I Have an Invincible Copy System

Chapter 28: Buy buy buy

“This Xiongtai wants to sell the second-order best Yan Yan Dan formula?” Jin Wanshan confirmed: “Are you sure that the formula you sell can refine the second-order best Yan Yan Dan?”

“Of course.” Qin Yang said.

Jin Wanshan still didn’t believe it, and he winked towards Lou Mengyu.

Lou Mengyu nodded slightly, confirming that this impossible thing is indeed a fact.

Jin Wanshan laughed and said, “Because the formula needs to be confirmed… so…”

Qin Yang understood, and said: “I can refine the pill furnace and elixir on the spot.”

Jin Wanshan’s eyes lit up and he said with joy: “That’s the best.”

The middle-aged manager inquired about the materials, and a moment later he also carried the pill furnace.

The whole golden pill furnace, although only a yellow-level magic weapon, revealed an unspoken upstart atmosphere.

Turning the pill furnace, the words “Wanshan Chamber of Commerce” were found on the side of the pill furnace.

Although this pill furnace is not the best in the Yellow Rank, at least it “looks” like the most expensive in the Yellow Rank.

Qin Yang was very satisfied, and looked at the corresponding materials. Every elixir is of high quality, and it actually has as many as five.

Qin Yang didn’t say anything, he just started.

Jin Wanshan and the middle-aged manager looked at each other for a moment.

There is no clearing of the venue, no corresponding preparations, just a glance at the complete materials, this begins?

“I’m not afraid of interference or stealing studies. Qin Yang is really extraordinary to be able to follow Lou Mengyu.” Jin Wanshan secretly said in his heart.

After a while, the pill gas suddenly grew in the furnace. Qin Yang took it out and put it aside quietly.

Jin Wanshan was dumbfounded, “It’s so easy to make… alchemy?”

“Yes, otherwise?” Qin Yang asked back.

Jin Wanshan swallowed and spit, but he was actually more inclined to Qin Yang not being able to train. He even thought about it. It doesn’t matter if Lou Mengyu’s face is considered…

But this turned out to be true, then…

Imagine that the Jinjia Wanshan Chamber of Commerce is spread all over the mainland. If there is a formula for the second-order best Yan Yan Dan that has never appeared… the wealth it can bring is simply beyond words.

If this formula is obtained by other top chambers of commerce, it will also have a big impact on their Wanshan Chamber of Commerce.

“I can tell you very responsibly that although this formula is only a second-order pill formula, it is of great value. Are you going to auction or sell it directly to the Wanshan Chamber of Commerce?” Jin Wanshan asked.

Qin Yang didn’t even think about it, and said directly: “Since everyone is a friend, do you still have to ask? Of course it is sold directly to you, you can just give it a price.”

Just kidding, the richest man in this city is the fat man in front of him. If it were put at auction, the formula would have to fall into the hands of the fat man in the end. The most important thing is that the money will probably get even less.

It would be better to be a good friend and kill two birds with one stone.

Jin Wanshan nodded, and Qin Yang had made this friend! He said: “Since I want to sell to Wanshan Chamber of Commerce, I will not treat you badly. It’s just that once the formula is traded…”

“Except for my own refining, I will never pass it on to others.” Qin Yang still knew this and promised on the spot.

Jin Wanshan pinched his fingers and started to count. The middle-aged steward on the side was also estimating the price of the formula.

The middle-aged steward whispered: “The best-quality Zhuyan Pill is ten low-grade spirit stones. The price of the formula is usually a hundred times that of the pill, but this formula has never appeared…”

“Two thousand lower-grade spirit stones.” The middle-aged steward gave a double price.

“Five thousand lower-grade spirit stones.” Jin Wanshan also gave the price.

The middle-aged manager who Jin Wanshan approves nodded his head. With his foil, he seemed to be kind.

Qin Yang blinked, his brain a little unable to work. For him, whose upper limit of thinking is at the golden stage, Lingshi has no intuitive knowledge at all.

“Sure enough, the Jin family has rich wealth!” Lou Mengyu was shocked.

Jin Wanshan laughed and said: “Where, where, for us Wanshan Chamber of Commerce, this spiritual stone is really nothing, but with this formula, we can make more money.”

Seeing Qin Yang’s thoughts fluttering on the sidelines, Jin Wanshan thought for a while, and said, “In fact, if you don’t want to sell directly, there are other ways of cooperation, such as the formula you make, the pill that we refine and sell…”

Qin Yang came back to his senses and shook his head quickly, “No, just sell the formula and make a deal.”

Are you kidding me? Recipe is one thing, alchemy techniques and success rate are another, but no one is the same as himself.

As for the future elixirs, you can naturally choose to cooperate if you are not short of money.

Qin Yang wrote the recipe on the spot, marking many points and various precautions. After explaining it properly, he opened his mouth and said: “You can find someone to refine it. If you have any questions, you can come to me at any time. Let’s sell the recipes, and we will teach you!”

An extremely pleasant transaction, fifty middle-grade spirit stones were obtained.

Lingshi is divided into top grade, top grade, middle grade and low grade. The ratios are all 1:100.

Seeing Qin Yang so refreshed, in fact, the most important thing is that Lou Mengyu is there.

Jin Wanshan thought for a while, and said: “The monster tide is coming, why don’t we form a team? With our strength, entering the Celestial Academy is almost a certainty.”

Qin Yang asked, “What is going on with this monster wave? When will it come?”

Jin Wanshan explained: “In my father’s words, when the tide of monsters comes, all the monsters on the mainland will rush away, and the hundred thousand mountains bordering the northern plains, the monsters are more like waves and tides, constantly gushing out, so It’s called the Monster Beast Tide. As for why this happens, no one knows.”

“Ah! Isn’t Beiyuan going to fall in an instant?” Qin Yang’s eyes widened.

Jin Wanshan laughed and said, “That’s not true. The Sky Academy and the major forces on the mainland will all join forces to resist together, and they will deal with it in advance.”

Qin Yang was thoughtful, but Wu Heitian of Cangqiang Academy came to Qian Yinzong early.

“But…” Qin Yang said suspiciously: “The Cangqiong Academy uses the hunting of monsters as an assessment criterion. We are afraid that our strength is not enough to stuff our teeth in the monster tide?”

Lou Mengyu couldn’t stand it anymore, and Popular Science said: “Don’t worry, this is a remote area of ​​Beiyuan, which would not have been affected too much. As an assessment area, all parties will control this area and will not let this area. There are too strong monsters in the area.”

After speaking, Lou Mengyu added: “When the monster tide comes, you will know.”

Qin Yang nodded, looking at Lou Mengyu still holding the Lingshi package in his hand, and curiously said: “Why don’t you put away the Lingshi? Isn’t it tired to hold it?”

Lou Mengyu was taken aback.

Qin Yang said: “Just like Jin Wanshan took out the spirit stone, it came out with a single brush…”

Lou Mengyu’s face flushed, a little embarrassed, and whispered: “He is wearing a Qiankun ring on his hand, I don’t have…”

Jin Wanshan directly picked one off, and then Qin Yang discovered that the ten fingers of the dead fat man were actually covered with the Universe Ring!

Seeing Jin Wanshan’s movements, Qin Yang said quickly: “If we don’t have it, we will buy it. Isn’t this rich?”

Jin Wanshan wore the ring back in grief. He had wanted to give Lou Mengyu Qiankun ring several times, but the other party refused to accept it. Such a good opportunity, unfortunately, was blocked by Qin Yang again.

“Hmph, even if you buy it, she won’t want it!” Jin Wanshan thought in his heart.

“The Universe Ring is different from ordinary magic weapons. Even the lowest-level yellow tiers have the smallest capacity and are expensive.” Lou Mengyu said.

Qin Yang stretched out his finger and shook it, and said, “I don’t care about this, I just want to ask, can we buy it?”

Lou Mengyu looked at the package of fifty high-grade spirit stones in his hand and nodded, “I can afford it.”

“That’s fine, buy it!” Qin Yang said.

Jin Wanshan opened his mouth wide, it doesn’t seem like I don’t want to…

“How is it possible! I won’t accept my Universe Ring, who is Lou Mengyu this kid?” Jin Wanshan was not convinced.

Next door to the auction house is the Wanshan Chamber of Commerce. Jin Wanshan did not give up and followed Qin Yang together.

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