Qin Yang would be hit on the face door with a palm in the next second, killing him on the spot.

“No!” Lou Mengyu shouted anxiously.

Qin Yang will be shot? how is this possible! This is Qin Yang’s own changed trick, the breeze blowing in the willows!

When the move was changed, the body was already tilted, one palm led Jin Wanshan’s palm to the side, the other took the force, and then swiped.

It didn’t use much strength, just to add to the flames, Jin Wanshan flew out by himself.

“Boom!” He slammed open a wall directly, and the sky was full of dust.

This result once again made Lou Mengyu dumbfounded, and her attractive little mouth opened wide.

“Young Master!” The middle-aged steward wailed and jumped along the hole in the wall.

“Are you worried about me just now?” Qin Yang chuckled.

Lou Mengyu recovered and retorted, “You think too much! Impossible!”

“Ahem!” Jin Wanshan coughed, “Don’t help me, I’m fine!”

And the middle-aged steward came back from the hole.

Jin Wanshan looked at Qin Yang and Lou Mengyu back and forth, and when he looked at Lou Mengyu, he had a pompous and distressed expression, “Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, you taught him the breeze blowing willow!”

Lou Mengyu blushed after thinking of something, and argued: “I didn’t teach it!”

Qin Yang was taken aback, “You know? Not the enemy?”


“of course not!”

The two said in unison.

It turned out that this was a misunderstanding… Qin Yang thought this fat man was a pervert…

Jin Wanshan arched his hands and said: “In the next Jin Wanshan, the young master of Wanshan Chamber of Commerce.”

Qin Yang couldn’t lose his courtesy. He smiled apologetically, and said, “Under Qin Yang, I’m still doing casual repairs for the time being.”

“This Dao’s friendly strength, my Jin Wanshan is so talented that I was defeated by your hands.” Jin Wanshan said politely.

“Where is it, you have accepted it.” Qin Yang smiled.

The two of them immediately started the commercial mutual blowing mode, constantly praised each other.

Lou Mengyu and the middle-aged steward are full of black lines.

“Lou Mengyu, I didn’t expect to meet you here. I said why there is no news from you recently, so you have come early.” Jin Wanshan said.

Lou Mengyu was also puzzled: “Is this Wanshan auction house also your Jin family?”

Jin Wanshan immediately raised his head and looked proud, “Of course, my Jin family’s Wanshan Chamber of Commerce is spread across the entire continent, rich in an enemy country, and it is also one of the top powers in the continent.”

Looking at Qin Yang, Jin Wanshan said again: “There is no way, except for my excellent talent, the sign is rich!”

The compliment was still in the first moment, and the show off the next moment.

Qin Yang shrugged and said, “Actually, I also have a sign.”

“Oh? I would like to hear the details.” Jin Wanshan said.

Qin Yang gave a thumbs up: “My strength is the signboard. People in the rivers and lakes say that the way of the other is to give back to the other. If I am second in the world, no one is the first in the world.”

Lou Mengyu looked at Qin Yang sluggishly, she was ashamed of Qin Yang after hearing this.

Qin Yang and Jin Wanshan looked at each other, and there seemed to be electric sparks in the air.

“This kid unexpectedly walked with Lou Mengyu, he must be overpowered by his momentum! Let Lou Mengyu know that I am the best!” Jin Wanshan secretly said in his heart.

Qin Yang also slandered in his heart: “What’s so special, rich is great? Who can’t brag?”

Lou Mengyu looked helpless, and whispered to Qin Yang: “The Wanshan Chamber of Commerce in the Jin family is indeed rich, and it works closely with Cangqiong Academy. He didn’t speak big words.”

“Ah? His family is really so rich?” Qin Yang was taken aback.

At the same time, Lou Mengyu also said to Jin Wanshan: “I did not teach him martial arts, because he secretly learned it during the battle against me. Also, I don’t know that people in the world are called the second in the world, but I still do it in his body The other body is real.”

Jin Wanshan is also stupid, there is such a genius in the world? Thinking of Qin Yang’s hand in hand with himself just now, at first glance, isn’t that palm of his hand?

“Disrespectful and impolite!” Jin Wanshan arched his hand again.

Qin Yang put on the same smile, “You are polite!”

“You…” Lou Mengyu is anxious, these are two weird things!

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